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The idea of predicting the next winning combination for the world’s biggest lottery draws is not a new notion. In fact, it has been around almost as long as lotteries have existed, and people are continually finding new methods to try and figure out what the winning numbers will be. As a result, a variety of software has emerged that claims to predict winning combinations and ‘cheat the system’ without doing anything illegal. In this article we will look at some of the most popular lottery prediction software on the market today.


To understand what the below applications are all about, it is essential to know what they claim they can do. As stated above, lottery prediction software claims that it can help you determine what the winning numbers will be in your favourite lottery draw. These programs use a variety of different strategies and mathematical algorithms to try to predict the winning combinations. Some even use lottery draw history to detect trends and patterns in a lottery and try to figure out what numbers are most likely to be drawn next. As a result, this kind of software comprises many lottery players’ favourite lottery strategies.


Gail Howard Smart Luck SoftwareOut of the countless lottery prediction software available online, we have narrowed down a list of the most popular software available:

Smart Luck

Unlike most of the other lottery software mentioned below, Smart Luck does not do all the work for you and simply give you a “winning” combination. Instead, it allows you access to countless charts and graphs so that you can try your hand at finding trends in past lottery draws. Using the knowledge, you gain from viewing the data, the app claims to teach you how to analyse which numbers are most likely to be drawn as the winning numbers.

This software is created and distributed by Gail Howard—a self-proclaimed lottery expert who supposedly won the lottery dozens of times over several decades.

Lottery Picker 2020 (aka PowerFall)

Though Lottery Picker 2020 can only be used for playing in the US Powerball and Mega Millions, its website states that it predicts winning combinations by looking at previous draws and using a mathematical algorithm to determine ‘hot’ numbers. These numbers are more likely to be drawn than others and can be used as a starting point for generating the number sequence you would like to play with.

According to the website (but surprisingly nowhere else that we could find), the software won the award for Best Lottery Software of 2019 and can also be used to check your tickets against the latest draw results. However, all of this comes at an extremely hefty price tag.

PowerFall Lottery Software Screenshot

Lotto Pro

The developers of Lotto Pro claim to have 30+ years’ worth of experience in creating lottery prediction software that will help you win the jackpot. Like many other applications, lottery predictions are made by analysing the data from countless past draws and narrowing down what numbers are more likely to occur next. This data is all simplified to give you simple combinations that have a higher likelihood of winning than any other combination.

The app also continually downloads new lottery data from lotteries in over 15 countries.

Lotto Pro Lottery Software Screenshot

Lotto Logic Pro

Not to be confused with the above Lotto Pro, Lotto Logic Pro claims that it can help players choose their numbers by analysing its database of past draws for simple Pick-3 games all the way through to much more complex Pick-10 format games, including ones with bonus numbers. The website states that the software can be used for 95% of the world's lotteries—which would make it quite useful regardless of where you reside.

Unique to Lotto Logic Pro are its "Range Finder" and "Range Tracker" tools. Range Finder compares the results of the past five draws against the current hot and cold numbers, while the Range Tracker helps users track range patterns that have resulted in the most wins over long periods of time.

There is both a free and paid version of the software, but it's not clear what the difference is between them. Fortunately, the free version doesn't have any time restrictions, so there is absolutely no harm in trying it.

Lotto Logic Pro Screenshot

Magayo Lotto

The magayo Lotto software has been helping players choose lottery numbers for over 500 lottery games in 80 countries from around the world since 2010. The company offers two products, magayo Lotto and magayo Pick, that are both available for Windows-based computers and Android-based devices. Unlike some of the other entries on this list, Magayo offers a free (though fairly limited) trial that gives people the chance to try before they buy.

The paid "Pro" editions of the computer programs cost $38.99 each, while the Android versions are available on monthly, quarterly, six-month, and annual plans. There is also a lifetime-access option that costs just a little more than the annual plan.

Auto Lotto Processor

Auto Lotto Processor is one of a handful of lottery programs and systems that is officially or unofficially connected to legendary seven-time winner Richard Lustig. Though the software claims that the program is based on Lustig's winning strategies (which it supposedly reveals in 13 videos starring the big man himself), statistical analyst's expert opinions, and decades worth of draw results, the website also states that “earnings are not typical”—and, more importantly, that the “typical result equals zero.”

Despite these surprisingly transparent claims by the company, many lottery players from around the world have bought the software and attempted to use it. For more details, read our full review.


As with PowerFall, Lotto007 works to come up with the winning numbers for your favourite lotteries by analysing past lottery draws and detecting patterns and trends in the draws. Using this information, it will try and determine what numbers are most likely to be drawn next and which numbers have been drawn so many times that they are unlikely to be chosen again any time soon.

The software also gives you the ability to check your tickets against the draw results and supports over 120 international lotteries including EuroMillions, New York Cash4Life, Lucky for Life, Florida Lotto, and Lotto America.

