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Lotto Analyst is your ultimate guide to online lotteries. Looking for reviews of the best online lottery sites and international lotteries? How about winners' stories and strategies? Whatever it is, our team of lotto experts has got you covered!

  • BuyLottoOnline.com Online Lotteries Homepage

    Despite being a very recent newcomer on the online lotto scene, BuyLottoOnline is a lottery ticket agent that offers access to 20 international lotteries and serves up a hot plate of individual play, syndicate play, and lottery subscriptions that give lottery players a lot of options for winning big. In addition, it has a nice VIP Loyalty Points program and some great promotions, including a Refer-a-Friend bonus, that sweeten the deal.

  • theLotter Homepage

    theLotter is a lottery messenger service launched in 2002 that allows visitors to buy commission-free official draw tickets to 50+ international lotteries. One of the biggest companies in the online lotto industry, theLotter offers excellent syndicate play, discounted bundle purchases, amazing 24/7 customer support, and a plethora of payment options.

  • WinTrillions.com Online Lotteries Homepage

    If you're looking to play the lottery online, WinTrillions has got you covered. Launched in 2005, WinTrillions offers access to 20+ of the world's biggest lotteries, live lotteries, syndicates, and some very entertaining scratch cards. Its UI is slick and intuitive, and the frequent promotions it holds offer players excellent value. On top of all that, the site has live support should you ever need assistance with anything.

  • LottoKings Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoKings allows players from all over the world to purchase tickets to over 20 lotteries worldwide using single play, syndicates, and discounted subscriptions. Featuring great welcome promos, scratch cards, a solid reputation and even a money-back guarantee, there's plenty to like about this great lotto agent.

  • PlayHugeLottos.com Homepage

    PlayHugeLottos lets people play lotto online from anywhere in the world. Launched in 1998, PlayHugeLottos is one of the pioneers of the online lottery scene and still going strong today. Featuring the world's biggest lotteries, including US Powerball, Mega Millions, and SuperEnalotto, this is a site with a user-friendly interface, great promos, and helpful customer service that you won't want to miss.

  • LottoSmile Online Lottery Homepage

    Live in India and wish you could play international lotteries? Then look no further than LottoSmile, one of the best lotto sites in the world. Owned and operated by world-famous theLotter, LottoSmile is a lotto agent that offers more than 50 games from around the globe, syndicates, bundles, and an excellent VIP Club.

  • Jackpot.com Homepage Screenshot

    Jackpot.com allows people from all over the world to place bets on the outcomes of 18+ international lotteries. In addition, it offers fun scratch cards and friendly customer service, and accepts a wide range of payment methods via an intuitive website experience.

  • Lottoland Homepage Screenshot

    Lottoland is a lottery betting service that allows people from all over the globe to bet on the results of more than 30 international lotteries. Whether you like to play alone or through a syndicate, Lottoland has you covered. In addition, the site provides even more chances to win through various luck-based games and scratch cards, and its live chat support is friendly and helpful.

  • Lotto247 Online Lottery Homepage

    Lotto247 is an excellent lottery betting site that offers lottery enthusiasts a shot at winning the jackpots of some of the world's biggest lotteries. Though primarily a betting site, it also purchases physical tickets to certain lotteries on behalf of its customers. Lotto247 features raffles, Keno, instant-win games, scratch cards, and a fantastic risk-free 200% money-back welcome offer

  • Prizeo Online Lottery Homepage

    Prizeo has got to be one of the coolest and most uniquest sweepstakes websites we've ever had the privilege of coming across. With once-in-a-lifetime prizes such as meeting celebrities, getting cameos in movies, and going on incredible adventures in exotic destinations, Prizeo really stands out from other sweepstakes sites. And on top of all that, 80% of all proceeds go to charity!

  • Oz Lotteries Online Lottery Homepage

    OzLotteries.com is an official online ticket seller for all of Australia's primary lotteries, as well as quite a few popular charity lottos. In addition to its solid syndicates, it lets users create and manage their own lottery pools using the intuitive Lotto Party feature, which is something we wish more lottery sites offered.

  • Bitcoin Lottery Online Lottery Homepage

    The official Bitcoin.com Lottery might just be in its infancy, but it already offers a lot of great things that rival some of our favourite lottery sites. Among these are a decent game selection, including two exclusive lotteries, as well as syndicates, a loyalty program, and the ability to pay using 20 cryptocurrencies.

  • LottoGo.com Online Lotteries Homepage

    LottoGo, a rebrand of the popular World Lottery Club, is relatively new on the lottery scene, but you wouldn't think that based on what it has to offer. It allows players to bet on the outcomes of 15 major lotteries from around the world, and its syndicate and subscription options and various bonuses offer a lot of value. What's more, its great desktop website and super-smooth mobile app create a pleasant and streamlined user experience.

  • BOTB Homepage

    BOTB is not your typical lottery site, as neither its prizes nor its gameplay are like anything we've ever seen before. Featuring weekly draws for supercars like Lamborghinis and Porsches, as well as "normal" cars like Teslas and Land Rovers—and motorcycles, holidays, cash, and more—there's A LOT to get excited about here.

  • LottoAgent Online Lottery Homepage

    Lotto Agent is a lotto ticket purchasing agency that allows you to view scanned copies of your tickets in your player account. Featuring 19 great lotteries from around the world, subscription play, fun multiplier tickets, and 24/7 support, Lotto Agent has quite a bit to offer.

  • BoyleSports Lotto Homepage

    BoyleSports Lotto allows players to bet on the outcomes of 13 international lotteries, including favourites like New York Lotto and Polish Lotto. While there isn't much in terms of lotto-related extras, the massive BoyleSports website as a whole offers casino games, sports betting, bingo, and much more.

  • Free National Lotto Website Homepage

    Free National Lotto is another one of those free lottery sites that offers visitors the chance to win free money. However, unlike competitor sites that bombard you with ads, Free National Lottery is actually quite considerate with its use of ads. Add to this a decent site design, simple registration, and practically worldwide availability, and you've got a winning combination.

