Steve Player Pyramid System Review

While most lottery systems tend to make a big fanfare of what they can do for you and why they are better than any competing systems available, occasionally one comes along that makes these fanfares look like poorly planned birthday parties. This is because they come on the scene with a massive bang and overwhelm potential users with an enormous amount of options—each claiming to be better than the next, and each offering little substance. In this Steve Player Pyramid System review, we will look at just one of the many prediction tools available from Steve Player to see how it works and if it is worth paying for.

What Is the Steve Player Pyramid System?

Steve Player Pyramid System ReviewThe Steve Player Pyramid System is yet another lottery product in the long line of systems offered by Steve Player—a mathematician who claims to have figured out everything you need to know to beat the lottery using pure mathematical calculations.

Steve Player first came onto the lottery scene in 1981 and has, since then, launched many lottery systems that range from pick-3 systems to methods of winning the US Powerball and Mega Millions. The Steve Player Pyramid System is one of the most significant pick-3 systems launched by Steve and had gained plenty of traction in the lottery community after its launch.

What the Steve Player System Claims It Can Do

The Steve Player Pyramid System has a simple way of explaining how it can help you win the lottery. It states that it can help you to “pyramid” your winnings (original, right?). What this means is that it will allow you to make small wins. Then, by reinvesting these small wins into more plays, you will eventually grow your wins to be larger and larger. These subsequent wins can all be achieved—apparently—by using the Pyramid System.

How Does It Work?

To be honest, the way in which this lottery system works is more understandable and straightforward than most other lottery prediction products. Steve claims to have developed a pick-3 pyramid using advanced mathematics, formulations, and analytics. This Pyramid can supposedly be used with any pick-3 game and can ensure that you receive a win.

To use the pyramid, all you need to do is find out the last number drawn by your favourite pick-3 game during the previous draw. You will then need to find this number on the pyramid. When finding the correct number, the pyramid will specify which numbers you should play in the next upcoming draw.

This sounds somewhat easier than can be believed—and it is. This is one of the most straightforward lottery systems we have seen and does not require any calculations from your site (or even a PC for that matter). Of course, whether this means that it is better than others or actually works is still questionable.

How Much Does the Steve Player Pyramid System Cost?

While there are a decent number of lottery prediction products that would cost you anywhere between $50 and $200, the Steve Player Lottery System is incredible cheap in comparison. It is available on the official Steve Player website for a one-time fee of $11.95. This fee will give you full access to the pyramid and all the numbers you could ever need.

However, while this price is undoubtedly way lower than the competition, it must be noted that there is a good reason for this. Plenty of lottery tools are interchangeable between the many different types of lottery games (such as pick-3, pick-4, and even specific games like Powerball). This system is, however, limited exclusively to pick-3 games and will not be able to be used for any other type of lottery game.

Does the Steve Player Lottery System Actually Work?

As a standard, by the time that we get to this part of a review, we have a definitive answer that we can confidently give you to the question above. Usually, this question is a resounding no, and we do not doubt it. However, when it comes to this system, we are slightly surprised at the fact that we are entertaining the thoughts that it could actually work. Let us explain.

Steve Player Holding CashFor starters, Steve Player is a self-proclaimed mathematician—which may or may not be true. If, however, it is true, then it leads some authenticity to the fact that this system was derived from intensive calculations and advanced formulas. There is one thing that weighs on our decision more than this, however.

As we have said many times before, we take great stock of what clients who have used a lottery system before have to say. Generally, almost all comments relating to such products are negative, and we can quickly confirm our suspicions that the system is not worth the effort. Surprisingly then, when searching for feedback on this system, we were shocked to find almost as many good reviews for the system as bad ones.

Granted, there is always the danger that these reviews are written by Steve, his mother, and his cat. However, some signs usually give these reviews away, and none of these reviews seems to display any of these signs.

All this has made our answer to the above question incredibly hard. However, we have come to a consensus. We do believe that the Steve Player Pyramid System does have the mathematical potential to work and improve your odds of winning (on the condition that he is actually a legitimate mathematician who did develop this method the way he has said he has). However, whether or not it actually works is still debatable. We think that the potential to work that the system may have is not enough to counter the fact that the system is going up against a lottery game—something renowned for its randomness.


The Steve Player Pyramid System is undoubtedly one lottery prediction tool that we will not soon be forgetting—for the pure fact that it made us really think about whether or not it is a total rip-off or not. However, as much as it pains us to admit that there is not a miracle system to pick-3 lotteries that is going to make us all wealthier, at the end of the day we have to be honest to what we believe. In this case, our belief is that, while this system looks great in all aspects, we don’t honestly believe it is going to do anything significant for your chances of winning anything.

If you still decide to purchase this system and give it a try, we would love to hear if we are mistaken. Until that time, however, we recommend taking the $11.95 that you would have spent on this and instead investing it in actually playing all those lotteries that you love.

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