Renato Gianella's Loto Rainbow Method Review

Renato Gianella's Mathematical LotoRainbow MethodIf you are an avid lottery player, then the chances are probably good that you have researched ways in which to increase your chances of winning in your favourite lottery. And you have probably also seen the astounding number of lottery theories and predictors out there. In this Loto Rainbow Method review, we will look at what this method says it can help you do and see whether it is even worth taking a look at.


As you probably guessed, the Lotto Rainbow method is a way to try and determine what the winning numbers of the lottery will be. However, if you are looking for a simple answer to what exactly it is, then let us give it to you right up front: the Loto Rainbow method is one of the most confusing lottery methods that we have ever come across. While the site does try and explain to you what it is on about, at the end of it we were still confused—and we are not exactly dim-witted, we think.

However, we do understand that this method was developed by an avid Brazilian mathematician by the name of Renato Gianella. Therefore, we are not surprised that you might need to have an extremely good grasp of mathematics to understand the method in its entirety. After all, the basis for this method was published in a scientific journal.


The site states quite clearly that winning the lottery is not just a chance of luck. Here we are already at a disagreement, but that is irrelevant. According to the website, the method helps you choose winning numbers for your favourite lottery by using a combination of mathematics and probabilities. This is more or less in line with every other lottery method out there and at first leads you to think that there may be some substance here. That is until you arrive at the colours—and oh, there are so many colours.

Gianella LotoRainbow Method Website Choose 6 Numbers


Gianella LotoRainbow Method Colours TemplateQuite simply, the method uses mathematics and probability that is applied to previous lottery draw results to try and determine what numbers will be drawn next. It does this in a very interesting way. When you first visit the site, you will be presented with a table of numbers that are split into five different colour groups (we will get to the colours later on). You will be tasked with selecting six different numbers—ones that you would generally use when playing the lottery.

Once you have selected your numbers, you will be shown a screen that places your numbers in a coloured sequence. Each colour represents a specific group of numbers. These are grouped in the following way:

  • Yellow – 01 to 09
  • Blue – 10 to 19
  • Grey – 20 to 29
  • Green – 30 to 39
  • Pink – 40 to 48

These colours are apparently incredibly important. For what, we have no idea. What we can tell you is that after you have selected your first set of six numbers, the site will request that you select yet another six (that are different to the original numbers that you chose). Once you have done that, you will be shown a screen that gives you different game options. These game options are all based upon getting a pair or trine of one or more colours. Again, we have no idea how the colours come into play here aside from making the screen look pretty and allowing you to see at a glance how many numbers you have from each group.


After showing you an array of coloured tables (which really meant nothing to us), the site goes on to talk about the two strategies that can be adopted when using the method. These two strategies are Advanced and Delayed.

  • Advanced: This strategy takes into consideration all the ‘hot’ numbers that are occurring in the lottery. These numbers are the ones that make an appearance more regularly than the others and, therefore, are either going to continue being drawn frequently or will be drawn less frequently because they have been drawn so many times already. Makes sense, right?
  • Delayed: In contrast to the advanced strategy, this strategy is based on the numbers that have not been drawn frequently or ‘cold’ numbers. The assumption is that, because these numbers have not been drawn in a while, they are bound to be drawn at some point in the near future.

It is not clear how these strategies fit into the method. However, you are told that it is best to choose whichever strategy you would like to use.


After you have chosen all the numbers that the site requires you to, and you have selected which strategy you would like to use, you will be able to access a variety of tables and statistics. These tables vary between different colour sets and the probability of different numbers being drawn. None of these are particularly helpful, and they don’t really make any sense to anyone without an advanced degree in mathematics. If they make sense to you, dear reader, please shoot us an email with your take on it.


There are many different lottery methods available in the world today, and out of the ones that we have looked at the Loto Rainbow Method is probably the most confusing. While it is also one of the only methods to be freely available to anyone who visits the site—unlike other methods that typically cost several arms and legs—you will have to have a firm understanding of mathematics in order to understand it and find out whether it works exactly as advertised.

Otherwise, you may just spend hours trying to make sense of the method only to find yourself frustrated and still nowhere closer to winning the lottery. If that is the case, we recommend checking out some of the other lottery strategies available today.

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