Stefan Vandevelde: The Man Behind Some of the Most Popular Lotto Software

While many people play the lottery, choose their lucky numbers, and don’t think too much beyond that weekly bit of fun and entertainment, others take it much more seriously. Some enterprising people—whether or not they have a background in mathematics, statistics, or probability—devote their careers to finding out a way to beat the lottery and guarantee wins—or die trying. In this article, we are profiling one of those people—Stefan Vandevelde.

Stefan Vandevelde Lottery ExpertWHO IS STEFAN VANDEVELDE?

Stefan Vandevelde is a name you might come across if you’re interested in lotto software, as he has a few products for sale online that are meant to help players choose their lottery numbers. Most of the information available about Vandevelde comes from his own websites, and there is no comprehensive biography about the man. Not only that, but there doesn't seem to be even one photo of him posted anywhere online—which seems pretty weird for someone trying to get their name out there as a lottery expert. We've seen this exact same phenomenon with another mysterious expert, Larry Blair, who supposedly wrote The Lotto Black Book.

One source claims that Vandevelde, who apparently now lives in the Canary Islands, started his career studying lotto games in Europe. Once he mastered the most popular lottery games there, he decided to apply his techniques worldwide and share his knowledge with the public. On his many website, Vandevelde states that his claim to fame is his C(49,6,2,6) covering design. He claims he holds a world record for this design, which is one of the most popular wheeling challenges among lottery wheel experts and designers. Unfortunately, it’s unclear what exactly the record is that the wheel holds, so whether or not this is real or just some hot air is anyone’s guess.


Stefan claims that after he came up with his covering design, he was able to connect with some of the best lottery and lotto wheel experts in the world. From there, he was able to improve and develop his own strategies. In addition to the lotto wheel design, Vandevelde claims he is most famous for his lotto books.

His most popular book is titled “If You Can’t Win the Lottery, Then Change Its Rules,” which is currently on its third edition. The book appears to give advice on how to choose lotto numbers based on sequential wheeling, which takes a group of numbers and puts them into all possible two-number combinations. These pairs of numbers are then combined based on Vandevelde’s mathematical model to play either Pick 6 or Pick 5 lottery games.

Pick3Sniper ReviewRealizing that his sequential wheeling system may intimidate some players due to the large quantity of tickets that need to be purchased, Vandevelde developed his inverted lottery system. With this new system, players never have to purchase more than seven tickets per draw. This system allegedly combines wheels, filtering, and statistics, though it’s unclear how these mathematical principles are applied to the model.

Stefan uses these models, as well as a system he created called the “one ticket system”, in various lotto software products. Perhaps the most well-known is WinSlips, which is a web-based tool that combines the inverted lottery system and the one ticket system. Stefan claims that WinSlips helps players on a budget choose better numbers. Stefan sells another web-based lotto software tool called Pick3Sniper, which is designed specifically for Pick 3 lottery draws. It is a number prediction tool that claims to use past draw data to identify future trends in winning numbers.

All of Stefan Vandevelde’s systems and books are advertised on another of his websites, LottoTrix. The website gives advice, posts news, and gives away free lotto wheels for Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6 draws, while also spreading the word about Vandevelde’s various lottery products.


With so many lotto systems and software to his name, you would think Stefan Vandevelde would be one of the most successful lottery players in the world. However, with all of the claims he makes regarding his expertise with numbers (he refers to himself as a “true number genius” on his websites), Vandevelde never mentions how his systems have worked for him. Interestingly enough, we also couldn’t find any record of Vandevelde winning any large lotto prizes or jackpots. Perhaps he has won many, but has simply decided not to publish his successes, as he claims to do with winner stories for his Winslips software. On the Winslips website, Vandevelde states that they receive success stories from customers who have won big using the system, but his company has simply chosen not to publish these stories online. That’s certainly an, um, interesting marketing tactic.


There are many red flags surrounding Stefan Vandevelde’s various lottery software tools and websites. Like Richard Lustig, another so-called lottery expert, Vandevelde appears to go for style over substance, extolling his own virtues and successes without citing any proof to his claims. He simultaneously glosses over the important details of how his systems work and how the proven mathematical concepts that he is allegedly so familiar with might apply to his products. On the Winslips website, he even goes so far as to claim that all negative reviews about his product are fake, and that they are written to profit the reviewer. However, without any proof of this, it’s hard to take seriously.  


A little bit of research on lottery software products will likely lead you to the name Stefan Vandevelde. With so many products available, it’s inevitable that you will hear about one of his books, websites, lotto systems, or software tools. While all of his websites are full of seemingly impressive claims about his expertise, it is difficult to find any information online to confirm Vandevelde’s credibility as a math or lottery expert. As such, tread carefully if you ever come across any of his products or strategies online.

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