Lotto Crusher System Review—Can It Help You Win?

Lotto Crusher System ReviewThere’s no shortage of people claiming that they’ve cracked the code for winning the lottery. Some of these people have even written books and developed software to share their so-called secrets of the game with anyone willing to part with a little money. Lotto Crusher is just one more of those systems that are supposed to help regular people become big winners, but does it actually work? In this Lotto Crusher System Review, we’ll tell you everything about this software and whether it’s worth your time and money.

What is Lotto Crusher?

Lotto Crusher is software that is supposed to help users find the winning numbers for the lottery. It is based on a formula that examines past weeks of winning lottery numbers. The lottery software then generates numbers that it claims have the best chance of being drawn for that week. It claims that it uses probability theory to divine the winning combination for any draw.

Who Wrote Lotto Crusher?

There is some confusion over who is responsible for creating the Lotto Crusher System. The product is sometimes attributed to a man named Everett Thompson or Winston Everett. Whoever this man is, he claims to be a mathematician and statistician who says he won the lottery five times in three months using this system. In a promotional video for the system, the supposed creator of the formula says he examined winning jackpot numbers for two years to come up with the code for cracking the lottery. Perhaps the most absurd claim in this video is the story about how the creator was held at gunpoint by a convenience store cashier when claiming a prize. The cashier thought Everett was cheating due to his many wins.

Lotto Crusher is sometimes even attributed to real-life multiple lottery winner Richard Lustig. The name of Lotto Crusher and another similar product, Lotto Dominator, are sometimes used interchangeably. Lustig is often associated with Lotto Dominator, although none of his official media or marketing materials ever mentions the scam.

Though the Lotto Crusher System refers to software, there is also a book available on Amazon about the system. According to Amazon, the author is Richard CUI. If you click on the author page, you will see Richard CUI is responsible for multiple books on gambling strategies.

How Does the Lotto Crusher System Work?

The Lotto Crusher System requires a little bit of effort on the user’s part to get the numbers that are going to make them a winner. First, the user has to find the winning numbers of the seven most recent draws. It doesn’t specify which lottery game the user needs to find the numbers for—apparently any of them will do.

Next, the user inputs these winning numbers into the software. In return, the formula generates a set of numbers that allegedly has the highest percentage of winning probability. Finally, the user goes out and plays those numbers and waits for their jackpot win.

How Much Does Lotto Crusher Cost?

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as you’d think. The software is sold by numerous affiliates, many of which list their own pricing. The lowest price you’re likely to pay is $4.95 for a five-day trial. After the trial, you might be charged as much as $39.99 every month. Other payment structures include paying $9.99 a month for a one-year membership—or $119.98 upfront. Another affiliate charges $29.99 for a one-month membership, while one offers a three-month membership for $59.97.

Bottom Line—Is Lotto Crusher System a Scam?

Scam AlertYes! Lotto Crusher System is definitely a scam. There are many red flags about this system that give away the fact that it’s not legitimate—the lack of a clear creator, the strange story about how it was developed, and the inconsistent pricing, to name a few. The most telling sign that Lotto Crusher System is a scam is that there is simply no way to guarantee that anyone can win the lottery. If you read the fine print on the Lotto Crusher website, you will see that even the owners don’t stand by their own marketing claims, stating that they make no express or implied warranties that users will win the lottery.


Despite the basis for which Lotto Crusher System was created, there is no mathematical connection to recent winning numbers and future winning numbers. No matter how much you pay for a system or lotto strategy that tells you otherwise, all numbers have an equal chance of being drawn in the lottery on any given day. That’s why the lottery is called a game of luck! That being said, some prediction methods have more merit than others.

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