Is Lotto Prediction scam? Read our review 2024 to find out! ReviewLaunched toward the end of 2009, is precisely what the name says it is—a lottery prediction website. The site is run by a self-proclaimed group of lottery enthusiasts who wanted to make a central place where players from all around the world could pool their knowledge to help one another win. In this review, we will look at this website, what it does, and if it is worth visiting.

Lotteries Available

There are a large number of lotteries supported by the website. These include the most popular lotteries from all around the world such as the US Powerball, Mega Millions, and UK Lotto to lesser-known ones such as Israel New Lotto. The lotteries are all categorised by the continent and country that they take place in—making it easy to check if the lottery you are looking for is available.

How Does it Work?

To use the site, players will need to register a user account and select a subscription option. The available options include the option to purchase predictions for a single upcoming draw ($1.99/prediction), a particular lottery game for one month ($2.99/month), or an ultimate subscription that gives you access to predictions for all lotteries for a month ($9.99/month).

Once you have selected your subscription option, you will need to choose the prediction method you would like to use. There are four ways in which this site claims it can help you find the next set of winning numbers:

  • Homepage Guy 2Advanced Prediction: This prediction method uses different mathematical and statistical data and algorithms that are applied to many past lottery draw results to determine what the next numbers will be. This is a standard system that is used by almost all lottery prediction software. The site claims that this is its most proven method of prediction and that players who use this prediction method are very likely to get a win.
  • User Predictions: Unlike most other prediction systems, this one relies on the input of the players using it. All users of the site can input their own predictions that they have calculated. Other players can then see these and decide if they want to use them or not. To us, this sounds like a lot of guesswork and trusting random strangers—which seems a lot worse than trusting an experienced statistician. However, the funny thing is that the user predictions section of two different lotteries that we looked at had a higher success rate of winning than even the advanced prediction method.
  • Wisdom of Crowd Funding Predictions: This system works in the same way as the user predictions above in that the users of the site provide the prediction data. However, it differs slightly in terms of the final output. After all the data has been collected from users, the system applies an algorithm to search for common trends and uses these agreements between users to predict the winning numbers.
  • Algorithm Predictions: We are not entirely sure why this method is listed separately to the advanced prediction method mentioned above. We say this because this method also uses mathematical and statistical algorithms to determine the winning numbers. These algorithms are applied to past draw data to search for patterns in the number frequencies and infrequencies. Using this information, the algorithm determines what numbers should most likely lead to a win.

All subscriptions allow you access to the advanced prediction for whichever lotteries your subscription allows. However, the other three methods are available to all users regardless of their subscription (as long as they have one). This makes us even more curious about the difference between the advanced and algorithm predictions.

This video sums things up:

Is Legit or a Scam?

We do not want to come out and state that this site is a scam. Because, in honesty, it is not. The site owners genuinely seem to believe that they will be helping you win the lottery, and you will be secure trusting them with your money as well. However, while we may not feel that this is a scam, we most certainly think that it is a waste of time and money.

We don’t think that this site can do what it claims it can, and when it does it’s likely more coincidental than anything else. The fact that user predictions appear more accurate than the advanced predictions—which they advertise as the best—shows us that there is something flawed with their perception. Therefore, we honestly feel you would be better off simply spending your money on purchasing a ticket to your favourite lottery.

User Experience

For a website that is—in our opinion—pointless, we have to admit that we are still fairly impressed. Even though the site is messier than we would like, and has too much data shoved onto our screens at every turn, the overall site allows you to navigate around quickly and without too much hassle. Extras

The only thing that we could find that can be considered an extra are analytical tools available on the site. These are a group of analytical tools that are available for each lottery and include:

  • Adjacent Number Analyser
  • Low/High Number Analyser
  • Odd/Even Number Analyser
  • Combined Number Analyser
  • Number Group Analyser
  • Number Pair Analyser

Each of these analysers is available free of charge and can be found by visiting the page of your required lottery.

Payment Options

Payments for your monthly subscription can only be made through PayPal. This does make the site slightly more secure, but there is one thing that concerns us. The website states that to cancel your subscription, you will need to do it from your PayPal account. We are slightly worried about how well PayPal is integrated into the website if it does not even allow you to cancel your payment subscription from the site. However, we do trust PayPal and have seen this policy with several reputable mainstream services as well. And so, we will take this for what it is.

Customer Support

There is a primary FAQ section for if you are looking for answers to the most basic and primitive questions imaginable. However, for any issues that require even slight knowledge, you will have to submit a support request using the online form available under the contact section of the site. Further than that, there is no other customer support available.

Rules and Regulations

According to the terms and conditions of the site, anybody and everybody can use the website, and there are no restrictions as to who can or cannot access it. Review Conclusion

We really do try and not be cynical when it comes to writing reviews on sites like this. However, this task sometimes proves more complicated than we may initially imagine. Sure, this site has a great design that has nothing major to complain about. However, that is where it stops.

Unfortunately, it is hard to be positive about a site—regardless of how pretty or legitimate or informative it looks—when you just do not believe in what the site is offering. And, due to the visible contradictions that are on this site, we don’t think for an instant that this site and its crowd-sourced guesses will actually help you win the lottery. Unless, that is, you happen to be lucky when using predictions taken from the site.

Either way, as mentioned above, we recommend purchasing lottery tickets from the top lottery websites instead. That way, you will be spending your money on something more worthwhile.

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