LottoTrix Review – Is It a Scam?

LottoTrix ReviewIf you’re a lottery enthusiast, you may have searched the web for tips or advice to improve your odds of winning. Fortunately—or unfortunately, depending on the source—there is a lot of information floating around online, from websites, to software and books. In this LottoTrix website review, we’re giving details about one site that promises it can help—but can it actually?


LottoTrix is a website that, as the name suggests, is dedicated to providing visitors with tricks on how to win the lottery. The website primarily contains blog posts, news, and links to other lotto resources that claim to be able to increase players’ odds of winning their favourite lottery draws. The website also provides a lotto system guide and a few free lotto wheels for pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, and pick 6 games. The website is run by Stefan Vandevelde, a name that may be familiar to anyone who has researched lottery software products. Ultimately, the website seems to be the epicentre of Vandevelde’s lotto product empire, serving as a single source to promote his many systems, software products, and book.


Before we delve further into the specifics of the website, it’s important to know more about the man behind it. Stefan Vandevelde lives in, and operates his business from, the Canary Islands. While some sources say he started his career focusing specifically on European lottery games, he soon took a more universal approach in trying to game the system. His first claim to fame, according to the man himself, was his “world-record” holding C(49,6,2,6) lotto wheel design. It’s unclear whether this design actually holds a world record, or if this is simply something Vandevelde claims to increase its credibility.

From there, Vandevelde created what he calls the inverted lottery wheel system, which he describes on the LottoTrix website as the perfect system for players on a budget. He also developed the “one ticket system,” and combined these two systems when creating his web-based software tool WinSlips. WinSlips is a number prediction tool for lotto games with a minimum of four main numbers. For pick 3 games, Vandevelde create another software product called Pick3Sniper. In addition to his software products, Vandevelde also has a book, currently on its third edition, called “If You Can’t Win the Lottery, Then Change Its Rules.” The book focuses on explaining sequential wheeling systems, which is a process of breaking number sets down into pairs to make number selection easier and, allegedly, more effective.


All of Stefan Vandevelde’s lottery products are linked on the LottoTrix website—at a cost. Though the website itself doesn’t cost anything and it does have some free resources, it seems the main purpose of the site is to promote the for-purchase items, which he lists as “Premium Systems.”

The cheapest product is the Pick3Sniper software, which is listed for $37 USD. However, the linked website claims this is a special promotion price, though it does not list the regular price. WinSlips and the e-book “If You Can’t Win the Lottery, Then Change Its Rules” are both available for slightly more, at $39.95 USD. The software tools come with a satisfaction guarantee, though the WinSlips one must be claimed within 24 hours, and the Pick3Sniper one can only be exchanged for the WinSlips product, with no money refunded.


Like all of Stefan Vandevelde’s lotto products, the LottoTrix website is full of a lot of advice that doesn’t have much basis in mathematics, logic, or reality. The most prominent resource showcased on the website—aside from Vandevelde’s costly products—is the “Free Lotto System Guide.” This guide is broken down into just eight pages with a few paragraphs on each, and seems to fixate on the idea that the first winning number selected in any draw is incredibly important. The guide then goes on to briefly describe lottery wheels, which are systems that place a selected set of numbers into every possible combination of those numbers.

As anyone who dabbles in lottery wheels knows, playing with them can quickly add up, as it takes a lot of tickets to cover all of the combinations of a number set. This is the same conclusion that the free guide comes to, and Vandevelde takes the opportunity to promote the WinSlips system, which he says is better for players on a budget and can be used by solo players instead of syndicates. While the website does also provide some free lotto wheel templates, there are many other places online where players can get these.


All in all, LottoTrix isn’t much more than an online store for Stefan Vandevelde’s many lotto products. While it does provide some free resources, these are not overly helpful, and are certainly not unique to this website, as similar things can be found on competitor sites such as Much like the products that the LottoTrix website is designed to promote and competing sites likes, it is another instance of Vandevelde giving style over substance, promising much without backing up his exciting claims.

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