Lotto Effect Review

The amount of lottery prediction software available nowadays seems to be almost infinite. New programs are released regularly and all harp on about the same thing—their own unique ability to make sure that YOU WILL BECOME THE NEXT JACKPOT WINNER. The truth behind these claims is usually a slightly twisted one, and you can never truly be sure if you are being taken for a ride by these programs or if they really will help you be the next big winner. In this Lotto Effect software review, we will look at yet another lottery prediction software that promises the world.

What Is Lotto Effect?

Lotto Effect is a lottery prediction software made by Timersoft—the developers of two other lottery prediction applications: Lottery Looper and Lotto Logic. Like its counterparts, Lotto Effect must be installed on your Windows PC and can then be used to predict numbers for upcoming draws. Also, Lotto Effect is only available as a 32-bit download and can be downloaded from the official Timersoft website.

What Lotto Effect Says It Can Do for You

As you may imagine, Lottery Effect states that it can do for you the same thing that all other lottery prediction programs claim they can do—only better, for some reason. This is the standard advertising pitch that all these programs come with to try and get you to purchase their product over competing products. To go along with all of these, Lotto Effect claims that it can help you narrow down the field of which lottery numbers will appear during upcoming draws. This gives you a distinct advantage over everyone else who is not using the software and should result in you being a winner. At least, that is the theory behind the claims.

How Does It Work?

Lotto Effect ScreenshotThe way in which the actual software works is the one place where Lotto Effect separates itself from the many other clone programs that are available online today. Rather than just using a blanket statement that the software makes use of patterns and trends to determine what future numbers will be, Lotto Effect says that it uses Forward Thinking Technology. Bear with us while we (attempt to) explain.

This new technology for determining lottery numbers is all about the triple P—patterns, percentages, and points. The first P (or patterns) relates to the occurrences of specific numbers in past draws and the patterns that start to emerge when looking at when they have been drawn. This is a fairly common approach, and we have definitely seen this before.

The second P (or percentages) looks at the percentage of occurrences that specific numbers have made. This then uses these percentages to rank the numbers and determine whether or not they can be considered as hot or cold numbers.

The final P (or points) relates to something that we are not sure about. While the website says that the points that are assigned to each number relate to different aspects of a number (such as its percentage value and how popular it is) we have no clue what the site is actually going on about when it speaks about points. If you look at the site yourself, we have a hunch you’ll feel exactly the same way.

Regardless of not knowing what the final P stands for, we downloaded and installed the software—eager to get started and to win our next jackpot. Needless to say, that did not happen. The software is incredibly confusing to use—and trust us, we aren’t entirely stupid when it comes to these things. Unfortunately, there is no real rhyme or rhythm to the way in which it operates, and after around 30 minutes, we still had no clue what we were doing.

The included video tutorials (which come with one of the worst AI voice-over audio tracks that we have ever heard) are entirely unhelpful and, while they do show you what the software looks like and what doing different things looks like, leave you none the wiser on how the software actually works.

How Much Does Lotto Effect Cost?

For such innovative software—that claims to use a different method to most other lottery prediction software—you may expect to pay up to $120 for this program. Amazingly, however, it sells for just $39. This price is a once-off price (no subscription required) and entitles you to free upgrades of all future releases.

In addition, if you would prefer to try both Lotto Effect and Lottery Looper together, there is a bundle option that allows you to purchase both programs for only $49. Purchasing this bundle saves you $19 when compared to buying the two programs separately.

Does Lotto Effect Actually Work?

Timersoft LogoThis is a rather tricky question for us to answer, considering we could not even figure out how to use the software in the first place. Regardless of this fact, however, we are rather confident in our answer to whether or not this software really works: NO, IT DOES NOT.

We are not saying this to be spiteful to Timersoft or to dissuade sales of this software. In fact, by all means, we invite you to purchase the software and try it out for yourself. However, we are convinced that you will simply come back to us ($39 poorer) and tell us that you have reached the same conclusion—that it does not work.

Aside from how terrible and confusing the software is to use, another reason that we are confident that it doesn’t work is that no lottery prediction software really works. Sure, they take the effort out of selecting your own numbers by giving you numbers that you should play, but a quick pick does that for you as well. Yes, it does state that it can look at previous lottery draws to determine hot and cold numbers, but so do the regular statistics graphs of most lotteries.

All these things that it says it can do to make you a lottery winner are things that are not unique to this software. The triple P system, we will admit, is something that we have not seen before and could be something new. However, the fact that there have not been plenty of jackpot winners providing testimonials to the site of how the software had made them millionaires is all the proof that we need that this software may have all the best intentions but some of the worst execution.


We have said it before, and we will repeat it—we do not place much stock in lottery prediction programs like this. You are much better off using the money that you want to spend on software like this to purchase lottery tickets instead. If you want to improve your chances of winning the lottery using a time-tested and mathematically proven method, learn about the advantages of lottery syndicates. This way, you will at least stand a chance of winning something tangible and not just receive empty promises of jackpot wins and random winning numbers. However, we will leave it up to you to decide if we are right or wrong and we wish you all the best in your journey.

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