Winning Lottery Method Review

Most creators of lottery systems make bold claims about the countless times that they have won the lottery. Many times, we question this because if they had won so many times, they would not need to be trying to sell a lottery method to other hopeful players. Furthermore, you’d think that if a method was that effective, just about everyone who uses it would be a winner. Regardless, in some instances, a creator of one of these systems is actually known for their multiple lottery wins before launching their method. In this Winning Lottery Method review, we will look at one of these methods.

Richard Lustig's Winning Lottery MethodWhat Is the Winning Lottery Method?

To be honest, the Winning Lottery Method is simply another name for the lottery book titled Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery by seven-time lottery winner Richard Lustig. Prior to dying in 2018, Richard supposedly ran the website, and he supposedly developed the method on offer after his seventh lottery win.

What It Says It Can Do for You

We are sure you can guess the answer to this question. This system—which takes the form of a book—claims that it can help you work out what the winning numbers of the next lottery draw will be. It does this by teaching you all about the inner workings of all the best international lotteries and by giving you an understanding of how the lottery actually works. This, in turn, will lead to you choosing the correct numbers to win—a claim made by an endless number of lottery systems and software.

How Does It Work?

For a guy that likes to brag about how he has won the lottery seven times, Richard seems to be rather shy when it comes to giving details on how his actual system works. On fact, there are almost no details on what this book will teach you or how the methods you will learn will help you predict lottery numbers and win.

One of the recommendations that is stated is that you should play the same numbers consistently. This is almost entirely contradictory to the advice of nearly every other lottery method—all of which look at the probability of numbers being drawn and then recommend that you select numbers from those that are most likely to appear.

We’ve read Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery cover to cover and learned absolutely nothing from it aside from how to waste several hours of our lives. So, if you're looking for a book with useful advice that actually makes sense, look elsewhere. If, however, you do decide to purchase this book, you will probably reach the same conclusion that we did: it's not even worth the privilege of being used as a tissue.

How Much Does the Winning Lottery Method Cost?

For a guy that has won the lottery seven times, you may imagine that Richard is in no short supply of money and that he can pretty much give his system away. If you laughed at that sentence, then don’t worry because so did we. The truth is that this book will set you back $40—excluding shipping. However, if you would like to instead listen to Richard reading the book, you can get hold of the CD for $35—also excluding shipping.

Amazingly, there is even a Spanish version available on the official website that retails for $40. Therefore, if you are really in the mood for some fun, you can read the same nonsense in more than one language—how exciting!

Does Actually Work?

No, this system does not work. If Richard really had discovered the key to winning the lottery, he would be one of the richest men in the world at the moment—a title he was never even in the running for. The problem is, however, that Richard has managed to convince many people that he knows what he is talking about. Many of those people have, unfortunately, purchased his book and helped contribute to his personal bank account. As such, we are fairly confident that he has gained more money from selling this excuse of a lottery system than he ever did by playing the lottery.


Richard Lustig's website is yet another in a long line of lottery strategies that have no place in taking people’s money while knowing that they cannot deliver on the promises that they are making. The simple fact that Richard boasts of his book and recommends Lottolishus—a genuinely awful online lottery website—in the same breath tells us everything that we need to know about this system.

If you would like some advice that will help you win the lottery, it is this: stay very far away from this lottery system. Instead, take the $40 that you would otherwise pay Richard and use it to purchase a few extra lottery tickets via a lottery syndicate—something that is mathematically guaranteed to increase your chances of winning. Unfortunately, expecting to win anything using any of Richard’s strategies is the equivalent of trusting in magic beans.

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