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Lottery Picker ReviewIf you have been an active lottery player for a while, there is little doubt that you have come across software claiming that it can help you win big. In fact, even if you are new to playing and have visited some of the top online lottery sites, you may have also come across these programs. Many of these programs make wild promises and entice you into purchasing them. However, the sad truth is that many of them are just capitalising on people’s desire to win the jackpot. In this Lottery Picker 2020 review, we will look at only one of the many programs available today to see how it works.


Lottery Picker 2020, also known as PowerFall, is the updated version of a software that has been around for a while—Lottery Picker. The software is developed by McCracken Software Solutions and makes a very bold claim. It claims to have won the prestigious title of ‘Best Lottery Software of 2019’. Where it won this title from we are not sure because it is only the official Lottery Picker 2020 website states that it has won this title. Looking elsewhere online shows that this software did not come anywhere near the top of the list for best lottery programs for 2019. This is the first thing that makes us sceptical about this program.


Mega Millions and Powerball LogosAmazingly, Lottery Picker 2020 only has support for two significant lotteries, but they are likely the two lotteries that you’d probably be most interested in: the American Powerball and Mega Millions. However, while it is not uncommon to have a lottery program that specialises in one or two different lotteries, it is unusual for one of those programs to state that they outrank all others. After all, if you are a player wanting to play in EuroMillions, this software would have virtually no value to you at all.


This is where we get down to the stone: what does this software promise to do for you? Well, in truth, it promises plenty of things. For starters, the software states to use proprietary algorithms that will predict the outcome of future draws and ensure that you have numbers that are more likely to be chosen. It does this by looking at the history of all previous draws (and we do mean all of them) and then calculating the pattern at which numbers are drawn. Using this data, it works out the patterns in which numbers should, theoretically, appear in the future.

Then, using all of the above (which sounds more like witchcraft than mathematics and statistics), the lottery will randomly generate number sequences that you can use to play. These numbers sequences are supposedly almost foolproof and should lead you to a win.

In addition to this—which we think is the main feature that they are flouting—Lottery Picker 2020 also lets lottery players do the following:

  • View all previous draw results
  • Check your numbers against all past draw results
  • Merge different lottery files to manage lottery data
  • Import your own lottery data from popular formats such as Microsoft Excel
  • Load specific date ranges for both Powerball and Mega Millions to see results, trends, and patterns
  • View lottery statistics from both lotteries for any period
  • Print Powerball and Mega Millions pay-slips (depending on which US state you reside in)


Almost all lottery programs offer a free trial to let you test them and see whether they are something that you would use—and something that actually works. Amazingly, for a program that claims the title of ‘Best Lottery Software of 2019’, and claims to have over 4.82 million downloads, it does not offer any free trial to download.

Rather than a free trial, if you would like to get this software, you will need to pay for it. However, this is where our next problem with this software occurs—the price. Most lottery software (and yes, we are generalising here) costs between $60 and $100. Others cost around $20 per month on a subscription basis. However, Lottery Picker 2020 breaks all records and offers their software at one of two ridiculous—let us repeat it, ridiculous—prices.

The first offer is a 90-day upgrade tier. This will grant you support and free upgrade of the software for 90 days from the date of purchase. For this, you will need to pay a whopping $179.99. However, this is not the worst of it.

If you would like the unlimited upgrade tier, which includes constant support and all future upgrades, be prepared to pay $289.99.

For software that does not even offer a demo to give it a test run, we find these prices absolutely appalling. By all accounts, it seems that the developers are just trying to claim popularity by inventing titles and accolades for their software so that they can hike up the price and convince people to buy it in blind faith.


This is what it all boils down to—whether or not this software can really make you a winner. Now, as we have said in other lottery prediction software reviews, there is some merit to looking at the mathematics behind the lottery. There is even more merit looking at the patterns that emerge and the way that specific numbers appear more than others. However, we believe that, while it is possible to increase your chances of winning slightly, there is no way to be 100% sure that you are going to win.

After all, the lottery is a game of chance and luck. If this software really did work, there would be so many winners claiming the jackpot that it would not even be worth claiming your share. And, even though we searched, we could not find any trustworthy looking reviews from somebody who had used this software and actually won big.

Nevertheless, here's a demonstration video showing the software in action:


The lottery is a game of chance, and if you are lucky enough to guess the winning numbers, then congratulations and we hope that we can be friends. We do not for an instant believe that this software, in particular, is going to help you win—no matter how many titles it claims to have won. Instead, it is going to leave you a substantial amount poorer than you were with nothing to show for it. So, instead, take your money and go and buy some lottery tickets—ideally through a lottery syndicate. This way, you might actually stand a chance of winning.

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