Gareth Shackleton

Lead Content Writer

Photo of Gareth ShackletonGrowing up in a family that was filled with avid—albeit responsible—gamblers, it was inevitable that Gareth would also grow up loving the unbridled thrill of gambling. This soon extended to lotteries and a desire to try as many games of chance as possible. As he says, “the rush that one can get from beating insurmountable odds and changing their life forever is unlike any other.”

Gareth, our lead content writer, has had a passion for writing since practically the very first moment he learned to wield a pen.

He is often the person his friends, family, and colleagues come to for advice on the most effective strategies and the best lotteries, lottery websites, and online casinos.

While continuing to hold out for the big win, Gareth is thrilled to be part of the Lotto Analyst team, where he can combine his writing skills with his love for the lottery.

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