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theLotter is an online lottery messenger service that allows visitors to buy official draw tickets for more than 50 international lotteries. The official website was launched in 2002 by The Lotter Enterprises Limited. The website is available in 13 languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

theLotter Review

Online Lottery Games sells tickets to these and other international lotteries:

  • USA - Powerball, Mega Millions
  • Europe – EuroJackpot, EuroMillions
  • Italy - SuperStar, SuperEnalotto
  • Spain - La Primitiva, EuroMillions, BonoLoto, El Gordo
  • Australia - Oz Lotto, Powerball Lotto
  • Austria - EuroMillions, Austria Lotto
  • Brazil - Mega Sena, Dupla Sena
  • Canada - Lotto 649, Lotto Max
  • Finland - Finland Lotto, Viking Lotto
  • France - EuroMillions, France Lotto
  • Germany - German Lotto
  • Hungary - Hatoslotto, Otoslotto
  • Mexico - Melate, Melate Retro
  • New Zealand - Powerball
  • Poland - Lotto
  • South Africa - Lotto, Powerball
  • Ukraine - Megalot, Super Loto

How It Works

To start buying tickets online, site visitors first need to sign up for an account at Users need to set up their payment methods and contact details during the process. Once they have a verified account, they can start buying tickets to any of the 53 official lotteries available on the website. Once a ticket is purchased, the people behind the website will purchase it on your behalf through any of their 20+ offices worldwide.

Your tickets are stored within your online account so you can check the website manually to see if your ticket has won. The online lottery will also notify you of any winnings through email or SMS if you set your notifications on and left contact details on your account. doesn’t take a percentage of your winnings. Instead, they charge a flat fee for each ticket purchase. Users can see how much they need to pay in transaction fees before confirming the ticket purchase. Secondary winnings are often sent through the user’s preferred payment method stated in the account. Users may also opt to leave their prize money in their online account for lotto purchases.

For large winnings, such as jackpots, the prize has to be collected in person due to official lottery policies. In situations like these, theLotter assists the winner in travelling to their destination and the local office guides them through the collection process.

Navigating the Website

theLotter Android App ReviewThe website has a simple layout, so it loads quickly, even on slower Internet connections. Once the home page is loaded, the first thing that viewers see is a list of the largest jackpots together with the lottery’s current jackpot and countdown till draw date. A navigation bar is located on top where viewers can choose from several ongoing lotteries, read up on rules and information or create an account. The website is highly responsive, viewable on several different browsers as well as all recent mobile devices. It also has a dedicated Android app and a dedicated iOS app, both of which are smooth and offer easy access to all of theLotter's main services and features.

Modes of Payment

Before purchasing a lotto ticket, users need to first set up a mode of payment. The chosen mode of payment is also where theLotter will send secondary and smaller winnings.

Here are the available modes of payment on the website: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, Skrill, Neteller, Direct Debit, WebMoney, Paysafecard, EPS, POLi, Sofort, CartaSi, Giropay, iDeal, Maestro, Nordea Entropay, Bank Transfer, Bleue, Postepay,

Rules and Regulations

theLotter is not a lottery organization itself; instead, it is a platform where people can purchase lottery tickets online. Because of this, rules and regulations with regards to eligibility are limited to account ownership. According to the website’s Terms of Use, only individuals aged 18 and above can create an account. Any winnings made by an account holder who has been proven to be a minor will be forfeited. Individuals who are directly related to any lottery organization are also not allowed to purchase tickets.

Each individual lottery has its own rules and regulations, and users are encouraged to read them first before purchasing a ticket to ensure their eligibility. Individual lotto rules are available on the website.

theLotter Recent Jackpot Winners

Here are some recent winners who purchased their tickets through theLotter. The individuals’ names have not been included for privacy and security purposes.

In July 19, 2017 Aura D from Panama City, Panama won a $30 million Florida Lotto jackpot. She plans to retire from her job and make sure that her family will be set for generations to come.

Back in August 24, 2015, a man with the initials M. M. became theLotter’s first jackpot winner when he won $6.4 million in the Oregon Megabucks draw. Because he was from Iraq, he flew to Oregon with the help of theLotter staff to claim his prize. Currently, this is the largest winning made by a theLotter lottery user.

