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As long as there are people who enjoy playing the lottery, there will be enterprising individuals who try to sell products that claim they can help players win big. Currently, many of those products take the form of lottery software programs. In this Lotto Profits review, we’ll look at one such product that claims to be able to help users choose the lucky numbers that will help them win.


Lotto Profits is a software program that is accessed directly through a web browser. Users can access the product on desktop, tablet, or smartphone, making it very accessible and easy to use. According to the website, the product was developed based off of one man’s experience with winning the lottery. Though the website doesn’t name this man, it claims that he is a “lotto professor,” a term we have seen associated with Richard Lustig, a name that may be familiar to people who follow the lottery very closely. In promotional images, Lotto Profits is said to be “the world’s most accurate lottery software.” We’ll see about that.


Lotto Profits comes with a pretty steep price tag of $97 USD. When we proceeded to the checkout from the website, we saw a big red countdown clock that claimed our special offer would expire shortly. However, even after the counter expired, the price remained the same.

As if the cost of the product wasn’t enough, the Lotto Profits marketers immediately try to upsell their product to customers. In addition to the software, users can also purchase three books: The Official Lotto Profits User’s Guide for $27, which is mailed to the buyer, and the e-books Richard’s Lottery Secrets Book for $47 and Scratch Off Secrets Exposed for $37. Again, we can only assume that the Richard referred to in the book title is Richard Lustig, as we have seen this product being sold with other—usually extremely dubious—lottery products associated with Lustig.


Lotto Profits is a product that is somewhat clouded in mystery. While the website is full of alleged testimonials from happy customers who have used the lotto software to win, there is little explanation as to how the product actually works. All the website claims is that it is able to provide users with the best numbers to play based on past data.

Lotto Profits Software Results ScreenIn reviewing Lotto Profits and looking at its website, a few warning bells immediately started going off, as we quickly recognized the layout of the website from other lottery products we’ve reviewed. In fact, the website for Lotto Profits is nearly identical to other products backed by Richard Lustig, such as Lottery Maximizer and Lottery Winner University—just as we suspected.

In case you haven’t come across his name before, Lustig is a seven-time lottery winner who became well-known for his many media appearances after his wins, as well as a number of lotto advice products he went on to sell and market, including a book titled How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery. However, if you’ve ever read or seen any of Richard’s stuff, he generally comes across as a used car salesman who would tell you absolutely anything you wanted to hear if it meant he could make a quick buck. Having read his book and tried out almost all of the products associated with his name, we can tell you there’s very little substance in any of them.

However, Lotto Profits’ website doesn’t actually mention Lustig in their write-ups as the other websites associated with him do, despite using pictures of the man and having a video narrated by a mysterious seven-time winner whose story mirrors Richard’s. Even without directly mentioning Lustig, we can’t help but think that Lotto Profits is likely little more than a rebrand of a pre-existing product, which makes us question why it even exists. It’s difficult to imagine a legitimate product or company changing its name every year and continuing to be seen as credible and reliable.

We can only guess that the website stopped using Lustig’s name to sell their product because of Lustig’s unfortunate passing in July 2018. However, the website designer did miss one mention of Lustig in their legal disclaimer at the bottom of the website. Even more significant than this small link to other discredited lotto products is what the disclaimer goes on to say, which is that most customers will not win, nor should users expect to win by using the product. This, combined with the complete lack of explanation of how this “method” works, should be enough for anyone with even a quarter of a brain to stay far away.

And if you're still a little skeptical about whether you should be skeptical, we'll just let this cheesy and poorly acted testimonial video from "real users" speak for itself:


Lotto Profits is certainly not a product that one could call transparent. The website uses sensational language to try to convince visitors and potential buyers that the creators of the product have finally developed a secret to winning the lottery, without revealing exactly—or at all, for that matter—how the software works.

Additionally, the marketers use affiliate programs, which encourage third-party websites to write positive reviews about the product to direct readers to purchase the product so that the third-party websites can receive a percent of the sale. This makes it pretty difficult to find honest reviews online. While there are certainly profits being made through Lotto Profits, it is not on the part of the lottery players, but rather the owners of the product and their affiliate partners.

Despite the clever marketing of Lotto Profits, the number prediction software does not stand up to scrutiny, and even the website itself admits that it does not actually help users win the lottery. All in all, it’s easy for us to say that Lotto Profits would be a huge waste of your money. If you truly want to increase your odds of winning the lottery, you are better off taking the money you would have spent on this product and putting it towards a lottery syndicate. Group play is the only method that, depending on how many people are in the syndicate, is guaranteed to improve your chances of winning games like the US Powerball from 1 in 292,201,338 to 1 in 1,168,805—if not even better.

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