Norah Sands Psychic Lotto Formula Review

There comes a time in every person’s life where they see something that makes them sit back, take stock of their lives and ponder all the serious questions in life. These may include the meaning of life, what our purpose is, or even where we see ourselves going. For us, this moment arrived along with the question of how was this even released? In this Norah Sands Psychic Lotto Formula review, we will look at a lotto system that left us speechless—and not for a good reason.

What Is the Norah Sands Psychic Lotto Formula?

Norah Sands Psychic Lotto Formula ReviewAs you may have already guessed from the name, Norah Sands Psychic Lotto Formula is yet another lottery system, but this one was created by a woman called Norah Sands. Who this woman is or why you should be taking any advice from her is shrouded in mystery, as we couldn’t find any information on her whatsoever anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Regardless, her system comes in the form of a book that is usually—and perhaps solely—distributed as an e-book. Fortunately, the official site for the system has disappeared from the online universe, so you will no longer be able to easily get your hands on a copy of the book unless you do some deep digging on Google. And yes, we did mean, fortunately.

What It Says It Can Do for You

As with all lottery systems that promise users the world, the Norah Sands Psychic Lotto Formula claims that it can help you predict future lottery numbers and turn you into a winner. It must be said, however, that it does not make the standard claims—rather, this system makes incredibly bold claims, including that by using the system you will be able to win eight in every ten lottery games that you play. Sound too good to be even remotely believable? Yeah, we think so too.

How Does It Work?

We need to start this section by saying that we give you our word that each thing mentioned below is actually listed in the book’s table of contents and not something that we have just made up to be sarcastic about this system. With that out of the way, we can tell you how this system supposedly works.

Unlike other systems that give you mathematical formulas or keys to decipher lotteries and figure out which numbers will appear next, this system uses an entirely different approach. Some of the things that you will learn to do in the book include how to hypnotize yourself, yoga, positive affirmation techniques, and brainwave entertainment.

If it sounds to you like there were no brainwaves employed to write this book, then we are clearly on the same page. The system claims to work by teaching you how to will the numbers that you choose to be correct—we are not making this stuff up, we promise.

The best part is, all of the items mentioned above are just in module one. There are another two modules that are filled with an equal amount of garbage as the first and are really good to read—if you’re looking for a hearty laugh.

How Much Does Norah Sands Psychic Lotto Formula Cost?

As we mentioned earlier, this system is no longer available—which is actually the best thing about it. Unfortunately, this also means that we are not sure what this system ever cost. We did try to find out by searching for it other places online. However, not even viewing old snapshots of the official site gave us an answer. Despite that, we can confidently say that paying zero dollars for this system is still too much.

Does Norah Sands Psychic Lotto Formula Actually Work?

We really do try and be as unbiased and objective as possible in our reviews of lottery systems—it shows, right? However, with this system, we are battling to understand how any sane person could possibly think that this method could help them win the lottery. We understand that all lotto players want to find a way to beat the system and get some winnings, just as we understand that positive thinking can lead to very positive outcomes—but recommending yoga as a means to help one win the lottery is absurd. Every once in a while we come across certain products and claims that really cannot be believed—and this system is a classic example of that.


We are not sure whether or not this trio of books even deserves to be called a lottery system. Aside from the fact that it has almost nothing to do with the lottery aside from throwing in the word every few sentences, it is abundantly clear that it will never help you win. In fact, this method would be better off in a self-help section of a bookstore being sold as a way to channel your thoughts and learn yoga.

Honestly, we find systems like this insulting to methods of playing that actually can help you increase your chances of winning, such as lottery syndicates. The fact that this system no longer exists readily online is not enough for us. Instead, we would much prefer a world in which a method as pointless and stupid as this never came into existence.  

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