Winners Only Lotto Review

There are a number of weird and wonderful lottery strategies around the world. All of these strategies claim to hold the key to winning the lottery and proudly boast that they can help you become the winner of some of the biggest lotteries on the planet. It is rather strange, therefore, to find a strategy that completely ignores these big lotteries—and announces that quite loudly. In this Winners Only Lotto review, we will look at a method of play that focuses on the smaller lotteries and claims it can make you an almost constant winner.

What Is Winners Only Lotto?

To be honest, this strategy is more than just a simple method of how to play the lottery. The strategy includes a methodology of playing, a book, and a website. The book, titled Winners Only Lotto Guide, was first released in 2016 and is published by Rodney Lundy—the man credited for the creation of the strategy.

After the launch of the first book (which was well advertised, including via television ads), the strategy quickly grew in popularity and began releasing books almost annually that were ‘updated’ to the current year. The strategy soon spawned a website that also allows players access to a tool that employs the methodology of the strategy.

What Winners Only Lotto Says It Can Do for You

Winners Only Lotto Guide Book CoverLike almost all lottery strategies, Winners Only Lottery has one clear selling point—its ability to help you become a lottery winner. However, this strategy does things slightly differently to ones that you may have seen before. Rather than target the largest international lotteries such as the US Powerball and Mega Millions, this strategy only works with the smaller Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries.

For these lotteries, the strategy claims to help you become a winner more often. In fact, it even puts a number to how often it will be able to help you win—three to seven times per week. This is a rather vague number that has a pretty large gap in the middle, but we will take it at face value and see how this strategy operates before making a snap judgement.

How Does It Work?

Strangely, while most lotto strategies and prediction software try to veil the way they actually operate behind a mix of nonsensical words and phrases, this strategy comes right out and states how it works. According to the website, Winners Only Lotto uses the Law of Averages in mathematics to determine which numbers are most likely to arrive at the next drawing of your preferred Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery game.

What this means is that—like almost all other strategies—Winners Only Lotto will need to have access to past draw results. These provide valuable information to the strategy (or website in this case if you sign up as a user). This information is used to notice trends in the numbers drawn and see which numbers are more or less likely to be drawn and how often or seldom each number is drawn.

Using all this information, the strategy looks at the averages across all numbers. It then applies the Law of Averages to these results to determine which numbers fit the law and which differ slightly. This then supposedly helps determine which numbers are most likely to be seen at the next draw—thereby giving you the numbers that you should play on your next ticket.

If you have the patience for it, check out one of the videos that Rodney has on YouTube:

How Much Does It Cost to Use Winners Only Lotto?

This question depends wholly on what part of the strategy you want to make use of. If you are looking just to purchase the book, you can get it for $5 on Amazon as an e-book (first edition book) or for $14.99 on the official website (the updated 2020 – 2021 edition). If you are looking to become a member of the site and use it to choose numbers for you, pricing options are $9 per month (automatically billed) or $12 per month (if billed manually monthly).

The site does also offer a bundle purchase that gives you a copy of the book and site membership. This bundle costs $24.99 once off and then $9 per month (automatically billed).

Does Winners Only Lotto Actually Work?

Winning Lottery Computer Algorithm SystemThis is always the hardest section of lottery strategy reviews to write. We do not like being mean about systems, books, players, or websites that genuinely believe that they are helping improve people’s chances of winning. That being said, we are not sure that this strategy works. Not only is the fact that the strategy claim it can help you win between three to seven times per week ridiculous to us, but we also noticed that even the book is under review on Amazon and cannot currently be purchased—something that is usually a good indication that all is not as it seems.

However, what really makes us think this strategy is just blowing smoke is the customer reviews on the website. When we review any strategy, website, program, or lottery, customer reviews are a great resource to see the truth about what we are looking for. These reviews come from people with first-hand experience who have either benefit from or been burnt by these products. Sadly, the customer reviews for Winners Only Lotto do not even try to look like they are not written by people being paid to say good things. In fact, one review goes so far as to openly and bluntly say ‘Don’t believe me if you want’. A challenge like this is not something you would easily find being issued by someone who is sincerely just offering their opinion on the system and immediately sets off red flags for us.


You may choose to purchase the Winners Only Lotto book or to register for a membership with the website. However, we are confident that you would be much better off using that same money to purchase more lottery tickets, possibly through a lottery syndicate, for your favourite lottery. Doing this would definitely give you a better chance of winning than following this strategy.

If, however, you have used this strategy and know that it does work, please let us know—because we really WANT TO believe that it does! Until that time, we have no reason to believe that Winners Only Lotto, like most other lotto prediction systems and software, will actually help you win—and certainly not “three to seven times per week” as it claims.

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