Lottery Winner University Monthly MembershipEveryone dreams of winning the lottery. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people and organizations who take advantage of that dream by offering products or services that claim to help lottery players win big. While some lottery systems may be based on mathematics or probability, many lottery books or products have no basis in logic and are simply scams. In this review, we’ll explore whether this product contains any sound advice or is just another one of these scams.

WHAT IS LOTTERYWINNERUNIVERSITY.COM? is a membership-based website that claims to help users learn tips and strategies that can help them win the lottery. It consists of a series of training videos that are designed to help users play the lottery with smarts. The short videos contain tips, strategies, secrets, and simple mathematics that allegedly help increase players’ odds of winning. was created by a very recognizable name in lottery circles, Richard Lustig. The entire program is based on Lustig’s advice and uses his story in an attempt to add credibility to the venture.

Richard Lustig Book - Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the LotteryWHO IS RICHARD LUSTIG?

Richard Lustig gained notoriety for his luck with the lottery. In total, Lustig won $1,052,205.58 (before taxes) in lottery prizes between 1993 and 2010. However, Lustig claimed that his seven grand prize lottery wins were more than luck alone. After attracting attention for his wins, Lustig became a guest on many TV shows, not only sharing his own personal story, but acting as a lottery expert whenever a draw with a big prize came around. Lustig has always been a somewhat controversial figure, as many commentators point out that he has never disclosed how much money he had to spend in order to win the lottery so many times.

Using his supposed expertise, Lustig wrote a book called Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery. The book has been fairly successful, and even ranked as Amazon’s third most popular self-help book in 2013. Lustig has also been associated with a number of other products and services that claim to help users win the lottery. These include Lotto Dominator, Lotto Crusher System, and Lotto Magic. However, it is unclear how many of these products Lustig was directly involved with, and which ones simply used his named for added credibility and publicity. Unfortunately, we’ll likely never know since Lustig passed away in July 2018.  


On the surface, appears to have a simple payment scheme. The website states that although each of Lustig’s courses typically sell for $50 or more, and though they had initially thought to price membership at $300, they ultimately settled for “just” $49 a month. However, that’s not where the selling stops. With the very first payment, tries to upsell to users, offering a 128-page book entitled Richard’s Lottery Secrets Book for $39. Other upsells include another eBook, Richard’s Top 10 Lottery Secrets available for $19, and a $7.99/month subscription to a lottery pools website called


Lottery Winner University ScamThe contents of’s training videos are largely uninspiring. Much of the advice given can either already be found in Lustig’s popular book Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery, or in other areas online. Among some of the helpful tips found in the training videos is the advice to save losing tickets for potential tax breaks on future winnings. However, this is advice he has freely given elsewhere, and can also be found online.

The majority of the videos are short, approximately five minutes. They are distributed in six monthly installations, with the next month’s lessons remaining locked until 30 days have passed since the previous month’s videos were unlocked. This means that members must pay six monthly instalments of $49 to get the entire collection of videos, totalling $294—not a significant difference from the $300 the site brags about deciding not to charge.

The advice given through the videos on is the same that Lustig preaches in his books and interviews. He advises users to choose their own numbers and to continually play the same numbers. He claims that this strategy helps improve users’ odds of winning. The problem here is that neither science nor mathematics back up his claim.

BOTTOM LINE—IS LOTTERWINNERUNIVERSITY.COM A SCAM? does not offer much in terms of credible advice, and the membership program aims to get users to hand over money as often as possible. Together, these factors make it very likely that the training program is more scam than school. However, the one redeeming quality of the product is that it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Users have 60 days to decide if they like the product, and if they don’t, they can receive a 100% refund. However, this only applies to the first $49 payment and not any of the upsell material or subsequent monthly payment.

Perhaps the most condemning bit of information when it comes to figuring out whether or not is a scam is the site’s own legal disclaimer. At the bottom of the website, a legal disclaimer states that most customers will not win the lottery, and that users should not expect to win the lottery using the program. Instead, it claims, is simply intended for informational and entertainment purposes. Based on this and everything else mentioned above, if you are expecting anything more significant than entertainment from, then we suggest you look elsewhere—and never look back. 

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