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You have probably come across countless lottery systems and methods that all claim to help you win big. The list of available systems is almost endless, and it seems as if each day a new one is released that covers all possible lottery draw games. However, what about all the lottery games that don’t hold draws? We are, of course, talking about scratchers. Where are all the tools to help you win when playing your favourite scratch tickets? In this Lotto Edge review, we will look at a system dedicated to helping players increase their odds of winning scratchers and see if it’s worth checking out.

Lotto Edge ReviewWhat Is Lotto Edge?

Simply put, Lotto Edge is yet another lottery system—but one with a massive twist. While almost all other lottery tools support draw games exclusively, Lotto Edge supports all the scratch-off games held by the state lotteries of North Carolina and New Jersey, though the site states that many more states across the United States will be supported soon.

The system was created by a group of self-proclaimed number people who have spent endless hours looking at how to best improve your odds of purchasing a scratcher that is going to leave you smiling. The main mastermind behind it is Jared James, a former Wells Fargo CPA who founded Lotto Edge in 2018, meaning it’s got real credibility—unlike most of the other lotto tools we review.

What Lotto Edge Says It Can Do for You

Lotto Edge is very clear from the get-go that it is not promising that it will help you win the lottery. Instead, it clearly states that its objective is to help you select scratchers that have a higher chance of being a winner than if you randomly pick a scratcher while you are standing at the cashier. This honesty is rather refreshing and is something that we could quickly become used to because, rather than promising the universe and delivering only a black hole (that your money goes into), this system only promises a small little star—which it appears it can provide.

How Does It Work?

According to the website (and a rather well-made explainer video, which you can watch below), the brains behind this system have spent endless hours analysing each and every scratch game and prize available in almost every US state. Using this information, the team built an algorithm to make its job more manageable. This powerful algorithm can consume tonnes of data and return a simple list of scratchers that you should be playing.

Not only can Lotto Edge tell you which scratchers you should avoid altogether, but it can also tell you which ones are more likely to give you a large prize and which ones are more likely to provide you with any prize at all—a strategy that won Kevin Clark $5 million on a Mega Cash scratcher. It achieves this by using all the data from the scratchers to look for trends and patterns in the game. This is very similar to what lottery systems do but with one distinct difference—in this scenario, it is entirely plausible that it can work (which we will explain later).

How Much Does Lotto Edge Cost to Use?

As with most things, there is a price attached to this system. Becoming a member will cost you $5 per month if you choose to pay monthly or else $4 per month if you pay for a full year upfront. There is, however, a free membership option also available. This version of membership only allows you to do four basic game ratings and is supplemented by ads while using the site.

Does Lotto Edge Actually Work?

As we said earlier, there is some merit to the fact that Lotto Edge may work. In draw-based lottery games, the odds of which number will be drawn are always entirely random and completely unique each time. This makes it nearly impossible to predict which numbers are going to be drawn—regardless of how much you have looked at statistics and analytics from the lottery beforehand.

Scratch Card Lying on Top of Cash PayoutFor scratch-off games, however, it is a different story. As a standard, each game has a specific amount of tickets printed, with a certain number of tickets for each prize tier. So, by analysing what tickets have already been claimed, it is entirely possible to determine how many tickets are left in that batch of the game and what prizes are still available on those tickets.

This kind of data allows you to see whether a specific game is due for a large win relatively soon—as there may be a small number of tickets left and an upper-tier prize still unclaimed. It also allows you to determine the opposite—which scratchers to avoid. Any scratcher that has just been replenished (or a new game printed) will be entirely random, as there is no data for that batch of the game to analyse. This generally means that, until data is available, it is best to stay away from purchasing a scratch-off for that game.

Taking all this into consideration, we do think that there is a decent amount of merit to what Lotto Edge offers players. As the people behind the system themselves say, nothing is guaranteed. However, for the first time in a long time the method that they state to be using actually makes logical sense—and you can easily follow the thought process that was used to develop it.


Lotto Edge is undoubtedly a unique lottery product. Not only did its makers decide to make a product that stands out from the oversaturated draw game system market, they also chose something that nobody else had even considered looking at—scratch-off games.

As a result, we must say that the developers made a wise decision. Aside from picking a market that is yearning for something that can improve its odds of winning, the system proposed by Lotto Edge actually makes complete sense and is something that you can get your mind around—even if you are not a “numbers person.” 

Furthermore, the Lotto Edge website is slick, easy to use, and professionally designed—again something that 99% of the "best" lottery prediction tools can never seem to get right. In fact, most of those products don't even have a logo!

Overall, we think that this is an excellent take on a lottery system, and we wholeheartedly believe that it can improve your odds of winning on a scratcher. While this does not mean that we think you will win every time or even that you will win a massive amount, we understand the logic behind Lotto Edge and recommend our readers to give it a try—at the very least the free membership.  

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