Lotto Guy Lottery System Review

Lottery strategies that help you play your favourite draw games better are nothing new. In fact, they have been around almost as long as lotteries themselves have been. However, every now and again we come across a strategy that is so far removed from what we are accustomed to that we cannot help but take a nap and reevaluate the situation later on—because clearly, we cannot be thinking straight. In this Lotto Guy Lottery System review, we will look at a lottery system that claims it can do a lot and see how it works and whether or not it’s worth even taking a look at.

What Is the Lotto Guy Lottery System?

According to the official website—which is hosted as a subdomain on a free hosting platform (classy, right?)—the Lotto Guy Lottery System is a university-developed lottery system that has been tried and tested. This system is supposedly the result of a study done by a group of university students at a well-known university. How well known this university is remains unclear considering that the creator of the site and the seller of the system, Brent Morand, has conveniently forgotten to let us know what university he is referring to. We assume that it is a Canadian university considering that Brent hails from Calgary, Canada. However, this is just an assumption on our part.

What the Lotto Guy System Says It Can Do for You

Lotto Guy Lottery System ReviewUnlike some other lottery prediction systems that we have reviewed, Lotto Guy Lottery System is slightly different in that it actually dares to clearly state an estimated figure for how often you can expect to win when using the system. According to the data collected from users of the system, the Lotto Guy Lottery System has a success rate that increases win frequency by a massive 30%.

Aside from harping on about this massive 30% increase in the frequency of wins (and yes, we do mean harping on endlessly) the site clearly states that at least 95% of other lottery systems have never been tested or proven—unlike the Lotto Guy Lottery System.

How Does It Work?

To start, let us make it clear that this system is not a lottery prediction program and does not make use of any software. Instead, purchasing the system will get you access to a website that looks like it was developed in 1996. This website also happens to be located on the free hosting site that the primary system website resides on (clearly those 30% extra wins can’t pay for a proper domain).

Once logged into the site, you will find a crude table that has a number of suggestions on how you should choose your numbers depending on whether you want to play in a pick 5, 6, or 7 lottery. These suggestions, of course, are just that—suggestions—and range from choose two odd and four even to choose three odd and two even.

You may be wondering where the actual system comes into play. Unfortunately, that is it. These (pretty useless) suggestions are the entirety of the system—yet somehow they should increase your wins by 30%. Here's a screenshot of what is literally the entire lottery system:

Lotto Guy Members Strategy

Furthermore, if you are looking for any reasoning or explanations behind being told to use these suggestions, then you are about to be disappointed. The site does not explain these suggestions, and you are expected to just accept them at face value and trust that they will somehow magically increase your chances of winning by 30%. 

How Much Does It Cost to Use the Lotto Guy Lottery System?

If you have read this review up until this point, you might be curious what this useless system costs purely for entertainment value. However, for the sake of being fair, we will let you know. Access to this system (and the free domain that it is located on) will cost you $19.95, which can be paid using PayPal via the website. The website itself calls this a very reasonable price, and we find it hard to argue considering some other lottery systems cost significantly more than this. That being said; some other lottery systems don’t make you laugh each time you visit their 1980s-style website.

Does the Lotto Guy Lottery System Actually Work?

If on the off chance we have not made our stance on this system clear yet in this review, then let us make ourselves very clear right now—this system is an absolute joke. Honestly speaking, we are confident that taking $19.95, placing it in a trash can, and then setting the trash can on fire would give you a better chance of winning something on the lottery than using this system.

You may feel differently and claim that there are many user reviews online that claim the praises of this system and that, perhaps, we have not taken these into account. We want to assure you, however, that we have seen all these reviews and taken note of the glowing reviews that this system has supposedly received. If we actually believed that any of these reviews were legitimate, we may have said things differently in this review. As it stands, however, every single one of the reviews we came across online look like they were written by the same people trying to sell this sad excuse of a lottery system.

Trying to explain these negative reviews, the Lotto Guy website writes, "Most all lottery system review sites give the Lotto Guy Lottery System two thumbs up! System receives great reviews. The few review sites that do not give the system great reviews, we found out were actually selling other systems, so not a trusted review site anyways." Well, Lotto Guy, we aren't trying to sell or promote any other systems—mostly because most are utter garbage—and we still have the same extremely low opinion of yours, so what do you say about that?


The Lotto Guy Lottery System is certainly not a lottery system that we will forget any time soon. In fact, each time that we are having a bad day and could use a laugh, we will make sure to remember this system and revisit the free domain on which it is sold. We do not say this to be mean, but rather to be honest, as it’s clear that the people behind it—we’re looking at you, Brent Morand—are obviously attempting to cheat gullible people out of their hard-earned money. We never thought we'd ever come across claims that are even more ridiculous than those of so-called lottery expert Richard Lustig, but somehow that's exactly what Lotto Guy has achieved here.

So, if you are genuinely considering giving this lottery system a try, please heed our advice: don’t. Having played the lottery and reviewed many lottery products for years, we have developed a careful eye for what works, what is legitimate, and even what is just believable. Unfortunately, the Lotto Guy Lottery System raises every red flag that we have and somehow raised ones we didn’t even know existed. 

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