  • Lottosend Online Lottery Homepage

    Lottosend lets you try your luck on 16 major lotteries from around the globe and provides customers with scanned copies of the official tickets they purchase on their behalf. In addition to supporting 9 payment methods and 10 languages, Lottosend's website is visually striking and easy to navigate. And if that won't entice you, then the generous amount of discounts and freebies on offer certainly will.

  • LotteryHeroes Online Lottery Homepage

    LotteryHeroes might be the new kid on the block, having been founded only in 2019, but it's already got a lot going for itself. From syndicates and subscriptions to instant-win games, scratchers, and a VIP club, there's something here for just about everyone.

  • PrizeGrab Online Lottery Homepage

    PrizeGrab is not really a lottery site per se, but it does allow visitors to enter a variety of free sweepstakes offering prizes ranging from free money and gift cards to computers and refrigerators. While there are advertisements on the site—it has to make money somehow—the ads are actually in tasteful quantities, which immediately puts PrizeGrab above most of its direct competitors.

  • People's Postcode Lottery Online Lottery Homepage

    The People's Postcode Lottery offers a great twist to traditional lotteries by giving players the chance to win daily prizes—including a monthly jackpot worth as much as ÂŁ3 million—for a small monthly fee. With straightforward registration and game mechanics, and the fact that 32% of all proceeds support charities, this is a great game for UK residents.

  • Unibet Homepage Screenshot

    Unibet specializes in lottery betting and gambling. It's got 19 of the biggest international games, as well as Keno, bingo, and scratch cards. It also offers a wide range of casino options, including slot games, table games, and sportsbook, that are guaranteed to keep players entertained. With its rock-solid reputation and UK gaming license, Unibet is one betting site that gets almost everything right.

  • Health Millions Lottery Site Homepage

    Health Millions is a fairly new lotto site targeting the UK market that has a great design and over 20 popular lotteries, including two exclusive games. While the site looks awfully similar to the Health Lottery, don't be fooled—they are two different sites by two different companies.

  • Maltco Online Lottery Homepage

    Maltco is the official lottery site of Maltco Lotteries, which is Malta's official lottery operator. As such, it's limited to Maltese lotteries and residents, but it's the most convenient way to play the country's five lotteries and even place bets on sports and live games.

  • CryptoLottoStore.com Online Lottery Site

    Crypto Lotto Store might be extremely new on the scene, but the lotto betting site is already turning heads. With its great selection of lotteries and syndicates, as well as the ability to pay using cryptocurrencies, this is definitely a site to watch as its reputation grow.

  • Surf Lottery Charity Lottery Homepage

    Surf Lottery is one of Australia's top charity lotteries, offering a wide range of draws for exciting prizes such as beautiful homes and cars. Tickets can be purchased individually or via eight membership tiers, and you'll feel good knowing you're supporting a great cause.

  • GiantLottos Online Lottery Homepage

    GiantLottos has been buying purchasing physical tickets for lottery enthusiasts from all around the world since 2005. GiantLottos provides access to 14 of the world's biggest and best lotteries, syndicates, and bundle tickets. In addition, the site offers a great welcome bonus and generous refer-a-friend bonus, and accepts many payment methods.

  • Victory Lotto Club Online Lottery Homepage

    Victory Lotto Club is a relatively new lottery site that lets players join syndicates to collectively purchase tickets to US Powerball, EuroMillions, and Mega Millions, and occasionally other European games. With 3 subscription options to choose from and a clean, streamlined website experience, there's a lot here to like.

  • Michigan Lottery Online Lottery Homepage

    The official Michigan Lottery website has been helping make the people of the state of Michigan richer and happier since the early 2000s. Featuring 11 state lotteries, including Mega Millions, Powerball, and Daily 4, dozens of instant-win games, great customer service, syndicates, a generous welcome bonus, and more, MichiganLottery.com is among the best official lottery sites we've ever reviewed.

  • PlayNow Online Lottery Homepage

    PlayNow.com is the official lottery site for residents of the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Manitoba. Providing access to Canada's biggest lotteries such as Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49, as well as tons of additional games and features, including Keno, instant-win games, sports betting, and casino games, PlayNow.com is a one-stop shop for winning all sorts of great prizes.

  • Lottomart Online Lottery Homepage

    Lottomart is fairly new on the lottery scene, but just about everything that it does it does right. Featuring 12 international lotteries, 150+ live and slot games, scratchcards, and an emulated mobile-device experience, this is a fantastic site to use if you're in one of the three jurisdictions that it operates in.

  • WeLoveLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    Founded in 2008, WeLoveLotto is an online lottery site that purchases and scans physical tickets to 23 international lotteries, which can be played individually, via syndicates, or on a subscription basis. The site usually has great promos and, in addition to English, is available in Thai and Chinese. If you ever need some help, there are several 24/7 customer support options, including phone and live chat, ready at your disposal.

  • LottoDay Online Lottery Homepage

    Lottoday offers a small but impressive selection of international lotteriessyndicates, and subscriptions, as well as almost 100 slot games, scratchcards, and even 3 casino table games that help the site stand out from the competition. On top of all that, it has a clean and intuitive interface and an extensive FAQ that are a joy to use.

  • DreamGiveaway Online Lottery Homepage

    Whether you're a car lover or just someone who appreciates amazing prizes, Dream Giveaway might be right up your alley. Featuring prize giveaways that range from incredible new and vintage cars to garage tools and Amazon shopping sprees, Dream Giveaway is among the best sweepstakes sites we've come across. And best of all, all donations support a wide array of charities.

  • PickMyPostCode Online Lottery Homepage

    Pick My Postcode is one of the uniquest lottery sites we've ever had a chance to review. For starters, it's completely free to enter any of its seven draws (provided you live in the UK and can provide a UK postcode), as the company generates all of its profits via ad revenues. This is good news for you the player, as countless people have won great prizes since the website's launch in 2011, and that trend shows no sign of slowing. If you live in the UK and have a free minute or two every day, there's really no reason not to play Pick My Postcode.

  • JinniLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    Jinni Lotto is a lottery betting site that allows players to place bets on the outcomes of 13 major international lotteries, including US Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroJackpot. With a tidy design and smooth UI that provides access to exciting scratch cards, casino games, instant-win games, Keno, and bingo, Jinni Lotto has something for just about everyone.

