Larry Blair’s The Lotto Black Book Review: Legit or Scam?

Larry Blair Lotto Black Book ReviewThe Lotto Black Book promises to let readers in on the secret to winning jackpots using a proven math-based method. Written by Larry Blair, a retired mathematics professor, the e-book includes tips to help readers win a variety of lotto games. Although we could not find a source to purchase a legitimate copy, in this Lotto Black Book review we’ll dig deep to uncover the truth behind the mysterious book and whether or not it actually contains any useful winning strategies.


According to several sources, Larry Blair is a former mathematics professor from Oklahoma who used statistical combinations and patterns to create a single strategy that could be used to win lottery games.

Multiple websites state that Larry Blair won the jackpot three times, along with many other smaller wins. These sites also claim he got shot in the leg by people who wanted to steal his lotto secrets. However, no official news or lottery resources have published information about Larry Blair’s wins, his run-ins with alleged lotto bandits, or about the man himself, suggesting that most if not all of his story is probably fabricated. In fact, it's entirely possible he doesn't even exist and the name is just a pseudonym for someone else who is trying to profit from this elaborate fabrication. After all, if his method did have any credibility to it, wouldn't he want to be widely known like Richard Lustig and other so-called lotto "experts"? Instead, we can't even find a photo of him online.


According to a description of the book on an product page, The Lotto Black Book contains a single proven method to help readers hit “THE BIG JACKPOT.” The e-book says it offers a strategy to win the Mega Millions draw, the Powerball lottery, Pick 3, Pick 4, BINGO, instant-win games, and more. It also claims that its strategy can help readers win back 500 times their investment in the book itself. How they came up with that exact number is anybody’s guess. But then again, outlandish claims are a common sales strategy for many lottery books and lottery software.


While the book is advertised as containing a single “proven method,” reviews say that it actually contains many strategies for each type of game. However, the majority of the book advocates for using a lottery wheeling system to increase the odds of winning. 

Lottery wheeling systems can be used by players to distribute a subset of potential lottery numbers that should be played across many tickets. The theory is that at least one of the tickets will have the winning combination. Players must first identify which are the most likely numbers to use with the wheel by looking at previous winning numbers.

While some people have apparently used lottery wheeling systems successfully over time, the important thing to note is that The Lotto Black Book did not invent the system. Lotto wheeling systems have been around on paper for decades, and Gail Howard is one of their most famous advocates.


The Lotto Black Book Amazon UnavailableA few months ago, there was a website called that supposedly sold The Lotto Black Book. This site explained the origins of the book and its author, Larry Blair—but it did not offer a link to purchase the book. (Pretty odd for a site that seems to exist only to promote it!)

Instead, the site presents several links to another website called This page appears to be selling a Windows-based application called “Win Lotto Systems” by a Professor Will Foster, MBA. The software comes with a 54-page manual, but it’s certainly not called The Lotto Black Book., which sells just about every book you can think of, does have a page for The Lotto Black Book. However, the book is listed as “currently unavailable.” In short, we could not locate any trustworthy source to buy The Lotto Black Book online, which leads us to believe it’s likely a bunch of BS, much like Lotto Dominator.


While we could not purchase The Lotto Black Book, the excerpts we read were enough to give us a taste of the kind of fluff it contains. There are many reviews online about its strategies and legitimacy from people who claim to have read it. In general, some reviewers are frustrated with the difficulty of applying the math-based strategies to games and complain that the explanations are long-winded and overly complex.

Meanwhile, others claim that they put in the time to learn the math and have begun using the strategies successfully to win small prizes and recoup “some” of their spending on lottery tickets. In other words, the lottery wheeling strategies in the book may help to lower the cost of playing the lottery for some players. However, since there’s no proof of anyone actually winning using these strategies, don’t expect too much.


Based on the many negative and frustrated reviews and the likelihood that The Lotto Black Book’s main strategy is probably just a lottery wheeling system, we can conclude that at best, the book does not contain any ground-breaking lotto-winning strategy. Moreover, its lack of availability online makes the product very suspect. In short, lotto players who are seeking an easy-to-grasp explanation of lottery wheeling systems would do well to look elsewhere.

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