Lottery Slayer Review

The Internet abounds with endless amounts of software that can help you file your taxes to software that allows you to print knitting patterns. One category that is lesser known (unless you are an avid lottery player) is the extensive collection of lottery prediction programs. In this Lottery Slayer review, we will look at another application that claims to be all you have ever needed—and more.

What Is Lottery Slayer?

Basically, Lottery Slayer is a PC program that you can install on your Windows computer. The software will then aid you in deciding which numbers to play when you are purchasing a ticket for the draws of your favourite international lotteries. According to the official website (which only works when it wants to), the software can be used to pick numbers for all Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6 lottery games. In addition to this, it also carries support for the US Powerball and Mega Millions.

What Lottery Slayer Says It Can Do for You

As you may have already guessed, this lottery prediction software claims that it can help you “slay” the lottery and become the next big jackpot winner. It says that it can do this by using a smart algorithm to predict what the numbers will be at the time of the next lottery draw. As one would figure, knowing these numbers before the draw would allow you to purchase as many tickets as you can before the time and cash in big when you become a winner.

If it seems like you have heard all this before, you are correct. This is the same claim that is made by almost all other competing programs and is so prevalent online nowadays that seeing a statement claiming that you can easily win the lottery is not even surprising anymore.

Lottery Slayer ReviewHow Does It Work?

If what this lottery system can do for you sounds familiar, then just wait until you hear how it works (déjà vu coming right up). Like almost all other lottery systems in existence, Lottery Slayer uses past draw results to feed the algorithm that it uses to decide which numbers are most likely to appear in an upcoming draw.

The program does this by looking at endless amounts of past draws and trying to determine patterns or rhythms to when specific numbers are drawn. Using these frequencies, the software assigns each number a probability and then feeds all this information into the core algorithm. This algorithm then analyses all this data even further (doing what is slightly unclear) before it makes its decision.

This decision that we are talking about is the final list of numbers that are scheduled to appear soon, and that can be allowed to be part of a final number pool. Once this number pool is filled, the software moves onto the final part of its job and uses a random number generator to pick which numbers you should use when playing.

The best part about this particular method, however, is that Lottery Slayer comes out so firmly against playing the lottery by using the quick pick method. In fact, it calls quick picks evil and encourages all players never to use them. The joke in all of this is that, aside from an algorithm narrowing the number pool, a quick pick is precisely what you end up with when using this program.

How Much Does Lottery Slayer Cost to Use?

The cost of this system is entirely up to you and dependant on how much you are willing to spend. The base package of the software is $49. This option will allow you to download and install the Lottery Slayer application as well as give you one-month free access to the Lottery Slayer Members website. This site apparently enables you to access an active member forum, online wheeling software, and game results files (that contain all the latest draw results) to use in conjunction with the software (implying that this is not even included in the purchase of the program itself).

If this option does not sound too great, then you can opt for the more expensive option that includes the Lottery Slayer download and unlimited access to the member site for the rest of your life. This package costs $97 but is currently available for $57 thanks to the 10th birthday sale that the site is having (which appears to have been running since 2010).

Does the Lottery Slayer Program Actually Work?

We are going to answer this question in as short and as sweet a way as we know how to—no. Lottery Slayer is yet another application making the rounds that use basic analytics and a “secret algorithm” to help you win the lottery supposedly. All these methods have no evidence to support their miraculous claims nor have any substance to what they are claiming.

We have said it before, and we will repeat it again—the lottery cannot be predicted. This unpredictability is the whole reason that we all love the lottery and the reason that the lottery is what it is. Changing this fact would make the lottery something else entirely, and it would actually be a massive shame. An important question you should always ask yourself when considering the purchase of any lottery prediction software is this: if the software works so well, then where are all the people who have supposedly won using it? And why isn’t there a winner every draw? That’s because these systems, regardless of how fancy they seem and how much data they analyse, generally work about as well as 100% random guesses.


If you are really looking to spend between $49 and $97 without getting anything tangible back in return, then might we suggest just drawing the cash from an ATM and setting it on fire? Doing this will at least give you something to watch as the money burns and even could warm you up slightly if it is chilly.

We know that this sounds incredibly harsh, but programs like Lottery Slayer tend to annoy us by claiming titles such as ‘the most comprehensive analytical lottery software available anywhere’, when in reality they are nothing more than a glorified Windows application that simply shows you random numbers that it decides on after looking at a few past draws.

If you really would like to improve your chances of winning the lottery, this application will not help you. What may be of assistance, however, is playing in a lottery syndicate, which is a mathematically guaranteed way to boost your odds of winning. At the very least, it’ll give you comfort that you should not simply set your money on fire.

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