  • ScratchMania Online Lottery Homepage

    ScratchMania is a nice change from conventional lottery sites, as it offers over 150 scratchers, video slots, and virtual sports games that are a blast to play and can help you win great cash prizes. With a VIP club that rewards players with exclusive games and bonuses, a license from the Curacao Gaming Authority, and a decent selection of payment methods, ScratchMania gets a lot of things right.

  • SweetiesSweeps Online Lottery Homepage

    Sweeties Sweeps is definitely not a conventional lottery site by any means, but since the many prizes and draws it features are incredibly enticing, it's a site that we're sure many of our readers will love. Offering sweepstakes draws for prizes ranging from free cash and cars to baby clothing and store vouchers, there's a lot here to like.

  • RedFoxLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    RedFoxLotto is a relatively new website and fairly basic in its approach, but in some ways this makes for a straightforward and pleasant user experience. With 15 international lotteries on offer as well as a generous amount of supported payment methods and solid customer support, this is a site worth checking out.

  • FreeLottoFest Online Lottery Homepage

    If you've ever wished that playing the lottery was free, then you're going to like FreeLottoFest. However, instead of famous international lotteries, FreeLottoFest features seven of its own daily "lottery-style competitions" that players can enter absolutely free of charge—provided they log into their account every day. The website is slick and user-friendly, and offers a paid WinFest subscription service for players who prefer convenience over saving a few dollars.

  • LotteryOffice Online Lottery Homepage

    Lottery Office is an Australian government-regulated website that allows Australian and Kiwi lotto players to purchase official tickets to 5 major international lotteries. It has great subscriptions and lottery combos and is one of the most secure and convenient ways to officially play other countries' lotteries from Australia and NZ.

  • Powerball.ca Homepage

    Powerball.ca isn't exactly an online lottery site because it doesn't allow visitors to buy tickets directly. Instead, it's a detailed resource for how Canadians can play the US Powerball. It also offers great extras such as past draw results and analysis tools.

  • FreemojiLottery Online Lottery Homepage

    Imagine taking a whole bunch of emojis and mixing them with two daily draws for free money, and the Freemoji Lottery is exactly what you end up with. With cash prizes ranging from $5 to $320, a slick interface, and minimal ads, this free lottery site offers a lot of reasons to smile.

  • LottoSocial Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoSocial is a lottery syndicate service that enables its users to play seven immensely popular lotteries, including the EuroMillions, US Powerball, and SuperEnalotto. It's a great way to not only save money but also increase your chances of winning, as each syndicate can be as many as 50 members strong. LottoSocial offers subscriptions (known as "syndicate memberships"), bundle options, reward points, and more all in an easy-to-use site that is endorsed by mainstream media.

  • The Health Lottery Online Lottery Homepage

    If you prefer your lottery experiences to come with a side of generosity, then the Health Lottery might be exactly what you need. With 20% of every ticket sale supporting health initiatives across Great Britain, Scotland, and Wales, this is one lottery site you can feel really good about playing through. Featuring syndicate play, quick-win and instant-win games, scratch cards, and a super popular monthly raffle for ÂŁ250,000, Health Lottery offers a lot to get excited about.

  • PlayEuroLotto.com Homepage Screenshot

    PlayEuroLotto is an online lotto betting website with a distinct focus on syndicate/group play that lets players bet on the outcomes of 6 major lotteries. While you can play solo as well, the syndicate options are really enticing, offering combo packages for several of the biggest European and American lottos. It also has a risk-free welcome offer as well as an awesome Boosterball feature that can increase your chances of winning.

  • Netlotto Online Lottery Homepage

    Netlotto is the official online lottery ticket agent for Australia and, as such, provides a great platform for locals who want to play the country's lottery games. While it offers syndicates and a 100% trustworthy experience, it's not quite as smooth as it could be—and don't expect to find any international lotteries here.

  • Lotto America Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoAmerica.com is not a traditional lottery website because it doesn't allow you to purchase lottery tickets directly. However, it is beautifully designed and is a fantastic source of information on three popular American lotteries: Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lotto America.

  • PA iLottery Online Lottery Homepage

    Despite eschewing the state and country's major lotteries in favour of dozens of instant-win games instead, PAiLottery.com, Pennsylvania's official lottery site, still manages to offer a lot of excitement to players looking to win awesome cash prizes. Alongside its great welcome bonuses and other promos and solid customer service, PA iLottery is well worth checking out if you live within the state.

  • LottoFun Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoFun lives up to its name with a solid site that gives players access to 30 exciting lotteries from around the world. In addition to syndicates and combo deals, it also awards returning customers with loyalty points that they can convert into discounts, a feature that very few other sites offer, and supports an incredible 12 languages.

  • LiveLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    If you're looking for something that is completely different from the majority of lotto websites out there, LiveLotto is definitely worth a look. Strictly regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, LiveLotto is as the name suggests a "live" lotto that takes place in real time every hour of every day. On top of that, 20% of all proceeds are donated to charity, so you can feel good about doing something that helps your fellow man.

  • Wshful Online Lottery Homepage

    Wshful.com is a syndicate-only lottery service that offers access to three of the biggest international lotteries in the world: US Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions. Through Wshful, you can not only increase your chances of winning prizes through these lotteries but also save money on lottery tickets. The site is easy to use, the customer service is excellent, and they even have a great referral program.

  • Lottery World Online Lottery Homepage

    Lottery World is a solid lottery betting site with a nice, clean design and a good selection of popular international games. Add to that watertight T&Cs and great customer support, and you've got a winning combination.

  • Lottery.com Homepage Screenshot

    Lottery.com might throw some people off with its emulated-mobile-experience look and feel, but it's still a solid lotto site. It features 17 American lotteries and a clean design, but nothing really in terms of extras like syndicates or subscriptions.

  • BingoMania Homepage

    BingoMania has been offering great online games and prizes since 1996. Describing itself as "one of the first real money bingo games sites on the net," the site features bingo, slot games, video poker, and a fun Rewards Program.

  • SimplyLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    With only two UK lotteries on offer (UK Lotto and EuroMillions), Simply Lotto doesn't offer much to excite players who are used to much bigger and better sites. However, its syndicates options are great, and claiming prizes is as easy as it gets.

  • Betfred Online Lottery Homepage

    Betfred has been a staple in the UK gambling scene for decades, long before lottery sites ever existed, and offers a wide range of international lotteries that players can place custom bets on. However, it also has sports betting, casino games, live casino, slots, and much, much more.

  • Winloot.com Online Lotteries Homepage

    Winloot is yet another site in the 100% free daily sweepstakes category that allows players to sign up for various cash prizes ranging from $100 to $1,000,000. While it's straightforwardentirely free to use, and has a decent reputation online, the non-stop ads present on the site might be too much for some players.

  • LottoStar Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoStar is South Africa’s premier online lottery website, giving players access to 15 international lotteries, including a few African lottos that few other sites include in their rosters. If you like a side of variety with your games, LottoStar also offers sports betting, instant-win games, and several mini draws that keep the fun flowing, as well as a knowledgable customer service team that will readily help you if you have any questions.

  • UWinIt.com Online Lotteries Homepage

    UWinIt.com is a 100% free website featuring various daily sweepstakes for prizes ranging from store gift cards and cash to HDTVs and laptops. Registration is super quick and super easy, and the site has a generally solid reputation online. That said, the ad-heavy nature of the site might not be for everyone.

  • AllTheBestLottos Online Lottery Homepage

    AllTheBestLottos is a relative newcomer on the online lottery scene, but the beautiful and intuitive website is making a bit of a splash among lotto lovers. Add in the fact that it buys official tickets to 21 lotteries on behalf of players, offers syndicates, subscriptions, and raffles, and has very detailed terms and conditions, and you've got a pretty solid overall combination.

  • 24Lottos Online Lottery Homepage

    24Lottos is an online lottery agent that lets players try their luck at 19 of the world's biggest and best lotteries. When you place an order, the company's agents actually buy official tickets on your behalf, and they never takes any commission on wins. Though the site design is quite simple, 24Lottos is easy to navigate and is fairly unique in that it provides live chat support via Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

  • LottoPark Online Lottery Homepage

    Although LottoPark only allows visitors to participate in 7 popular lotteries, they are luckily some of the most sought after lottos in the world. In addition, the straightforward website is available in an incredible 37 languages, accepts 9 different payment methods, and features a comprehensive FAQ that should thoroughly answer just about anyone's questions.

  • Playwin Homepage Screenshot

    Playwin is India’s official online lottery website, which gives players access to five of the country's biggest lottery games. While the site is quite decent overall and is 100% legit due to it being run by the government, the fact that it is limited to Indian players and Indian lotteries means its usefulness is extremely limited to anyone else.

  • LottoGroove Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoGroove is a lottery betting site that allows players to play 16 of the most exciting lotteries on the planet using a simple and easy-to-use platform. Signing up with the site is a breeze, and players can opt to play solo or increase their chances of winning by using a syndicate. If you ever need help with anything, its great customer support team will be happy to assist you.

  • LottosPhoto Online Lottery Homepage

    LottosPhoto is based in Madrid and specializes exclusively in four Spanish lotteriesEuroMillions, El Gordo, La Primitiva, and Bono Loto. Although it doesn't offer much in terms of extras aside from subscriptions, the site does buy and scan physical tickets on behalf of all players, something that only a handful of the best lottery sites still do nowadays.

  • LottoPalace Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoPalace offers a solid amount of options in terms of both international lotteries (13 are available through the site) and instant-win mini-games, scratch cards, and slots. The site, which has a nice, clean design, uses a hybrid ticket agent/betting model and features combo-group play and generous bonuses that match whatever amount you deposit.

  • LottoLooting Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoLooting, a newcomer on the lottery scene, is a nice-looking and easy-to-use website that buys tickets on behalf of players to 25 great lotteries from around the world. Unfortunately, its lack of extras prevent it from seriously competing with any of the big boys that already dominate the industry.

  • Lotto India Online Lottery Homepage

    Lotto India arrived on the online lottery site scene in 2019 and has been making quite a name for itself ever since. Although it doesn't sell tickets directly and instead works as a portal to three other popular lottery sites, it is a useful source for people wanting to play four major lotteries.

  • BigFreeGiveaway Online Lottery Homepage

    Big Free Giveaway offers a sleek design, solid terms and conditions, and easy registration. Although its only raffle draw takes place just once per week and the jackpot is usually small, the site is easy to navigate and has very few ads compared to other free lottery sites, which makes logging in every day to get more entries a fairly painless process.

  • Lotteries.com Online Lottery Homepage

    Lotteries.com lets you bet on 15 of the biggest lotteries online, including the US Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions, either independently or as part of a syndicate. It holds a rock-solid UK Gambling Commission licensedoesn't take any commission on wins, and has a user-friendly interface and great Android app that is a joy to play through. What's more, it offers many customer support options in case you hit any snags along the way.

  • XO Lotto Online Lottery Site Homepage

    XO Lotto is a lottery betting site that, on paper, seems like it would be great. In addition to having a decent lottery selection, it also has Keno, scratchers, and a nice site design. Unfortunately, much of the site isn't working properly or accessible from many countries. 

  • elGordo Online Lottery Homepage

    elGordo.com is the go-to site for players looking to play Spanish lotteries such as El Gordo, Daily 6/49 and even EuroMillions. Although the site has been around since 1996, it could be improved and expanded in various ways—for example, syndicates and other countries' lotteries are noticeably missing.

  • Prizeloot Free Lottery Homepage

    Prizeloot is an American daily prize giveaway lottery site that is 100% free to use. With prizes ranging from $25 gift cards to MacBook Air laptops and 50" televisions, there's a lot on offer. However, while this may work for thrifty lottery lovers, the non-stop ads and frustrating redirects between pages might be too much for others.

  • CrazyLottos Homepage

    CrazyLottos is a new lottery betting site that first appeared on the scene in 2020. While it has a nice design and a decent number of lotteries and bundles, the experience is hindered by sketchy terms and conditions, high prices, and limited payment methods.

