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With the ever-expanding number of lottery prediction software available online today, it is almost a nightmare to know which one to choose. Each one promotes itself in ways that often extend to being obnoxious, and there are many that claim to be the best on the market—even though many are actually quite terrible. In this Lottery Looper review, we will look at yet another lottery prediction program that claims to be the best lottery software available today.

What Is Lottery Looper?

Lottery Looper is a lottery prediction program for your PC that is developed and distributed by Timersoft, the same people behind Lotto Effect and Lotto Logic Pro. The software was first launched toward the end of 2014 and quickly spread across the net as lottery players around the world jumped at the possibility of improving their chance of winning big. The software has been regularly updated, and the latest version is Lottery Looper 2020.07.

Amazingly, the software only has a 32-bit installer—something almost unheard of nowadays. The program can be downloaded from the Timersoft website for free. However, without purchasing the software, you will only be able to use the software to generate a limited number of tickets.

What Lottery Looper Says It Can Do for You

If you have ever heard what any other lottery prediction software says it can do for you, then you probably have already listened to what Lottery Looper claims it can. As with almost all other software available today, this software claims to be able to help you predict the winning numbers for upcoming draws. This ability will help you win bigger prizes more often—in theory, that is.

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How Does It Work?

Lottery Looper works quite simply and much in the same way as many of its competitors. The software uses the previous draw results of a specific lottery to analyse patterns and trends in the way in which numbers appear. Using these trends, the software then makes calculated guesses as to which numbers are most likely to be drawn in upcoming draws. These numbers that have a higher probability are all bundled together and then used to help generate number sequences that you can use when purchasing a ticket for your preferred lottery.

This method of operation, however, is where the similarities between Lottery Looper and other lottery software ends. Most other lottery software comes preloaded with a variety of supported international lotteries that the software automatically updates the draw histories of. Lottery Looper, however, is not like that. To begin with, the software does not come with any preloaded lotteries. This means that you will need to manually load any lottery that you would like to generate number sequences for. Thankfully, the software supports almost any type of lottery, including international favourites like US Powerball and Mega Millions.

Once you have chosen which lottery you would like the software to predict winning numbers for, then the real work begins. As mentioned above, most other lottery software automatically pulls draw results as soon as the draw has concluded. This is not the case with Lottery Looper. Instead, to use Lottery Looper, you will need to enter the draw results of past draws manually. Because the software is said to be more accurate when it has a more substantial history to view trends in, you may find yourself spending way more time entering in past draw results than getting numbers for upcoming ones. As such, it’s almost like you’re doing the work filling in the databases that the developers should’ve done for past results and should be doing for all upcoming ones.

After you have chosen your lottery and entered in all the draw history results that you have the patience for, you can tell the program to predict number sequences for you. This is a rather complicated process that we are not even going to bother going into detail about here. What we will say is that a number of people have complained about the fact that this software is not entirely user friendly—which says a lot about how this program works.

How Much Does Lottery Looper Cost?

Surprisingly, Lottery Looper is rather affordable when compared to the alternatives available online. The program retails online for $29. Unlike some other programs, this is a once-off fee and not a monthly subscription. In addition, once you have purchased Lottery Looper, you will be eligible to receive all future updates free of charge. This is another feature that is not generally available with competition software and is something we think is rather extraordinary.

Timersoft LogoDoes Lottery Looper Actually Work?

We hate being the negative one in the room (or on your screen), but there’s a simple question that we can’t help but ask time and time again. If this software works so well, then why isn’t there an abundance of jackpot winners who have won their fortunes using it? The answer, we know, is even more straightforward than the question—because this software does not guarantee you a win.

Sure, there is some merit to the fact that trends do appear in the numbers that are drawn in the lottery. It is pointless denying that because it is a part of the lottery. However, the fact that these trends can be accurately and effectively used to determine what future draw results will have never, and probably will never, be proved.

So, if you are looking for our honest opinion, then yes, Lottery Looper does actually work—if you believe that it works. For us, however, this software does not work and actually forces you to exert way more effort just to get a program to tell you what numbers to pick than anything else. You might be better off just relying on the quick pick system to pick numbers for you than sit endlessly typing in previous draw results.


We are not saying the Lottery Looper is not worth looking at nor are we saying that it is entirely pointless and that there is no merit to what the developers have tried to do. What we are saying is that we would much rather recommend that you take the $29 that you would spend on this software and instead purchase more lottery tickets—a lottery syndicate is the most sure-fire way to improve your odds—for an upcoming draw. That action is guaranteed to give you a higher chance of winning something than buying this software.

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