Silver Lotto System Review

Occasionally, an all-new lottery prediction software comes onto the scene. As with most others, it claims it can change your lottery life by making you a frequent winner who will no longer have any money worries. Other time, a particular program does this entire charade but is actually a program that you already know wearing a new name and design. In this Silver Lotto System review, we will look at a lottery system that has been around for ages, even though most people wouldn’t realise it.

Silver Lotto System ReviewWhat Is the Silver Lotto System?

The Silver Lotto System is a lottery prediction method founded by New Zealander Ken Silver. The system has been in circulation in one form or another since around 1991. However, it was somewhat unknown until 2001 when it launched online under the new moniker of Honest Lotto System. This new system claimed to be able to help you predict winning numbers and rake in the winnings, all for minimal effort on your part.

In 2007, however, Ken decided that calling his system the Honest Lotto System may not be ideal, and so the software was relaunched under the name Silver Lotto System. Today, the system is available from a website called The Lotto Life.

What Silver Lotto System Says It Can Do For You

Quite simply, this system says that it can help you become a lottery winner by providing you with the predictions of upcoming draws. In fact, Ken is so confident that his system will help you become a winner up to eight out of ten times that he offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If that’s not honest, we don’t know what is!

This is, of course, such an incredibly bold claim that we feel it’s simply too unrealistic for anyone to back up. In fact, we discovered just that when looking for user reviews of the software online. There are a staggering number of people who purchased the software, realised that it was not what it promised to be, and then requested their refund that the site so openly states is freely available. Out of all the reviews we came across, there was not a single person who ever received their money back—or even received a reply to their request. If that’s not dishonest, we don’t know what it is!

How Does the Silver Lotto System Work?

Ken is not precisely very open about the way that his software works; however, we have discovered that the software works in pretty much the same way as most other lottery prediction software. It looks at past draw results and tries to decipher patterns in the way that certain numbers appear. Using these patterns and by applying mathematical algorithms, the software then attempts to try and predict which numbers will appear during the next draw.

The software also states that it has support for almost any lottery on the planet, including international favourites such as Mega Millions and US Powerball. In fact, the only lotteries that the software explicitly states are not supported are 90-number games based in Ghana and Italy.

Silver Lotto System $22.2 Million Oz Lotto Winner JasonWhat we do find incredibly strange is the fact that there is no demo available for the software. You can purchase the software or read about it—no in-between. Stranger still, however, is the fact that the site does not even have a single screenshot showing what the software looks like. Instead, all that you will see on the incredibly long webpage is pictures of lottery tickets and testimonials from a number of supposed “happy winners.” Whether or not any of these happy winners actually exist or not is something that we are slightly more than sceptical about. The testimonial on the right, for example, is from a Jason who won a $22.2 million Oz Lotto prize. However, looking through Oz Lotto's history, we have not been able to find anyone who won that amount, let alone a Jason. Of course, that could just be a peculiar coincidence—but of course, it could also just be because none of it is true.

How Much Does the Silver Lotto System Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to what should be an easy question to answer. When visiting the site, you will be presented with an offer that allows you to purchase the software for just $39.95. However, you will also be presented with the Silver Lotto System lifetime package for $199. This package apparently also includes the ability to create custom lottery profiles, gives you a lifetime membership to the online site, and an unlimited subscription to LottoPredict.

LottoPredict is an add-on for the software that is charged at $6.60 per month in addition to your base fee of purchasing the main software. This software is apparently used to identify the best days for you to play the lottery and can help you spend your money at the right time.

Conclusion: Is Silver Lotto System Worth Buying?

There is truly something to be said that this software has managed to survive since 1991. Unfortunately, the something that this says is not very complimentary to lottery players who have continued to purchase this program. Yes, this program does offer you riches beyond your wildest dreams and the ability to win the lottery eight out of ten times. And yes, this program does claim to help show you when to play the lottery at the right time. Our simple question then is, why is everybody who has ever purchased a lottery ticket using this system not a millionaire?

The site hosts endless reviews by its customers and yet does not even feel the need to show a single screenshot of what the app actually looks like. We know of other lottery prediction programs that—regardless of how dodgy they are—still show you what you are buying by using either screenshots of the program or a video showing how to use it. Silver Lotto System does none of that.

Therefore, if you are looking to spend $39.95 (and an additional $6.60 per month), we recommend that you instead go and invest that money into actual lottery tickets because we do not think for an instant that this software will help you get your money back. If you want to greatly improve your chances of winning via a mathematically proven method, then consider joining an online lottery syndicate—but whatever you do, stay as far away from this software as you can.

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