  • Lottery24 Online Lottery Homepage

    Lottery24 has been helping lotto lovers from all over the world partake in draws since 2005. Offering 12 international lotteries, a super-easy registration process, and decent customer support, Lottery24 is an overall OK lottery ticket agent whose bare-bones approach might be a bit too simple for some players.

  • LottoWorldGroup Online Lottery Homepage

    On the surface, LottoWorldGroup.com seems like a solid lottery site featuring 13 big international lotteries, syndicates, and more. Unfortunately, the lack of extras and the unclear terms and conditions significantly mar the overall experience.

  • YourLottoService UK Ltd. Home Page

    YourLottoService UK is not so much a lottery site as an information site for a phone-based lottery syndicate subscription service. As such, it's extremely skim on features and details, though it does have support for two big UK lotteries: Lotto and EuroMillions.

  • Gigalotto Online Lottery Homepage

    Gigalotto has a visually pleasing interface that opens up five of the world’s biggest and most desirable lotteries via single, subscription, and syndicate play. It offers a free-play welcome bonus for those who need extra incentives to try it out, and it has a neat lotto blog that is packed with interesting lotto news, facts, and tips.

  • YouPlayWePlay Online Lottery Homepage

    YouPlayWePlay.com is a lottery site with a syndicate-only model to improve users' chances of winning UK Lotto, EuroMillions, and Thunderball. While these three syndicate options are decent, the site is marred by a horribly outdated design and interface, as well as other issues, that you'd do best to avoid.

  • TheBigBigLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    Founded way back in 2002, TheBigBigLotto is one of the oldest online lottery ticket purchasing agencies still in the game. It offers over 20 lottery games from around the world as well as several fun casino games, including slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette. In addition, its one of very few sites that accepts cryptocurrency.

  • Lucky Contests Homepage

    LuckyContests.com is yet another database of online sweepstakes and other draws. While it's updated daily and is a good source of information, it's marred by a terrible site design and frustrating pop-up ads.

  • FreeLotto Lottery Homepage

    FreeLotto is another one of those 100% free-to-play lottery sites that gives away prizes to players who are patient enough to revisit the site often and be subjected to tons of ads. If you have the patience to do so, your life could change forever, but be mindful of the confusing T&C.

  • LottosOnline Online Lottery Homepage

    LottosOnline offers a few unique twists to traditional lottery websites. Boasting a 100% payout of all winnings, LottosOnline features 19 major lotteries, a fun multi-draw option, and a VIP rewards program that makes it worthwhile to play through the site regularly. It also has an interesting eWallet system for players, an in-depth FAQ, and phone support.

  • IceLotto.com Home Page

    IceLotto is a lottery ticketing service that purchases official tickets to 12 of the biggest international lotteries, including MegaMillions, EuroMillions, and US Powerball. It accepts quite a few payment options and has solid customer support options, welcome offers, and discounts. What's more, its smooth interface can be enjoyed in a browser or via its dedicated iOS app.

  • WorldLotteryClub.com Homepage

    WorldLotteryClub was an online lottery betting platform that enabled players to bet on the outcome of 13 international lotteries via single plays and subscriptions. It also offered bingo games, scratch cards, and various instant-win games.

  • MoneyCroc Online Lottery Homepage

    MoneyCroc is a very unusual site that allows people to win free money simply by matching images that appear onscreen. While on the surface this might seem appealing, in reality you're bound to be frustrated by the site's relentless ads, lack of terms and conditions, and lacklustre design.

  • LotteryMaster Online Lottery Homepage

    LotteryMaster is an online lottery ticket purchasing service that buys physical tickets on your behalf to 14 lotteries from around the world. To keep the experience interesting, it has VIP packages and rewards frequent players with points that they can use to get discounts. Payouts are instant, and the customer service is helpful and reliable.

  • LottoMat Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoMat lets players buy official lotto tickets to 7 major lotteries from around the world and is one of few sites that accepts Bitcoin. The service is available in an impressive 21 languages, auto-deposits prizes up to $2,500, and responds to inquiries quickly.

  • 365Lotto Online Lottery Homepage

    Although 365Lotto is quite new on the international online lottery scene, it offers 22 major lotteries and syndicates via a clean and very well-designed website. In addition, it has a wide range of customer support options to get you sorted if you ever get stuck on something.

  • Lottoz Online Lottery Homepage

    Lottoz allows players to bet on 17 international lotteries and offers a "continuous play" option for people who like to keep the excitement going automatically. It also has some intriguing combo packages that offer a pretty unique way to play. All this on a well-designed website that looks good and is easy to use.

  • LottoHoy.com Online Lotteries Homepage

    LottoHoy gives people the opportunity to play 13 international lotteries from the comfort of their own homes. The registration process is quick and painless, and the website has a nice design that's easy to navigate. However, there are a few things, such as a lack of syndicates, subscriptions, and bonuses, that ultimately hold LottoHoy back from being anything special.

  • AfricaLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    Africa Lotto is an lottery betting website based in Zimbabwe that allows players to bet on the outcomes of 7 local lotteries. It also offers sports lottery (soccer only), instant-win games, scratch cards, and more all in a straightforward yet highly functional website design. In addition, it has a great iOS/Android app for players on the go.

  • RewardIt Online Lottery Homepage

    RewardIt is yet another free lottery site that offers players the chance to win free money at no monetary cost whatsoever—provided you have the time and patience to sit through all the ads. If you do, you can take advantage of 15 free lotteries with prizes ranging from $500 per day for life to one-time payouts such as Amazon gift cards and $50 to $50,000 cash prizes.

  • LottoLishus Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoLishus is a lottery syndicate subscription service that allows players to create their own personal US Powerball and Mega Millions lottery pools. What's unique about the site is their social approach to lottery pools and the different percentages of winnings that different members of the pool get. Unfortunately, it's hard to take this site seriously.

  • LottoLucker Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoLucker is an online lotto ticket purchasing agency that gives players the chance to play in 17 lotteries from around the planet. It has local offices on several continents, including Europe, the US, and Australia, and has syndicate and subscription options, as well as a VIP loyalty programme. It also has a enticing welcome bonus. While all of these elements look good on paper, there are several issues we just couldn't ignore.