Lotto007 Lottery Software Screenshot
Lucky Days Astrological Lottery SoftwareLucky Days

Lucky Days takes an entirely different approach to predicting lottery numbers than your standard prediction software. Rather than using past draws and data to determine winning combinations, this software uses your date of birth and astrological predictions not to generate a winning combination, but rather to determine when best to play. Using a special algorithm, the software will determine what days you will be most lucky on (therefore urging you to play), and which days luck will not be in your favour (days where you should instead save your money).

The app also provides users with their daily astrology reading.


WinSlips is an app that features a 100% guarantee on a lottery win (alarm bells anyone?). They claim this by using a mathematical algorithm pioneered by self-described number genius Stefan Vandevelde that analyses past draws and begins to eliminate numbers that are unlikely to occur in upcoming draws. This will leave you with limited numbers from which to choose from when purchasing your lottery ticket. The app claims that the jackpot numbers are sure to be pulled from those that they have narrowed the lottery pool down to.

There are over 100 international lotteries supported by the application.

WinSlips Lottery Software Screenshot


Pick3Sniper is another software program from Stefan Vandevelde (see above). The software uses something called an "Artificial Intuition Unit" that supposedly predicts future numbers based on past draw results and clusters numbers into 10 panels, each containing some numbers from 0 to 9 as well as empty boxes. Due to the gaps in the panels that the software has magically taken care of, players need to choose fewer numbers than they normally would have. The website claims these cluster predictions are 100% accurate (red flag alert!) and that choosing numbers using this system is 600% easier.

Lottery Maximizer

Another lottery system associated (officially or unofficially) with Richard Lustig is Lottery Maximizer. Claiming to use a special mathematical equation to choose the winning numbers, this software seems much more like hype and marketing BS than anything actually useful or practical. In addition to having a high price tag right off the bat, it also tries to upsell you on related products—begging the question why you need all of that other stuff if you're already buying the software.

Lotto Profits

Lotto Profits dubs itself as "The World's Most Accurate Lottery Software", which is a pretty huge claim—especially when you see all the other sensational claims, images, and poorly acted testimonials from "real users" that are on the official website and related sites. This product is yet another one that is affiliated with Richard Lustig—though whether or not that is officially it's hard to say. Either way, it wouldn't make much of a difference because there's nothing about this software that inspires any confidence in us whatsoever.

Beat Lottery

This one isn't really software, but rather a website that aims to do exactly what its name suggests—beat the lottery system and make you a winner. Supposedly, the minds behind Beat Lottery use machine learning and a mass of data collected from crowd input and past draws to analyse all aspects of lotteries and identify lottery trends and patterns. They then use all this data to determine what the best combination to play in an upcoming draw will be. Of course, to access any of this or to use the site's resources to check the latest lottery draws and determine if you are a winner, you have to become a member of the site and pay a monthly or yearly fee.


Like Beat Lottery, LottOdds is a membership-based website that states its "pattern-recognition algorithm" makes lottery winning "achievable and predictable". Although the website contains A LOT of information, it all seems to exist primarily to confuse readers and make them sign up for a membership. Because of the supposedly complex nature of the number-picking theory, members can discuss it and ask questions about it in the forum. While it seems like it might be a decent community for lotto enthusiasts and number crunchers, in the end there's little to no evidence that the patterns will actually help you win.

Lotto Prediction

Yet another subscription-based site that claims to help players win is However, this site, which was started by a group of self-proclaimed lotto enthusiasts who wanted to create a centralized online portal for players to share predictions and lottery tips, functions differently from the ones mentioned above. That's because this one doesn't only offer predictions based on past draws; it also allows players to input their own numbers into the system and share them with other players, who can then decide whether or not to play them. In other words, they are basically crowdsourcing lottery number predictions.


The LotWin Lottery Line Builder website states that the product is a "revolutionary lottery software program" that will provide you with the tools you need to develop your own personalized lottery strategy. However, despite not being anything special compared to any of the other entries we've discussed in the list above, the program comes at one of the highest price tags we've ever seen. The lifetime version of the pro version will cost you £339.95, while the "LotWin Pro Syndicate" version will cost you even more: £439.98! Even though monthly and annual subscriptions are also available, those insane price tags alone should make you look away and never turn back.


This is a very loaded question. While there is no doubt that most lotteries do develop trends over the years and there can be logical patterns that can be followed, lotteries are still completely random. Therefore, while you may get a little closer to winning the jackpot by using lottery prediction software to determine what numbers to play, be very wary of any software that claims it can guarantee the ability to predict winning numbers—it can’t.


As we said before, there is no guarantee that any of this software will lead you to the millions that you are probably hoping to gain when playing the lottery. However, there is some truth to the fact that patterns can emerge from lottery draws. Therefore, we doubt that it would hurt to try out a few of the programs to see if they work for you. At the very least, you’ll learn a bit more about how the lottery works and choose a few numbers that you normally wouldn’t have thought of.

That being said, don't let any of this software deceive you from the fact that the there is no surefire way to predict winning numbers—any company that tells you otherwise is just spewing lottery myths. Ultimately, the best way to increase your chances of winning is to buy more tickets, and the cheapest and most practical way to do that is by playing via lottery syndicates.

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