Lottery Checkmate System Review

What does a strategic game of logic that has been around for hundreds of years and the lottery have in common? If you are battling to think of anything, then you are not alone in that because we are as clueless as you may be. However, Sergey Tabin—a Russian chess player—claims that chess and the lottery actually have a great deal in common and that, if you apply the principals of chess to the lottery, you can easily be a winner. Doubtful? So are we! So, in this Lottery Checkmate System review, we will look at his claims and the system he has developed to see if maybe he sees something that the rest of us do not.

Lottery Checkmate System PackagingWhat Is the Lottery Checkmate System?

Lottery Checkmate System is one of many lottery systems and methods circulating around today to help you become a lottery winner. The system appears to ship in the form a book that will supposedly help train you into being able to beat the lottery. This system is clearly not very popular, considering even the official website for it no longer exists. There are still, however, other sites online that do still stock it.

What Lottery Checkmate Says It Can Do for You

This system makes the same claim that almost all other methods have made before it and that all other systems will probably make in the future. It claims that it will enable you to become a lottery winner by giving you the tools to select the correct numbers while purchasing your ticket. However, Lottery Checkmate goes beyond this generic claim and makes the bold statement that, by using this method, you will be able to win $10,000 every month—something that is more than just slightly difficult to believe.

How Does It Work?

We truly wish that we could give you an answer to this. Unfortunately, the only way that we can discover the solution is to purchase the book—which we refuse to do on principle. This is because Sergey has declined to disclose how his system works—or even what methodology it is based on.

The only thing that he has admitted to is that, while being both a chess player and an avid fan of the lottery, he discovered similarities between the two games. According to him, Lottery Checkmate is the result of research that he conducted into how the lottery operates, which he then applied to strategies he uses while playing chess. This formula, he claims, is a winning formula that can move you from loser to winner status.

As we said in the beginning, we have tried (and failed) to see any semblance of similarities between chess and the lottery. Chess is fundamentally a game of logic and moves and countermoves. It requires you to be thinking ahead to try and best your competition. The lottery, on the other hand, is a game of pure luck and chance, which has proven time and time again that it can not be tamed or predicted. This makes the claims made by Lottery Checkmate even more ridiculous.

How Much Does Lottery Checkmate Cost?

If you are really that desperate to waste money completely, then you can get a copy of this lottery method for $26.99. However, we much rather recommend using the cash as wallpaper in your home, to clean your car windows, or even as padding for your mattress. Using the money in this way will at least give you some use out of it. Or at least more use than you will get for it if you buy this system.

Does the Lottery Checkmate System Actually Work?

There is a slight chance that we have not been clear about our feelings regarding this system up until this point. In fact, one could even say that we have been as unclear as the apparent relationship between chess and the lottery. So, to dispel any misconception, let us make our stance abundantly clear—no, this system will NOT work to help you win the lottery.

Not only does this system not actually share how it works (something that any lottery method should do right from the start), but it also makes absolutely ridiculous claims that it will never be able to fulfil. In addition to this—as if this is not all enough—online user reviews of the method are pretty awful—which says a lot about the system.


We urge you to stay as far away from this lottery system as you possibly can. In fact, if you came upon this review by searching for this system, we would go as far as to recommend that you even clear your browser history just to purge your Internet browsing of the stain that this lottery system is on the lottery community.

While there is some truth behind other systems in their claims that they can analyse past lottery results to track trends and patterns, these systems never truly work as advertised. The difference between them and Lottery Checkmate, however, is that these systems at least try and give potential users some indication as to how they can help you win the lottery.

Aside from trying to compare the lottery to a game of chess, Lottery Checkmate fails to do this. This system defies all logic, and we cannot understand how Sergey ever thought that people would believe that this system might make them a winner. Sadly, however, what defies logic even more is that some people fell right into his trap and actually purchased it.  

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