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Pick3Sniper ReviewIf someone promised you they could help you pick the winning numbers for the next big lotto draw, how much would you pay for their help? For many lotto software designers, the answer they hope for is, “a lot.” There are many software programs available online that make big claims about being able to make lotto winners’ dreams come true—but how much credibility is there behind these claims? In this Pick3Sniper review, we’ll explore the extravagant claims of one such product.


Pick3Sniper is a lottery software product designed by Stefan Vandevelde specifically to help lotto players choose numbers for pick-3 lottery games, such as Pick 3 Ohio. It is a web-based product, which means users don’t have to download or install anything to use it and can access the number generator directly through their browser on a desktop, mobile, or tablet device. The software can be used for any lotto game in the world where three numbers are drawn from a pool of 10. It works by predicting allegedly winning clusters for both boxed and straight wins.


Stefan Vandevelde might be a familiar name if you’ve researched any other lottery software systems. In addition to Pick3Sniper, Vandevelde sells the Winslips lottery software and published a lotto advice book called If You Can’t Win the Lottery, Then Change Its Rules. He also runs the lottery website LottoTrix and created the C(49,6,2,6) lottery wheel, which he claims holds a world record for covering design—though it is unclear exactly what world record this wheel holds. On the Pick3Sniper website, Vandevelde describes himself as a “true number genius.” Whether or not others describe him as such is unclear.


Pick3Sniper is available to purchase for $37 USD. It is a one-time charge that gives users access to the software for 360 days. However, the website currently says that this is a special promo price, and other lotto review sites list the price as $47 USD, though these reviews are quite dated. Pick3Sniper offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but, unlike most guarantees, customers cannot expect a refund. Instead of getting their money back, unhappy users can only switch to one of Vandevelde’s other web-based lotto software programs, Winslips. To claim the 100% satisfaction guarantee, users must ask to switch the product within seven days of purchasing Pick3Sniper. Considering WinSlips isn’t much better or any likelier to actually help you win, this doesn’t exactly provide much comfort or security.


Pick3Sniper is a number prediction software that shows users 10 panels containing number clusters. The panels contain numbers from 0 to 9, with three of the possible numbers removed. Users are then supposed to pick three numbers from the remaining six in each of these clusters to play in the lottery draw of their choice. The software is supposed to make choosing the winning numbers easier for players, as it eliminates some of the numbers from which users can choose.

Pick 3 Sniper ReviewThe software uses a feature called the “Artificial Intuition Unit” to predict future winning number trends based on past draw results. However, it is unclear what lotto draw the software takes its data from, as it doesn’t appear that the user can select which draw they want to choose numbers for. The website claims these cluster predictions are 100% accurate and says that choosing numbers with Pick3Sniper is 600% easier than selecting numbers the conventional way.

There are immediately a few red flags that stick out about the website’s explanation of this software. First, any claims that predictions are 100% accurate are misleading. Such claims give users the impression that the numbers they choose have an increased likelihood of being drawn, when in actuality they are still doing a lot of their own selecting. Aside from that, no software is able to predict the winning numbers of any lottery draw with 100% accuracy, because the winning numbers are completely random. If these numbers were truly 100% accurate, then EVERYONE using this system would be a winner, meaning this is complete nonsense.

Another aspect of the software that is somewhat misleading is the design of the panels themselves. The panels contain 12 boxes, six of which show numbers and six of which are empty. At a glance, this makes it look like the software is eliminating six numbers out of 12—or half of all possible numbers to choose from—when in reality it is only eliminating four numbers from a possible 10. This makes it seem like the software is taking away a lot more of the guesswork than it actually is.


The Pick3Sniper lottery software website is full of some pretty big claims—from claims about creator Stefan Vandevelde’s credibility, to its ability to help lottery players choose numbers that are more likely to win. They simultaneously seem to be careful about claiming any ability of being able to help players win, while also throwing around ridiculous percentages to create buzz about the software’s usefulness in choosing winning numbers.

Additionally, there is very little information about the logic or math behind the number prediction software. Instead of giving these explanations, the website tells users to imagine its featured Artificial Intuition Unit as a time machine, with some type of ability to see into the future. That seems to be an apt enough description for us, as we all know that time machines don’t work, and we’d never trust someone who tried to sell us one. For that reason and the many others stated in this review, we don’t trust this software—and neither should you.

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