John Kay

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Photo of John KayAs our founder, editor-in-chief, and lead researcher, John is where our story begins.

After working in the online gambling industry for years and playing lotteries all around the globe, he wanted to share his knowledge with others. And so Lotto Analyst, a resource to help people learn about and play international lotteries online, was born.

John has had a fascination with lotteries since he was a teenager and family friends—real people he actually knew—won a jackpot worth several million dollars. That event singlehandedly convinced him that it truly could happen to anyone.

Seeing the joy and excitement they had felt firsthand, John made a goal to one day help others experience that exhilarating feeling as well. Needless to say, he's thrilled to finally be realizing that dream through this very site.

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