Ace Lee Lottery Circle Software Review

Knowing which lottery system to use to gain an edge while playing a favourite game may seem daunting. This is simply because of the vast number of lottery methods available today—all which claim to be the very best at predicting numbers that will make you a winner. In this Ace Lee Lottery Circle software review, we will look at a method developed and sold by Ace Lee to see how it works and whether or not it is actually worth trying out.

What Is the Ace Lee Lottery Circle Software?

Ace Lee, who claims to be a lottery expert from his stint as a lottery reseller (or store clerk if we are honest), is responsible for Lottery Circle as well as other similar products. The funny thing is that the method already seems to have been wiped from the face of the Internet—just like other lottery methods by Ace Lee that have similarly disappeared from the online world as soon as they were called out for being nothing more than a scam.

What Lottery Circle Says It Can Do for You

Ace Lee Lottery Circle Software ReviewLike almost all lottery systems and software, Lottery Circle claims it can help you pick numbers that will get you a win in a lottery of your choice. In fact, unlike most others, this method goes way beyond, merely stating that it can help you win. Instead, it says that it can offer a 96% success rate—something that you need to be more than simply optimistic to believe.

How Does It Work?

As you may have already experienced if you have used other programs or methods to try and beat the lottery, there is a standard formula that almost all lottery programs use to try and predict future numbers. This formula is pretty simple; it looks at all previous lottery draw results and seeks to identify patterns or trends in the way that lottery numbers are chosen.

The theory is that by analysing these patterns and trends of which numbers appear more often, it is possible to determine what numbers will be drawn in the future. This is mainly done by seeing which numbers are overdue to be drawn and putting all numbers that this is true of into a specific category. The program will then use this category to pick numbers at random—claiming that you have a better chance of winning by playing using them.

How Much Does the Ace Lee Lottery Circle Software Cost?

As we mentioned, we have been unable to find this method anywhere online. This, unfortunately, also means that we have no idea how much Ace Lee was asking for when he initially started selling it. If we are to assume that it costs about as much as other similar programs, then we would have to guess that it was probably being sold for somewhere between $50 and $100 (if not more). We would love to find out, however, if our guess is close to the truth.

Does the Ace Lee Lottery Circle Software Actually Work?

Many lottery systems make massive claims about how they can help you win. The Lottery Circle system, however, goes beyond extensive claims and instead says that it can do something that is rather unbelievable from the start—give you a 96% success rate. In our experience from looking at countless lottery systems, methods, programs, and other miraculous scams that can help you win, there is no such thing that can give you even a 50% success rate—let alone 96%.

We have long been sceptical of things that try and con you into giving away your hard-earned money by promising you the ability to win big on the lottery. Surely most of us have enough knowledge about the lottery that we know it is entirely random and cannot be predicted? The truth is, sadly, that the creators of these systems are often better at writing and hyping up something than they are at making a successful method that will actually help beat the lottery. Because of this fact, we (we include ourselves in this) get sucked into the hype over the latest lottery predictor and trick ourselves into believing that someone has finally cracked the lottery code.

The truth, as we know, is a reality check that is not as great to accept. This truth is that there is no crack to the lottery code—because there is no code at all. The lottery has been, is, and always will be a game of chance. And that, in our opinion is one of the main appeals of the lottery and the main reason that you should stay far away from things like Lottery Circle—which is just another scam making the rounds while claiming to be legitimate.


In hindsight, we do have to laugh at the audacity of Ace Lee. Not only has he released multiple different lottery methods (which questions why he is releasing more than one if his initial one worked so well), but he has made absurd claims that are laughable. The fact that this method openly claims to give you a 96% success rate at winning the lottery is something that we never thought we would come across and is something that immediately makes us believe that Ace Lee is only in this business for the money he can scam out of innocent players.

At the end of the day, the lottery is something that we may never be able to understand fully—whether statistically, mathematically, or analytically. However, it is because of this inherent nature of the lottery that we keep going back over and over again to purchase another ticket for the upcoming draw. Programs like Lottery Circle are an insult to what the lottery is, and claiming that they can best it is nothing short of criminal in our opinion.  

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