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LottOdds ReviewSome lotto players are content with 1 in 292,201,338 odds of taking home a $350 million Powerball jackpot—but many prefer to bet on smaller prizes with much better odds of winning. Games that ask players to only choose 3 or 4 numbers have especially great odds. For example, the popular Pick 4 lottery available in many US states has a top prize of $2,500 with odds of 1 in 10,000 to win.

This is where LottOdds comes in. claims to help players choose better numbers and increase their chances of winning at these types of games. But how effective is it? And how does it work? Our LottOdds review tells you everything you need to know.


LottOdds is a membership-based lottery predictor website. After paying $9.95 per month, users can access its number-picking theories and the algorithm that runs on the website. Payments are collected on a recurring basis via PayPal.

Each member has a private page online that includes a personal profile, subscription information, history, transactions, draw alerts, win alerts, and predictions. By setting draw alerts, users can get email alerts for when certain types of draws occur, such as no hits (meaning that no winners were drawn for a lottery for several days), when odds or doubles are drawn, or whenever they win.

Aside from its theories and algorithm, the site’s main attraction is its blog and LottOdds member community. Both of these are run by David Mehmet, the website’s founder.

The original LottOdds theory was designed to work with Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries in all US states that run these games. However, the site now also offers a Mega Millions and Powerball lottery prediction tool.


LottOdds collects previous winning numbers for its algorithm to analyse based on the theory that all lottery numbers are drawn in a pattern. The LottOdds online algorithm uses “pattern filters” to identify which numbers have high odds or low odds of being drawn next. The website’s tool can be used to eliminate certain patterns, such as odd/even, high/low, sums/pairs, consecutive numbers, and past winners. Once these have been eliminated, players can choose from the remaining numbers to play. Here's the video the company features on its website:

It’s important to note that although LottOdds offers its website as a tool, it also states that members must learn how to use it. For those who aren’t interested in the theory, LottOdds also has an auto-select button that eliminates recent winning numbers so that players can quickly pick their numbers from what remains. Think of this like an extra-fancy version of the quick pick option offered by most lotteries around the world.

Finally, the founder, David Mehmet, also posts videos about once a month about previous lottery draws in various states and gives recommendations for how to play. Because of the complex nature of the number-picking theory, members can use the LottOdds forum to ask questions in order to better understand and apply it.


On the surface, LottOdds is a community for people to play the lottery together and apply a particular theory to their games. However, after spending significant time trying to track down an explanation of how exactly the LottOdds theory actually improves one’s chances of winning, we came up empty. Despite many videos on the site claiming to explain how this system works, there is no clear logic behind the number-eliminating algorithm or what makes it more effective than choosing numbers at random. Moreover, since this system has so many confusing ways of eliminating numbers, it may not even make it easier for players to guess number combinations.  

In addition, there is no information available about how the website’s new Mega Millions and Powerball predictor works, and the tool appears to be hidden behind a paywall. With no discussion of this predictor in the forum, there is no proof that anyone has actually used it to play. Therefore, we can’t confirm how it might work or if it works at all.

Beyond the questionable logic and lack of information, we also can’t verify the founder’s claims about the system’s effectiveness. He has previously claimed to “win big,” promised to show his winning tickets to the world, and then did not do so. There are also no news stories or confirmations of his wins on any official lottery websites.

So, is the LottOdds membership a scam? Yes and no. If you pay the $9.95 membership fee every month, you will certainly gain access to the website and its tool. If you want to get emails telling you that certain types of draws occurred, you can set alerts and get emails. In fact, the website seems to do everything it claims except help users win the lottery. With no proof of wins, we have to conclude it’s more or less an elaborate scam, like most of the lottery software that exists out there.

CONCLUSION presents a lot of talk about its strategy, including videos and blog posts full of confusing strings of numbers and half-explanations. There are lots of questions and answers in the forum, and the founder is very active on the website. However, with no proof that the system works, you could probably find better ways to spend $9.95 a month than on a LottOdds membership—such as increasing your chances of winning by playing through a syndicate.

And if you really do want to try a website that may (or may not) help you win, you might as well start with one that's totally free to use—like The Lucky Gene.

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