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Gail Howard Smart Luck SoftwareIf you are looking for software that will help you win the lottery, then you should be prepared to search through thousands and thousands of results. This is because lottery prediction software has become more and more popular as the jackpots of the best international lotteries have increased. However, not all lottery software is created equally. In this Smart Luck Lottery Software review, we will look at a popular prediction software program that claims to know it all.


Smart Luck is a series of different lottery prediction applications produced by Gail Howard. Gail is the author of the famous Lottery Master Guide and is America’s most credible lottery authority—according to the Smart Luck website. Smart Luck was founded by Gail in 1982 and has, since then, diversified the different programs and books that they offer.


Because there are six different software options available, what lotteries are supported depends wholly on the software purchased. However, across all the available applications, Smart Luck does offer support for any lottery that requires any amount of numbers from three to ten.

This means that whether you are playing in a Pick 3, a standard 6/49 lottery, or even a lottery that requires ten numbers, Smart Luck has software available that will work.

Smart Luck Advantage Gold ClaimsWHAT IT SAYS IT CAN DO FOR YOU

As we said above, there are a variety of different Smart Luck applications available. All six of the Smart Luck applications state the same thing—that they will help you become a winner by predicting what the next winning numbers. However, the six available applications can be broken down into two different categories—distinguishable by how they operate. These categories are as follows:

Smart Luck Advantage Gold

The first program available is called Smart Luck Advantage Gold (previously called Advantage Plus). Being the flagship Smart Luck software, it claims that it can help you become a lottery winner without any shadow of a doubt. It does this by using enormous amounts of graphs and data to analyse what the next possible numbers to be drawn will be.

This type of analysis is the standard for most lottery prediction software and looks at how often numbers have or have not been drawn and tries to predict the probability of a number appearing during the next draw. Using these predictions, the software gives you number sequences to play that—theoretically—should ensure you are a winner.

Smart Luck Balanced Wheel and Full Wheel

The remaining five lottery applications available from Smart Luck all use lottery wheeling to predict winning numbers. Lottery wheeling is the method used when the software tries to create mathematical patterns in the lottery. Using these patterns, the software attempts to predict where the patterns will move to next and what numbers will occur because of these patterns.

The five Smart Luck wheeling applications are:

  • Wheel Six Gold: This software is to be used for pick-6 and pick-7 lottery games.
  • Wheel Five Gold: This software is to be used for pick-5 lottery games (including US Powerball and Mega Millions).
  • Wheel Four Gold: This software is to be used for pick-3 and pick-4 games. However, Smart Luck does mention that it cannot be used for pick-3 or pick-4 games that require numbers to be selected from number pools ranging from one to nine.
  • Wheel Ten Keno Gold: This software is to be used for pick-8, pick-9, and pick-10 keno games.
  • Filtering Full Wheel Generator: This software is to be used for all lottery games ranging from pick-3 all the way through to pick-10 keno lottery games. Unlike the other four applications above, this software does not support Smart Luck Balanced Wheels—which guarantee more frequent wins that are smaller in worth. Instead, it supports Full Wheeling. This system creates various number sequences that come with a jackpot guarantee.


To get your hands on any of the Smart Luck software is pretty simple: all that you need to do is head over to the Smart Luck website. After navigating through the disaster that is their website (we are not even going to attempt to cover that in this review as well), you will be able to download free trials of all six different applications available—which is nice considering some competitors’ products offer no trials despite selling the programs at extortionist prices.

Smart Luck Software PB Combo PackageIf you have already tried the software and would like to purchase it, you can buy the software on the website. At the time of this review, the software options were priced in the following way:

  • Advantage Gold—$79.95
  • Wheel Six Gold—$59.50
  • Wheel Five Gold—$57.50
  • Wheel Four Hold—$58.50
  • Wheel Ten Keno Gold—$59.95
  • Filtering Full Wheel Generator—$49.50

One thing to be careful of, however, is the shipping and handling fee levied on all orders. It seems as if this fee is levied on all orders made on the site—including digital downloads, which makes absolutely no sense. This fee, depending on what you are purchasing, and where you are buying it from, could add up to a pretty large extra amount.

Another thing to note is that none of the above software comes with any updates. All updates are sold separately at a discounted price of between $15 and $30. These need to be purchased from the website.


This section of the review could lead to a debate that will never come to an end. On the one side, you have all the players who were lucky and happened to win while using lottery prediction software such as Smart Luck. On the other hand, is us—people who are highly doubtful that any lottery draw can be predicted regardless of what the software products claim to do.

Sure, we admit that there are patterns that emerge and that there is a chance to narrow the field using advanced mathematics. However, we believe even more firmly that the lottery is what is has always been—a game of chance and of luck. And though it's possible that Gail Howard may have used her expertise in statistics to win lottery prizes throughout her lifetime, there's no solid evidence proving that her methods are any more effective than those of lottery charlatans such as Richard Lustig or Stefan Vandevelde.


We never like being the negative ones. However, this is lottery prediction software that is endorsed by the (so-called) lottery expert Gail Howard. If the programs work as well as the website repeatedly claims that they do, then why are there not hundreds upon thousands of lottery jackpot winners—including Gail Howard herself?

In our honest opinion, we feel you might be throwing your money away if you were to purchase any of the prediction software made by Smart Luck. While it’s no doubt decently made software that offers an interesting way for choosing your lottery numbers, there’s nothing to suggest that it will significantly improve your chances of winning. That being said, we will be fair and still encourage you to download the free trial to try it out. You never know, maybe it may actually work for you—as a result of plain ol’ dumb luck rather than “smart” luck.

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