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The odds of winning the lottery are very tough at best, and many lottery players spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out how they can beat them. This has resulted in an entire industry of advice books, lottery systems, and number selection software to help would-be winners improve their chances of getting lucky. In this review, we’ll be examining a lotto analysis and number selection software that’s been around for a while and tell you whether it’s worth trying.

Analysis Lotto ReviewWhat Is is the website for the lottery analysis software called Analysis Lotto. The software is based off of developer David Muse’s Delta Lotto System. Muse is a self-described computer whiz who first started trying to beat the lottery in the early 1980s, after a friend challenged him to find a way to win the Michigan Lottery using his computer skills. From that challenge, Muse developed a program called Lottocalc, which floated around online with some moderate success (Muse states on his website that his version is not to be confused with a more recent program that goes by the same name). After spending a few years developing software programs designed to help investors play the stock market, Muse returned to lotto systems in 1999 and created Analysis Lotto.

How Much Does Cost?

Lotto players who want to try to win big with have a few purchasing options. The first option, which seems to be the easiest, is the software only package. This option costs US$19.95 and customers receive a download link and registration code via email and can start using the program within minutes. Customers who might have issues with downloading the program can choose the CD-ROM option and have the program delivered to their house in disc format. This option costs US$24.95 plus shipping and handling.

Players who want to learn more about the system that the program is based on can also purchase the Delta Lotto System DVD for US$14.95 plus shipping and handling. The DVD contains information on the system and tutorials for how to use it, and also contains a free trial for Analysis Lotto. The last option is the Deluxe Version, which contains the Delta Lotto System DVD and the Analysis Lotto Software for US$29.95 plus shipping and handling. This bundle also contains free software upgrades, a storage case, and a booklet to help users get started.

However, if potential buyers are unsure about the product, they can head to the Delta Lotto System website to try the free lotto number generator. The website claims that the generator uses a simplified version of the Analysis Lotto software, and while there are undoubtedly a lot of features missing, such as graphs, charts, and other data that helps users analyse different lottery and keno games, it is unclear what the difference is between the number selection process of the free generator and the Analysis Lotto products. Review uses the Delta Lotto System, which uses deltas to make lottery number selection easier. A delta is the difference between one number and the number preceding it. Muse claims that the delta system makes it easier to choose because players, for example those who are playing a 6/50 format game, get to choose six numbers from a range of numbers 1 through 15 instead of six numbers from 1 through 50. Once players choose six deltas, they then convert the deltas to the lottery numbers. One sequence the website uses as an example is the delta sequence 2-6-8-1-13-9, which translates to 2-8-16-17-30-39 (as 8-2=6, 16-8=8, 17-16=1, etc.). Lotto Analysis makes the number selection for users, showing both the delta sequence and the lottery number sequence.

Analysis Lotto Screenshot

The Analysis Lotto software claims it can select numbers that have a higher likelihood of being winners based on research the developer has performed. Muse claims that he studied the ways that balls mix in lotto machines during a draw, and found that the machines don’t do a very good job of mixing numbers. According to him, this means that numbers with lower deltas are more likely to be picked because there is a higher chance of numbers being selected that went into the machine one after another. We find this claim to be very insubstantial and purely anecdotal. It also supposes that all numbers are entered into the lottery machine in order, which may not be the case for all games—especially these days when some lotteries use computer algorithms rather than ball machines in their draws.

The program uses this low delta theory along with historical data, number patterns, trend analysis, and other information to generate a winning number combination. It also provides users with historical data for over 200 popular lottery games and keno games, so that players can perform their own analysis and track their own numbers. The software also allows users to choose from eight different methods that all use the Lotto Delta System to generate their number combinations. One positive feature of the software is that it does appear easy to use—players can simply select which lotto game they want to play, click a button, and receive their lottery number combo.

Bottom Line—Is a Scam?

Unfortunately, we believe that and the Lotto Delta System are based on a lot of theories from the creator that don’t seem all that reliable. While Muse claims that lottery machines create subtle biases in the way that numbers are selected during the draw, there is no way to prove this, making his entire theory rather useless. The only thing we can be certain of when it comes to how lottery numbers are drawn is that the selection process is completely random, and each number combination has an equal probability of being the winner.

However, if you're looking for lottery software programs that can help you keep track of your numbers and play around with analysing past winning combinations, then Analysis Lotto may be worth the purchase. Otherwise, if you want something that can choose numbers for you, you can use the Delta Lotto System free number generator, or you can simply choose the quick pick option when purchasing tickets—after all, both randomly generated numbers will have an equal chance of being the winner. Ultimately, the only way to improve your odds of winning the lottery is by buying more tickets, which is cheapest via online syndicates, as each number combination gives you another chance to win big.

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