  • Multilotto.com Homepage Screenshot

    Multilotto is a lotto betting operator that gives players access to a whopping 56 international lotteries, including big-win games such as US Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions. In addition to great syndicate play and support for 15 languages and 12 currencies, the site also features dozens of online scratch cards that keep the excitement flowing between lottery draws.

  • WesternLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    WesternLotto gives players in Africa the chance to play 7 popular Western African lotto games as well as Keno and sports betting (via an external site). While the site itself isn't all that bad, the lacking terms and conditionsless-than-stellar online reputation, are hard to ignore.

  • Lotto1010 Online Lottery Homepage

    On the surface, Lotto1010 seems like a fairly basic but decent lottery site featuring four major lotteries and several syndicate options. While this might be enough for some players if everything else about the site was rock solid, unfortunately that's not the case. In fact, Lotto1010 has several glaring issues that left us feeling frustrated, so before you sign up with them, make sure you're aware of what these issues are.

  • e-LUK Online Lottery Homepage

    Elite Lotto UK is an invite-only online lotto site that allows players to join a EuroMillions syndicate and increase their chances of winning. However, that's about all that the site does, as there is literally nothing else in terms of features or lotteries, and the somewhat ambiguous terms and conditions and lack of SSL certificate are somewhat concerning.

  • LotteryShop.com Online Lotteries Homepage

    Founded in in 1996, LotteryShop is one of the oldest lottery sites in the world and lets players get in on the excitement of 12 major lotteries. It has a neat Mega Jackpots Program and doesn't take any commission on wins. But despite its age and apparent experience in the business, LotteryShop has a very dated-looking website, has very limited payment options, and isn't available in certain countries.

  • BoxLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    BoxLotto was established way back in 2001 and is very different from regular online lottery websites, as it allows people to play one free lottery and one paid lottery. While playing for free is great, the site's very dated design and other limitations hold it back from being anything spectacular or even worthwhile.

  • HoneypotLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    Honeypot Lotto is a relative newcomer on the international lottery scene, but it's already making a name for itself with its unique offerings. A self-proclaimed "micro lottery", Honeypot Lotto runs its own five lotteries with jackpots that range from €1,000 to €100,000 and incredible odds of 1 in 20,000 or better. Its fresh business model is one we appreciate and hope other lottery companies will try to emulate.

  • LottoGopher.com Online Lotteries Homepage

    LottoGopher is a great platform for purchasing lottery tickets to US Powerball, Mega Millions, and SuperLotto Plus from the comfort of your own home—provided you live in California, Texas, or Virginia. Well crafted and easy to use, the site offers an excellent group play feature and a comprehensive help center that will quickly assist you with anything you need. LottoGopher is officially endorsed by huge organizations such as NBC, CBC News, Time magazine—and even William Shatner!

  • EuroLotto.com Homepage

    EuroLotto allows users to easily participate in six global lotteries and more than 18 scratch card games. However, the site offers much more than that, including casino games such as slots and video poker. Its welcome offers for new customers are hard to resist, and if you ever need assistance with anything, the great live chat will quickly sort you out.

  • LottoByText Online Lottery Homepage

    LottoByText is a lottery syndicate website that does things a bit differently, as it delivers numbers to players via text. Why that's useful is anybody's guess, but besides that the site offers three membership options for EuroMillions and UK Lotto... and that's about it. With terrible terms and conditions and a lacklustre user experience, there's little to like here.

  • PCHLotto Online Lottery Homepage

    PCH Lotto, operated by Publishers Clearing House, is the online iteration of the too-good-to-be-true free giveaways that the company has been touting for decades. Featuring various lotteries that allow you to win free money, prizes, and gift cards, it seems like a great site on the surface. Unfortunately, the relentless ads and generally poor company reputation make this a site to be wary of.

  • Bmillions Online Lottery Homepage

    Bmillions is a hybrid betting and ticket purchasing site that gives players a chance to win serious cash while playing as part of a syndicate (the only option available) in 9 major international lotteries. Its syndicate combo options are a fun way to play, and its user-friendly interface and helpful customer support are both nice touches.

  • SuperLottos Online Lottery Homepage

    SuperLottos.com is one of the newest lottery sites on the scene, and it shows. While the website itself is nice, the four lotteries on offer and three payment methods leave a lot to be desired—as do some peculiar points in the terms and conditions.

  • 150Winners Online Lottery Homepage

    150Winners.com features four of the world's biggest lotteries as well as syndicates... and that's about it. While the site itself looks nice, it's unclear who owns it and whether they purchase tickets on your behalf. For these and other reasons, it left us feeling very underwhelmed.

  • Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Online Lottery Homepage

    Though we generally try to be open-minded when reviewing lottery sites from developing countries, Bhagyalakshmi Lottery has too many issues for us to recommend it even to Indian players who are looking to play lotteries online. It has no terms and conditions, it is unknown which payment processor is used, there's no customer support, and it features five lotteries we've never heard of and can't find any information on. Best to stay clear of this one.

  • MGBbet Online Lottery Homepage

    It's quite rare that we come across an online lottery site that gets almost nothing right, so MGB.bet truly surprised us—for all the wrong reasons. From its odd smartphone-only interface and the fact that you have to go to another site to attempt to register (spoiler alert: it likely won't work) to having no terms and conditions anywhere, the site is a mess that we recommend everyone avoid.

  • Wealthperx Online Lottery Homepage

    Wealthperx markets itself as a lottery syndicate for Florida Lotto, Powerball, and Mega Millions but is actually a pyramid scheme in disguise that requires members to recruit other members so that you can make money "even if your tickets lose!" As such, it's best to stay far, far away from this site.

  • PlayIndiaLottery Online Lottery Homepage

    PlayIndiaLottery is one of those lotto sites that we wish we didn't have to review. While it does offer six of its own lotteries that may or may not be good for Indian players (it's hard to tell because most of the site is in Hindi and doesn't translate well), the site itself is an ugly mess. From the awful, dated design to the missing SSL certificate and terms and conditions, nothing about this site suggests it's worth anyone's time.

