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Who Are We?

We are a small team of lottery enthusiasts who have been playing lotteries together since college.

Over the years, we've read countless books and articles and tried out the latest lottery tools and strategies in an attempt to improve our chances of winning. While we haven't won any jackpots (yet!), we've certainly won some solid secondary prizes.

More importantly, we've collectively played and compared over 120 international lotteries. Being avid travellers, we always made sure to buy lottery tickets in every country we visited. But upon returning home, we often wished we could keep playing the best games we had tried abroad—many of which offered much better odds and cheaper tickets than our domestic lotteries did.

And that's when we stumbled upon online lottery sites.

Excited, we began trying them all and eventually realized we had accumulated quite a wealth of knowledge. So, in early 2018, we decided to launch Lotto Analyst.

What began as a passion project to guide people on the best lottery sites and lotteries has blossomed into something much bigger. And we have you, our readers, to thank for that.

We hope you get as much from our content as we put into it—and that something you learn about from us will change your life for the better.

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Gareth Shackleton

Full Disclosure

We receive a small commission from some of the lottery sites that we recommend. This allows us to maintain our website, try out various products, and occasionally attend industry events to stay on top of developments.

However, our first and foremost priority is to you, our readers.

As such, our top recommendations are and always will be the legitimate sites that we genuinely believe will serve you best: those that are the most trustworthy, provide the greatest user experiences, and offer the best lotteries and features.

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