A man originally from El Salvador who had worked in the US for many years won the second prize of $1 million in the US Powerball draw on January 31, 2016. The 73-year old had moved back to El Salvador upon retirement, where his $1 million prize money will go a lot further than it will in the US.

An Australian who has been an avid customer of since 2003 had finally struck gold and won the 2nd prize of the US Powerball lottery last October 19, 2016. Although he had made several small winnings over the years, the $1 million prize money he won marks his biggest win ever.

Customer Support

The website has a built-in live chat, where users can talk to a customer service representative in 14 different languages. The website also has toll-free phone lines available 24/7 in the following countries: US, UK, Canada, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Australia, France and South Africa. Email support is also available in 14 different languages and The Lotter aims to reply to each message within 24 hours. For your convenience, you can also contact customer support through WhatsApp.

VIP Club

The Lotter’s VIP Club is recommended for frequent user of the website. Under the VIP club, the user gains 1 VIP point for every $1 spent in lotto ticket purchases. Users can accumulate points over time to enjoy different benefits such as discounts on lottery subscriptions and multi-draws. The Lotter also has exclusive draws where only VIP members can participate.

Review Conclusion

When it comes to online lottery sites like theLotter, the main concern is safety and security. theLotter is a legitimate site - it is not a lottery organization itself, but a platform where people can purchase lottery tickets worldwide. Users are assured that their information is kept private and their identities safe, even when they make big winnings. We double checked the stories on the “Big Winners” page for legitimacy, and found that the accounts are true and accurate.

The Lotter is a great and safe platform where users can try their luck at lotteries not available in their area, and it certainly deserves to be on our list of the best online lottery sites. Of course, with the time it takes to create an account and set up payment methods, this may not be a convenient option for people who just want to purchase local lottery tickets. It is, however, ideally suited for people who want more winning opportunities than those that are already available to them locally.

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User Reviews (11)

Mike Wilson

Great customer service and ease of use, and I love how they scan the tickets they buy for me and I can access these scans in my account. Def feel like I’m dealing with a real company and not just some bastards trying to take my money (hehe). They also automatically update me on the lotto results, which saves me a lot of time – gone are the days of waiting for the lotto results to come up on TV! That being said, I think their price could be a little lower for some of the lottos.

Charlie Hopkins

Love the special offers they have from time to time. The bundles option is awesome too… Saves me money while letting me play individual tickets and as part of a syndicate in one ticket. No complaints yet and I’ve been a semi-regular customer for just over six months now.


I live in North Carolina and can’t use my credit card with this site because to my bank they are listed as an online gambling service. Every transaction I tried to make was blocked! Wish I could play, but seems there isn’t much of a way around this. I have a buddy up north (in the igloo-infested land known as Canada) who has the same problem. Anyone know a way around this?

J. Henderson

Not sure what’s up with these guys, but they now require customers to buy a minimum of 5 tickets even though before it was 3. Other than that, I really like this site and play on it a few times a month.

Ewan P

For people in Canada and the US who say they can’t use their credit cards because they block gambling sites/services, have you tried buying and using a prepaid credit card? Apparently this might be a way around it.

Filip Michalski

I’m Thinking of signing up with this service but does anyone know if the winners’ testimonials they have on the site are real?? Looks pretty convincing but I would like to make sure, thx.

K. Ziegler

Saw ads for theLotter online on a number of different occasions, but I never thought much of them. But one day I saw an article about it on a reputable Canadian website ( that got me curious enough to look into it further. I signed up yesterday and am waiting for my first draw results this weekend. Seems like a solid company.

Lois P.

Doing my research, it seems some people really bitch about how this company charges a fee for the lottery tickets it (re)sells. Ummm.. well, it’s a business, and that’s how business works. Were they expecting them to give the tickets away for free? Honestly, if they can give me access to lotteries I would never have an opportunity to play otherwise, then I’m fine with paying a few dollars extra for that. Sure beats flying to all the countries/regions where the lotteries are actually held!


Great site… nice options to win and play. Would like to learn and enjoy more about this business.

Jessie H.

My credit card company was charging an extra fee ON TOP of the one theLotter already charges to me, so it was really annoying, as I did felt ripped off in total charge. But I try another credit card and it was fine. Recommending.

Tim Bronson

Can’t comment on what it’s like to claim a respectable prize from these guys, but normal/regular types of prizes don’t seem to be a problem. Thanks guys!

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