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The majority of lottery prediction systems available today use a simple method to help you win big (supposedly, of course). This method is to analyse large numbers of past draw results to determine patterns or trends in the numbers. These patterns or trends are then used to calculate the odds of specific numbers being drawn next—thereby giving you the numbers that you “should” play. In this LottoMetrix review, however, we will look at one lottery system that uses an entirely different approach to this and see how it works.

LottoMetrix ReviewWhat Is LottoMetrix?

Let us be clear from the start, LottoMetrix is as much a website as it is a lottery system. The site, first launched in 2016, is owned and managed by a company called IMAL and is a hub for lottery information that claims to be incredibly accurate. This information includes draw data and statistics for the most popular lotteries around the world.

What the LottoMetrix Says It Can Do for You

Like most other lottery systems, LottoMetrix claims to be able to give you the tools to ensure that you win the next time you play the lottery. While this is the generic claim that is made by every system, LottoMetrix has one unique twist: it works in a way that most other lottery systems do not.

How Does It Work?

LottoMetrix How It Works 3 StepsUnlike other lottery systems that use the method mentioned above of tracking number patterns or tends to predict numbers, LottoMetrix uses an entirely different process. The method used by this system is one that claims to be rooted directly in mathematics. In fact, the site goes beyond saying that it is based on mathematics and flat out states that it does not use the standard method of pattern tracing to determine winning numbers.

Instead, the site gives details of the mathematical principle that it uses in order to predict numbers. The principle is called Gianella’s theory and is proposed in The Geometry of Chance by Renato Gianella—the man behind the 100% free LotoRainbow Method. The theory uses two main formulas. The first of these formulas is known as the binomial coefficients and has been around since the 15th century. The second formula is known as the probability formula.

These two formulas are said to be used hand in hand by the site to determine the mathematical probability of specific numbers being drawn in future draws. While the website does go into in-depth detail on how these formulas work and how they calculate these probabilities, we will just say that the method is feasible and that if you would like to check the math yourself, it is available on the LottoMetrix website for you to peruse at your leisure.

How Much Does It Cost to Use LottoMetrix?

Unbelievably, the use of the LottoMetrix is entirely free to players around the world. The site does not request any registration fee or any other type of subscription to make use of its resources. Instead, you will only be presented with a few partner ads once you have logged into the site. This is, in our opinion, a small price to pay, considering that you are getting free access to a website that claims it can help you win money.

Does the LottoMetrix Actually Work?

LottoMetrix How It Works ComicDon’t get us wrong; there is undoubtedly merit to the argument that determining what numbers will be drawn using mathematics rather than statistics and trends works better. However, if we then assume for the purposes of this review that this is true, there is still a final test that this method needs to be put through for us to believe that it does actually work and that it can help you become the lottery winner you have always dreamed of.

This test is what you could call our litmus test when it comes to lottery systems and methods and, if you have read any of our other software and system reviews, you will probably know what test we are talking about. This test is a simple question that asks one thing: if this system really worked so well, then where are all the winners that have won by using it?

When searching online, we were unable to find a single testimonial from a player who has used this system and managed to win anything on the lottery. The fact that this system is available—for free—to players around the world and yet we have been unable to find a single review stating that the system helped the player win is something that is, in our opinion, incredibly telling.

So, in case you were wondering, this system has failed our lottery system litmus test dismally. While we are not saying that there is no chance that this system will work, we do not have much faith in its ability to actually increase your chances of winning the lottery in any way.


We have to admit that we were slightly excited when we saw the claims that LottoMetrix was making. It is a refreshing change to find a lottery system that does not rely on trends and patterns drawn from looking endlessly at past lottery results to figure out which numbers will be drawn next—since hot and cold numbers really don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

After reading how the site determines its numbers by using mathematics and formulas, we were even more excited. It seemed like an incredibly legitimate system, and we will admit to being shocked that the system is being given away for free to players from all around the world.

However, we found the sad truth of this system rather quickly, and our excitement died as suddenly as what this system claims it can help you win on the lottery. We are not about to get into an argument with LottoMetrix over their formulas or their methods. But, if they insist that their system really does work and that you really can use it to win on the lottery, then why have we been unable to find the testimony of a single winner?

That fact alone is something that speaks volumes louder than any campaign LottoMetrix could run to tell us that they can help us win the lottery. After all, with the system being around since 2016, the people behind it should be able to prove something, right?

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