Lottery Analyst Review

With the number of lottery prediction programs available increasing at an almost daily rate, it can be incredibly hard to know where to begin if you are looking for a way to better your odds of winning. One competitor in this vast arena is Lottery Analyst—a prediction software that was developed to help you win more often. In this Lottery Analyst review, we will look at how this software works and if it is worth downloading.

Lottery Analyst LogoWhat Is Lottery Analyst?

First of all, we should state that Lottery Analyst, despite its similar name, is in no way related to Lotto Analyst. To sum it up, it’s just another in a long list of lottery prediction software. Unlike many others, however, this program goes beyond only offering PC users a way to generate numbers for their favourite international lotteries quickly. In addition to an application for Windows, Lottery Analyst also has a mobile app available for download on Android devices and on Amazon Kindle devices via Amazon. This already makes this software far more accessible than many of its counterparts.

What Lottery Analyst Says It Can Do for You

You may be shocked to hear this—but Lottery Analyst does not shout about how it is going to make you a millionaire. This is shocking because ridiculous boasting is sadly a standard practice for these types of programs, so we would not have been surprised in the slightest if this were the case. However, rather than displaying statistics on how this program can help you become an instant millionaire, Lottery Analyst simply states that it can help you develop a lottery strategy that will help you achieve more small wins more often. This is a refreshingly honest approach for a lottery software to use, and we wish more programs and even lottery strategies would use this more subtle approach.

How Does It Work?

If what Lottery Analyst says it can do for you is different from any other generic program available, then how it works is not. As with almost all other lottery prediction software and methods, the basis for any predictions is old lottery draw results. These past results are fed into the software and analysed to try and detect trends and patterns in the way and frequency that numbers appear.

After these trends have been discovered, all this information is fed into an algorithm—one that is usually top-secret lest anyone else should attempt to use it. This algorithm analyses this data further and then calculates what numbers have the highest chance of being drawn soon. These numbers are then all placed in a central number pool, and a random number generator is used against this range of numbers to identify numbers for you to play.

Lottery Analyst Android ScreenshotHow Much Does Lottery Analyst Cost?

In yet another surprising twist, Lottery Analyst’s pricing system is also completely different from any other programs we have encountered in the past. To begin with, the Android APK is free to download and can be found via a simple Google search, while the Amazon Kindle app costs just $9.99—which is relatively cheap for a lottery predictor. However, the story is really the Windows PC version.

On the main website (which has since been removed), the developer of this software clearly stated that you should download the free trial version of the program and use that as long as you see fit to. Then, only if you feel the need to upgrade to the paid version (which is precisely the same from what we can tell), you can pay the $20 cost via PayPal.

This is an interesting strategy for payments and not one that we can see as being very profitable. This may mean that—for a change—the developer actually just wanted to create an app that could help players win some more money on the lottery. This is in stark contrast to the many lottery software developers that are simply out to try and pad their own pockets with the money of players whilst knowing full well that their product does not work.

Does Lottery Analyst Actually Work?

There has always been some merit to the fact that it is possible to analyse previous draw results to determine trends and patterns. This is simply because, in the lottery and in mathematics, patterns and trends are bound to appear after a certain number of draws. What there is not any real merit to is the fact that it is possible to predict future draws based on knowing these trends or patterns.

We have said countless times that the lottery is a random game of chance that cannot be predicted unless it is hacked. This resilience to being tamed is what makes lotteries great, and it’s something that we hope never changes. It is also the reason that programs like Lottery Analyst will never really work—even though they may help you be more focused on the numbers that you play each draw.


Lottery Analyst is a refreshing change from the norm in the sense that the developer is honest enough to allow people to decide for themselves if they are willing to pay for what they are receiving. It is also the only program we have seen that does not promise to make you an instant millionaire but rather promises things that are much more attainable. Of course, this could also mean that the developers want to seem honest while knowing full well their software is useless, but we'll let you decide.

Regardless, we don’t believe that this software will do anything major to help you improve your odds of winning the lottery. While it may help you by telling you what numbers to play each week, you may be just as well off purchasing a quick pick ticket instead.

So, if you are serious about improving your odds of winning on the lottery, we would recommend that you give this program a skip. Instead, try joining one of the great online lottery syndicates available on the most legitimate lottery companies' websites. These at least have a proven track record of helping to better your odds of winning and will not cause you to waste money on apps that don’t work.

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