Lotto Logic Pro Review—Will This Software Help You Win Millions?

Many people dream of winning the lottery, so it’s no surprise that there are countless products available online promising to help players do just that. However, how many of those products can be trusted, and will any of them actually help people win the lottery? In this Lotto Logic Pro review, we’ll examine one such product and tell you whether it’s worth your money.

Lotto Logic Pro ReviewWHAT IS LOTTO LOGIC PRO?

Lotto Logic Pro is a lottery analysis software for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 that claims to help users choose winning numbers. It is sold by a company called Timersoft, which also offers two other similar products called Lottery Looper and Lotto Effect. On the official website, Timersoft claims that Lotto Logic Pro is the most popular lottery software in the world.

Lottery players can use the software to help choose numbers for Pick-3 games through to Pick-10 format lotto games. It also helps users choose up to two bonus numbers for games that offer this option, such as US Powerball and Mega Millions. In addition to standard lotto games, Lotto Logic Pro supports other styles of games such as Keno and Quinto. According to Timersoft, Lotto Logic Pro can help users choose numbers for over 95% of the world’s current lottery games.


Lotto Logic Pro helps players choose their numbers by analysing its database of past draws. Using this data, the software displays the numbers it deems to have to highest odds of being selected. These numbers are shown to users in two different categories: hot numbers and due numbers. The main interface of the program displays up to 14 numbers from each of these categories. Basically, the software claims to help increase the odds of winning using a lottery strategy based on hot and cold numbers.

The software also has other features that players might find helpful. The data entry feature lets players upload their own data from past draws, helping them keep track of any strategy they may be using on their own. Once users have inputted their data, they can search past draws by date, numbers, or both.

Lotto Logic Pro also features two tools called the Range Finder and the Range Tracker. The Range Finder compares up to five past draws against the current hot and due numbers to help users find the best range of past draws to analyse numbers from. The Range Tracker helps users track range patterns with the most consistent winning ranges over long stretches of time. Timersoft celebrates the Range Finder and Range Tracker tools as two features that set Lotto Logic Pro apart from other lotto analyser software currently available on the market.

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Lotto Logic Pro is free to download online. The free version of the software has no time limit and claims to be fully functioning. However, there is also a paid version of the software that is sold for a one-time fee of US $19. The paid version does not require an annual subscription, which is good, but it is unclear what the difference is between the paid version and the free version of the program.


Timersoft LogoThe Lotto Logic Pro manual, which is available online on Timersoft’s website, makes it very clear that the software cannot guarantee that users will win big. Instead, they claim it helps increase odds by using data from past draws, while also making it more fun for players to participate in the lottery and choose their numbers. Though there is no proof that Lotto Logic Pro can help lotto players improve their odds of winning, it may be useful to people who want to try using the hot and cold number lottery strategy to choose their numbers.

Additionally, while you can download Lotto Logic Pro directly from the Timersoft website, many reputable download hosting sites such as Softpedia and Cnet offer the software. Timersoft claims that these sites do not host downloads containing viruses or malware, so you can trust that Lotto Logic Pro is safe.

Considering the low cost of the program, we feel pretty confident in saying that Lotto Logic Pro isn’t a scam meant to swindle users out of tons of money. However, there is no guarantee that it is any more effective at helping players choose their numbers than a regular quick pick number selection.


Lotto Logic Pro is a lottery software analyser founded on a very familiar and basic lottery strategy. However, there is no proof that the hot and cold number strategy increases odds of winning the lottery, which means there is no proof that this software can help people win. That being said, if players are interested in choosing numbers based on the hot and cold method, Lotto Logic Pro seems like a helpful tool to use.

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