Lotto Sorcerer Review

Over the years, there has been a rather large amount of software developed that is aimed at lottery players with the intent of helping them win big—and quickly. Most of this software solely relies on its own (usually overhyped) marketing to lure people in, as none of it can actually guarantee that players will actually win by using its algorithms. In this Lotto Sorcerer review, we will look at a lottery program that has been around a staggering number of years. We’ll discover what the software is all about, what it claims it can do for you, and if you should invest your hard-earned cash into purchasing it.

Lotto Sorcerer Review

What is Lotto Sorcerer?

Lotto Sorcerer is a lottery prediction software—almost identical to the many others that are available online. The one thing that differentiates this software from the masses, however, is its age. The first-ever Lotto Sorcerer was released way back in 1989, and even today the software claims the proud title of “the Original Lottery Software.”

The program is developed by Satori Publishing, a company that operates out of Indiana, USA. The company is responsible for several applications for Windows and Mac OS systems. Lotto Sorcerer is, however, one of the few applications released and maintained under the company’s own name.

What Lotto Sorcerer Says It Can Do For You

Like all other lottery prediction software, Lotto Sorcerer states that it can help you select the winning numbers for over 600 different lotteries from 68 countries around the world. This is a massive claim and something that might already have you doubting the validity of this software.

Lotto Sorcerer Software Ultimate Edition CoverHowever, when delving deeper into the website of the program—which, incidentally looks like it was designed in 1989 with the first software and never updated—you discover the rationale behind this significant claim. The software claims to use premier, state-of-the-art, multi-threaded lottery analysis and lottery prediction algorithms based off of artificial intelligence and predictive technology. If you think that that sounds like a mouthful, then you know how we felt when reading it for the first (and second and third) time too.

Moving further into the rationale behind the developers calling it the most powerful lottery software uncovers what the software framework is actually built on. The software runs off the statistical theories of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Joseph M. Juran. These two men are responsible for looking into lotteries and deciding that lottery draws are not random, but rather physics at work. This is a grand theory, except that it applies only to lotteries that still use mechanical drawing machines. For all lotteries that use computerised random number generators (RNGs), this theory is entirely redundant and renders the whole point of the software mute. Therefore, while this software might’ve had some bearing back in 1989 and maybe even a big chunk of the 90s, it likely won’t be very relevant anymore today.

Regardless, the software claims to do the same as all other prediction programs—look at past results to determine what future results will be. The difference is that, while most other software claims to look for patterns and reoccurrences in lottery draws, Lotto Sorcerer says it looks for numbers that do not appear in patterns. It argues that these numbers are more likely to appear and, therefore, are more likely to be winners.

How Does Lotto Sorcerer Work?

To start, you will need to install and launch the software. There is a free trial available on the website that allows you 12 free uses of the software before requiring you to purchase it. When launching the software, you may think that you have stepped back in time about 20 years, but fear not! That is just how dated the design of the software is.

Lotto Sorcerer Mac OS X ScreenshotOnce the software has launched, you have the option to do a quick tutorial that claims to teach you how to use the software in approximately three minutes. Spoiler alert: it can’t. You will need to select the lottery that you would like to predict numbers for from the ‘Select Lotteries’ drop-down menu. True to the developers’ claim, however, there really are a staggering number of supported lotteries.

When you have chosen your selected lottery, the software will request to connect to the Internet in order to download all the latest draw results. This is all good and well, until you get a notice stating that you only have a few more free updates left. In fact, it turns out that after purchasing the software—which we will get to below—you also have to buy a subscription to enable the feature of automatically updating past draw information. This subscription is charged at $5.99 per month. The alternative, if you do not want the subscription, is to have to enter all past draw results as they happen manually.

After you have chosen your lottery and updated past draw results, the quickest way to get a prediction is to navigate to the Projection Results tab and click on ‘Start.’ This will generate five lines of lottery predictions for you to use.

There are many other tabs available and a whack of different menus that we could mention. However, we are pretty confident that spending the 200 hours required to go through them would not sway our opinion of this app. Therefore, we will leave them for you to explore if you are brave—or just curious—enough to download the free trial.

How Much Does Lotto Sorcerer Cost?

If you can imagine what a decent lottery software must have cost back in 1989, you probably would think people back then would die if you asked them to pay $59.95 for a program. Asking that amount in 2020 for a program that looks like it just came straight from 1989 is equally ridiculous.

When we were working on this review, it must be said that the site was having a sale in which they were offering the software for $39.95. Even this, however, is around $39.90 more than what we would actually be willing to pay for this software. And to make matters worse, if you have a previous version of Lotto Sorcerer and you would like to upgrade to the latest version, merely upgrading will cost you anything between $35.95 and $45.95.

Conclusion: Is Lotto Sorcerer Worth Getting?

In case you have not figured it out yet from the review above, there is not much that we could say about this software that is positive. Sure, we do see the theory and idea behind a lot of the lottery prediction software that exists nowadays and even behind various lottery prediction methods. However, even we have our limits of what we believe.

We may easily have been able to overlook the design that is stuck 30 years in the past, if what the software claimed it could do made any sense. Unfortunately, the software claims so many things that we are not sure that the developers even know what they are saying their product can do.

There is one thing that was the final nail in the coffin of this program. Something so small, stupid, and simple that even you may laugh when hearing it. The last strike for us when looking at this software was when we saw that the official website—including the order page—does not even have an SSL certificate. This act alone makes us think that the software is not the only thing that has never made it into 2020, but that the developer may still be living in 1989 too.

As a final say, we encourage you not to waste your time on this software. If you really want to increase your chances of winning, join a lottery pool at work or an online lottery syndicate instead. At least that’s a guaranteed way to improve your odds—plus you’ll spend less money than what Lotto Sorcerer would conjure out of your wallet.

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