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Selecting which scratcher to purchase from the massive list of available games can sometimes be a daunting task. There are so many variables to consider, including price, prize money, and odds of winning. In fact, considering all these things can quickly become downright overwhelming. Thankfully, we live in a world full of lottery systems that (sometimes) make our job of purchasing anything to do with the lottery easier. In this Lotto Crawler review, we will look at a lottery tool that can take the pressure off of selecting what your next scratcher will be.

Lotto Crawler ReviewWhat Is Lotto Crawler?

Lotto Crawler is a lottery system that has been around since about 2010. However, it is not like what you're probably used to. Rather than helping you select which numbers you should play for an upcoming draw to ensure that you win, it enables you to decide which scratch-off game you should play if you want a greater chance of winning than relying on your own random choice. It currently supports scratcher lottery games in 36 US states.

What Lotto Crawler Says It Can Do for You

As mentioned above, Lotto Crawler states that it can help you determine which state scratch-off game you should play depending on what you are hoping to win. While it does not explicitly guarantee that any game that you choose to play by using the system will ensure that you are a winner, it is implied. Thankfully, however, this implication is light enough to see past it and look at what it actually does.

Lotto Crawler AlgorithmHow Does It Work?

The way in which Lotto Crawler works is actually rather impressive. While most lottery systems look for trends and patterns to help their algorithms predict which numbers to play, Lotto Crawler does not need anything like that to tell the algorithm which games it should recommend. Instead, the only information the algorithm needs is what prizes are still available for each game.

Using this information alongside the initial list of prizes released when a game is first put into circulation, the algorithm can quickly determine what prizes are left and how many tickets these prizes are spread out across. The algorithm then uses this to recommend scratchers to you. These can even be filtered or sorted based on the number of winnings you are looking for, the odds that you want to play with, or even by which scratcher has the most tickets remaining.

The unseen benefit of this is also that the system inadvertently tells you which scratchers not to play. It does this by showing you which scratchers have the most tickets left (therefore having lower odds of winning a large prize) and which scratchers may have a few tickets left but no real prizes that have any massive value.

How Much Does Lotto Crawler Cost to Use?

You may be expecting to pay around $15 per month or even $100 or more once off to be able to use this system. Unbelievably, however, Lotto Crawler is entirely free and is open to lottery players across the US. The only thing that the site states is that it does make use of ads to raise some revenue—which we do not hold against it considering the developers are allowing players to use the excellent algorithm for free.

Does Lotto Crawler Actually Work?

If you have read any of our lottery system reviews in the past, then you know our feelings towards them. We are not utterly cynical about them, but we do look at every lottery tool with a decent amount of realism. The Lotto Crawler system has, however, shocked us in what we believe about it.

It is true that we do not think that most lottery systems work. After all, the lottery is a completely random thing, and that cannot (and should not) ever be changed because it makes the lottery what it is. Because of this, most products that claim to predict what future draw results will be are usually unreliable marketing ploys to con gullible people out of their money, and we quickly dismiss them.

Lotto Crawler Header Graphic of Scratch Card, Cash and Mobile Phone

However, when looking at the system that Lotto Crawler uses to determine which scratch-off games to play and which not to, it makes complete sense. This is, of course, due to the way that scratch-off games are structured in that they have a set number of tickets and a set number of prizes that are distributed amongst those tickets. This means that if you know what prizes have been claimed and how many tickets have been played, you should easily be able to work out what prizes are left and how many tickets these prizes are spread across—which is precisely what this system does.

In truth then, we honestly do believe that Lotto Crawler could possibly be an entirely legitimate resource and that it could really help improve your odds of selecting a scratcher that has a higher chance of winning than randomly picking one while making your purchase.


Lotto Crawler may not have been able to change our opinion on many of the other lottery systems that we have looked at in the past—we doubt that anything will truly be able to do that. However, it has given us hope that there are some lottery systems out there that aren’t just trying to make lottery players who are eager for a win spend their money on a pointless product that eventually they realize doesn’t even work.

We say this not only because this useful tool is entirely free—even though we would be completely willing to pay for it—but also because Lotto Crawler makes sense. Logically, it is easy to understand how it works and how it comes to the conclusions of which games you should or should not play. That is not something we can easily say about almost every other lottery system that we have looked at.

So, if you are looking at purchasing a scratcher soon, we recommend first checking out Lotto Crawler and seeing which game it suggests that you play. You never know, it may lead you to a decent sized win.

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