Lotto Dominator Review: Is It a Scam?

In this Lotto Dominator review, we’ll be telling you all about the Lotto Dominator product you’ve probably heard about online. We’ll explain what it is, how it’s presented, and get to the bottom of whether or not it’s ultimately worth your money.

What is Lotto Dominator?

Lotto Dominator ReviewLotto Dominator is an e-book that claims to have cracked the code for winning the lottery. The book is based on a formula that the author (or authors—more on this later) says will help predict winning lottery numbers. Lotto Dominator says it uses advanced mathematical calculations to arrive at these predictions.

According to the book, you can input the winning numbers from the last few jackpots and then use the special formula to run those numbers. The calculation will then predict the most likely winning combination of numbers for upcoming draws. Lotto Dominator claims that while this may not work every time, you will eventually be able to win if you continue to use the formula.

In actuality, the majority of the book consists of simple tips and strategies for winning big with the lottery. It promises readers that the methods it explains will help win any lottery around the world. Therefore, in theory, readers should be winning jackpot after jackpot all over the place.

Is It Worth the Read?

Though marketers may say otherwise, Lotto Dominator is not an easy read. The book is full of repetition and often offers contradictory advice. Worst of all, the supposed winning formula is not even anywhere in the book!

In total, the e-book contains 181 pages, divided into 20 chapters. The inconsistent formatting and lackluster navigation make what should be the simple act of reading it a challenge. As for the substance of the book, it’s not much better than the formatting.

Though the book contains some helpful information, the useful tips are nothing new. Anything worthwhile in the book is information that you can readily find for free elsewhere online.

The book also contradicts itself quite often, especially in the later chapters. Habits and behaviours that readers are explicitly told never to do in earlier chapters are then encouraged in the later pages of the book. As such, Lotto Dominator is full of plenty of bad advice. One section, for example, says that winners should continue to spend their winnings on more lottery tickets. Another chapter advises that winners shouldn’t spend any of their prize money at all. There is also plenty of information that seems to be unnecessary filler. For example, one section of the book extols the virtues of meditation as a viable strategy for increasing the reader’s chances of winning the lottery. Right...

The Lotto Dominator Richard Lustig Connection

Richard Lustig and His Famous BookLotto Dominator is often closely associated with Richard Lustig, a Florida resident who became famous for winning the lottery seven times. While Richard has written an actual book about winning the lottery that’s been published and sold in stores, entitled Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery, there is no proof that Lustig wrote Lotto Dominator.

However, there’s no doubt that Lustig is continually connected to this book. He likely had nothing to do with its creation, and it’s unclear whether he willingly endorsed the product before his death in July 2018. Lustig’s official website doesn’t mention Lotto Dominator, despite him being heavily involved in promoting other lottery-winning strategies, such as Lottery Maximizer and Lottery Winner University. Additionally, it doesn’t appear as though he supported the Lotto Dominator system in any of his media interviews. In fact, Lotto Dominator’s website is registered to a Panama address, and Richard Lustig lived in the United States.

As a result, it seems most likely that whoever is behind the creation of this book is merely utilizing Richard Lustig’s name in an attempt to lend it unearned legitimacy.

How Much Does Lotto Dominator Cost?

Perhaps Lotto Dominator’s worst offense is its price tag. The digital version—the only one available—costs $300. However, the cost is perpetually "marked down" to a sale price of $147, making it seem as though you should purchase it ASAP or miss out on the deal.

Purchasing the book is also a little complicated. If you want to buy Lotto Dominator, you first have to sit through a video on the official website. The video explains the formula, and then a link to the product appears. After successful payment, you will be emailed a download link for the book. The one catch here is that the official website is now closed to new members.

While Amazon has also removed Lotto Dominator from their catalog, you can still go online and find the honest Amazon customer reviews that give great insight into why the product was removed from the trusted online retailer.

Other Lotto Dominator Products

In addition to the book, there is a Lotto Dominator software application available for download online, though it seems that the promised software is actually the book itself. You may be able to find a product associated with the book that is promoted as a processor, which is equally as disappointing. The book has also undergone multiple re-brandings, with the official name changing each time. When first released, Lotto Dominator was called Lottery Winner University, which then changed to Lotto Crusher.

The reason the product name keeps changing is most likely because of the many bad reviews the book receives. Once there are too many bad reviews for curious would-be buyers to browse, the name of the book changes, and the process begins anew.

Bottom Line—Is Lotto Dominator a Scam?

Quite simply, yes! The book makes outrageous claims about strategies that guarantee lottery wins and uses a known winner’s name to try to make the claims more credible. To top it off, the book comes with an outrageous price tag. Don't believe us? Download the Lotto Dominator PDF and see for yourself.

While there are no guarantees when it comes to winning the lottery, there are some strategies that can be helpful—indeed, much more helpful than Lotto Dominator.

For example, Gail Howard, who claims her lottery wheeling system enabled her to win 72 pick-6 lottery prizes in one year, has written multiple books that are highly rated by Amazon customers. These books include Lottery Master Guide and Lottery Winning Systems.

Though her books won’t tell you how to win the jackpot, they are based on a technique called lottery wheeling that can help you win lower prize tiers.

Her various publications regularly rank among the most popular books on how to win the lottery.


There are many lottery scams out there that take advantage of people’s optimism and hope for a big win. Lotto Dominator is one of the worst of these scams, as it gives readers false belief that they have any amount of control over which winning numbers are drawn. As a result, if you were thinking about purchasing Lotto Dominator, we advise that you think again. You’ll be utterly disappointed.

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