The Internet has blessed consumers all over the world with the power of extreme convenience. Nowadays, you can purchase goods and services without ever leaving your home! Even the lottery scene has undergone a major overhaul, which means you no longer need to deal with long lines at your local lottery agent. You can now play international lotteries online from most countries in the world, and we’re here to show you how to do it safely and efficiently. Read on to find out how we review and rank the top legitimate lottery sites in the world.

Official Lotteries Go Online

Before, people have to tune in to the draw on TV or read about the results on the newspaper. Now, all you need to do is access the official website of your chosen lottery to stay updated. Major lottery organizations like the US Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto and more can now be found online. You may even purchase tickets to these official lotteries through their website or other authorized sellers. You don’t even need to sit in front of a computer to monitor your tickets; you can access these sites from your mobile phone so you’re updated no matter where you go!

Buying Official Lottery Tickets Online

If you want to buy cheap lottery tickets, the first place to look is the website of the lottery itself.

This is a good option for people who live in the jurisdiction where the lottery is held. For example, US Citizens can purchase the Powerball and MegaMillions lottery tickets through the official websites.

However, how about people who don’t live in said jurisdiction. For example, how can someone from Australia participate in the US Powerball?

Today, we also have online lottery services that cater to people who want to take part in lotteries not available in their jurisdiction. You need to go to their website, pick the lottery you want, choose your numbers, and pay for your tickets.

Once that’s done, a local representative will purchase the tickets on your behalf. You will be sent a copy of your ticket to prove that the purchase was made. Now all that’s left to do is wait for the draw to see if you’ve won!

Participating in official lotteries outside your jurisdiction is still a difficult matter. Even if the lottery website is legitimate, some lottery organizations like the Powerball still reserve the right to refuse winners who are outside their jurisdiction.

Lottery Betting

Another way to participate in lotteries online is to bet on their outcome instead of actually taking part in official draws. Online lottery betting websites allow users to predict the outcome of official draws and if their numbers coincide with the winners of the actual draw, they get to take home the same cash value as the actual winners of the lottery.

Lottery betting online is quite controversial, as some people see it as a “fake” lottery. While there are some lottery scams here and there, reputable sites like Lottoland do give players the same experience as if it’s an actual draw. The odds are the same, the jackpot is the same, and the company is insured in the event of a grand prize winner. Some people actually prefer lottery betting websites compared to actual lottery draws because as mentioned above, some official draws are strict about players outside their jurisdiction. Since you’re dealing with the lottery betting company itself, not the actual lottery organization, you are not limited by jurisdictional issues.

Rules for Playing Online Lottery

Following the rules when playing lotteries online is very important, as any violation of terms and conditions could result in you not getting your earnings and your account being terminated. While some websites have rules specific to them, here are some of the general ones that all websites follow:

  • You must be 18 years old or higher, unless you live in jurisdictions where the legal age for gambling is 21 (e.g. Estonia).
  • You must ensure that participating in online lotteries is not illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • Your jurisdiction must not be in the designated lottery’s list of prohibited jurisdictions.
  • You must not be blacklisted by relevant financial organizations.
  • Each person must only have one account. Lottery websites prohibit the use of duplicate accounts and account sharing.
  • All information given during sign-up should be accurate and true. Winners have to undergo an identity verification check and if the company finds out that the information you provided during sign up was fraudulent, your winnings will be considered null and void.
  • For security purposes, employees cannot participate in lottery activities of their own website. For example, employees of theLotter may participate in other lotteries, just not lotteries held by theLotter.

How to Play Lottery Online

To play using any lotto websites, you first need to register an account. Most websites have links to their signup or register pages clearly visible, so it shouldn’t take long for you to find it. Remember to only provide information that is true and accurate. Once you have successfully submitted your data, you will receive a confirmation email asking you to verify your account.

Once your account is verified, you need to add funds to it so you can start purchasing lottery tickets. All that’s left for you to do after that is to choose your preferred lottery, pick your numbers and pay for your tickets. If your ticket wins, the website will send you an email or a phone call notifying you of a win. However, in cases where a system malfunction prevents them from contacting you, they are not liable for any missed wins. It is still your responsibility as the user to check if your ticket has won.

Procedures on how to claim prizes vary from website to website, so it’s imperative to read their terms and conditions first to see if you’re amenable to their methods before signing up.

Big Online Lottery Winners

Jenn Burston has always bought tickets to the EuroMillions online and on December 17, 2014, what was initially a ÂŁ3,000 minor prize win turned into a whooping ÂŁ3 million. On that draw, the jackpot prize was already capped, so when nobody won the grand prize, the money rolled over to secondary prize winners, giving Jenn and her husband an early Christmas present. Because they played the EuroMillions online they were able to see how much they won straight away.

Bill Laharty from Nanaimo BC is a regular user of PlayNow.com, a legit online lotto website. In August 13, 2016, his efforts finally paid off as he became the largest lottery winner in Canada after netting the $21 million jackpot of the Lotto 6/49. Laharty used his winnings not only to purchase himself a condo and a car, but to help out his family and friends.

theLotter’s biggest win ever was an Iraqi man with the initials M.M. He bought lotto tickets for the Oregon Megabucks through theLotter for the August 24, 2015 draw. Days later, he received an email stating that he won the $6.4 Million jackpot prize. theLotter helped M.M. travel to the US so he could claim his prize personally.

WinTrillions, another lotto website, has had 191,835 winners to date. One of its most notable winners is Katie from Lancaster. Katie, who is a US citizen, missed playing lotteries from back home so she used WinTrillions.com to purchase tickets to the Mega Millions’s March 25, 2011 draw. Although she did not win the jackpot, she did take home the 2nd prize of $250,000 for matching 5 numbers.

Lottoland, a popular betting website, has had several lottery jackpot winners of its own. Its largest winner to date is Mathias from Germany who took home the €22 Million jackpot prize from the 6aus49 last April 30, 2016. According to Mathias, he uses the website because it allows him to bet on lotteries in a simple and easy manner.


So is it possible to play different lotteries online? Definitely. However, not all online lottery services are the same. While most lottery platforms on the Internet are extremely safe and legitimate, there are still scam lottery websites out there. Before signing up for an account, do your research first and make sure you know what to look for in lottery messenger and betting sites. Check testimonials, reviews, and news stories to ensure that you’re giving your patronage, and your hard earned money, to the real deal.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

  • What is the best online lottery site?

    To a certain extent, this is a somewhat subjective question because different people have different preferences. That being said, some sites definitely stand out from others in terms of their overall reputation, number of years in the business, customer service, how many (and which) lotteries they offer to players, extra features such as scratch cards and instant-win games, etc. While there are no “perfect” lotto sites, there are a few that come close. For details on the ones that we have analyzed and determined to be the best of the best, see our ranking.

  • What is the best lottery to play?

    What constitutes the “best” lottery will mean different things to different people. Some people only care about playing for a chance to win the biggest lottery jackpots ever, while others are perfectly happy winning much more modest prizes. That being said, there are a few things you should consider when deciding which lottery to try your luck on. In addition to the value of the prizes, you should check what the odds of winning are, how often draws take place, how long the lottery has been around for and how often people have won, whether you are eligible to play based on your age or geographic location, and whether you could remain anonymous if you are lucky enough to win a jackpot.

  • What is the difference between lottery agents and lottery betting?

    Although lottery agents and betting sites both usually allow people to play lotteries from all over the world, there is an important difference between. Lottery agents purchase physical tickets on your behalf, meaning that they actually buy an official lottery ticket into a real lottery, such as the US Powerball or the EuroJackpot, and keep it safe for you until the draw takes place. Many sites also scan your lottery ticket so that you can see it in your user account. Any prize money you win through a lottery agent website will come from the official lottery itself.

    In contrast, betting sites allow you to bet on the outcome of a lottery draw. If the numbers you chose match the numbers that are drawn, then you’ll win a prize that is usually the same as what you’d win from the official lottery itself—including big jackpots. Any prize money you win from a lottery betting website will come from the company that runs the site (or their insurer in the case of big jackpot wins).

  • How can I tell if an online lottery site is legit or a scam?

    Determining a site’s validity involves looking at various factors of the site and business in question, including the following:

    • the number of years the company has been operating for
    • the reputation the site has online
    • the availability, responsiveness, and knowledgeability of its customer support team
    • whether or not it has a gaming license and which gambling commission issued the license (this is only important with betting sites, since they operate in a similar fashion to online casinos and sportsbook sites)
    • the feedback that present and past customers gave the site
    • what its policies are regarding transactions and payouts on winnings

    Of course, just because a site does not meet ALL of these criteria doesn’t mean that it’s not trustworthy. However, if it falls short in one or two areas, it should definitely more than make up for it in the other areas.

  • What is a lottery syndicate/group play?

    A lottery syndicate, also often called “group play,” refers to a feature that most of the best lottery websites offer to their customers. Syndicates allow multiple lottery players to pool their tickets together to increase their odds of winning. As an example, 10 people might collectively buy tickets to one draw; as a whole, these 10 people comprise one syndicate. If one person’s numbers turn out to be the winning numbers, the entire group splits the winnings based on how many tickets (or “shares”) each person contributed to the syndicate. Even if someone else’s numbers won but you had contributed 25% of the total amount of tickets, you would be entitled to 25% of the total winnings. Imagine how much your odds of winning would improve in a syndicate of 50 people who each bought 10 tickets to a draw!

  • What is a lottery subscription?

    Many sites nowadays offer lottery subscriptions, which means that you can sign up to be automatically entered into several consecutive draws, ranging from a few weeks to several months. If you’re a regular lottery player who always plays the same numbers or chooses the quick-pick option, this is a great way to play because you can pay once in advance and not have to think about it again until your subscription expires. This approach can save you a lot of time and a lot of hassle related to remembering to buy tickets for every draw. In addition, some sites offer discounts on subscriptions, so the longer you sign up for, the more you can save.

  • How do online lottery websites pay out prizes and jackpots?

    This depends on whether you won playing through a lottery agent or a lotto betting site. With lottery agents, they’ll claim the money for you and credit your account for any lower-tier prizes that you win. If you win a large prize, such as a jackpot, they’ll contact you to discuss how you can claim your money, which might require you to travel to the country in which the lottery is held and claim the money in person yourself.

    Lotto betting sites, meanwhile, pay out lower-tier winnings from the money that they make from providing their services. For higher-tier winnings, they usually buy insurance (essentially betting on you not winning) to cover a win situation so that they don't have to cover the cost out of their own pockets.

    That being said, nowadays it's becoming more and more common for lottery sites to take a hybrid approach that combines the lottery betting AND lottery agent models. How this works is that they'll use the insurer model for smaller jackpots, but for REALLY big jackpots they'll just go out and buy physical tickets for customers since that would be cheaper than buying insurance.

  • Are online lottery sites safe?

    Although there are a few rogue sites out there that should be avoided (see our lottery site reviews for details on which those are), the top sites are owned and operated by reputable and respectable businesses that have been around for many years. These sites care about their reputations, offer watertight terms and conditions, provide excellent customer service, and aim to be in this industry for many years into the future. As such, there is no reason not to trust them.
  • Is online lottery legal in India?

    You bet it is! Although only 13 of India's states still permit their residents to play the country's own state-run lotteries, there are no rules or regulations preventing the country's citizens from playing international lotteries. This means that if you'd like to legally play games like US Powerball, Mega Millions, or EuroJackpot from India, you can definitely do so! Read our lottery site reviews to see which sites offer the best games and value.
  • Are online lottery games rigged?

    The vast majority of online lottery games are national or state-run lotteries that follow stringent rules and are completely transparent in how they operate. As a result, it would be extremely difficult for them to be rigged since there are various checks in place to prevent that from happening. As for lottery games that are independently run by lottery betting sites, the companies that operate them are also strictly regulated by the gambling commissions and authorities that license them. As a result, they would lose their licenses and reputations immediately if it was revealed that any of their games or operations were rigged.

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