Rajshree Lottery News App Review

There are a wide variety of different features that many lottery applications include nowadays. One of the best and most convenient features available is the ability to check the latest lottery results for regardless of where you are. In this Rajshree Lottery News Android App review, we will look at what this app has to feature and how you can use it to enrich your lottery experience.

Stand-Out Feature

Rajshree Lottery News App ReviewAs you may imagine, the main feature of this app is to give you the latest draw results for a variety of Indian lotteries. These results are available for four different lotteries (which are covered later in this review) and are easy to access.

When first launching the app, you will see a very basic screen that simply lists the different lotteries that you can view the results for. Tapping on the lottery that you would like to see the results for will cause the app to download the results directly to your device. This process is relatively quick but can take a while depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Once they have been downloaded, the results will be displayed on a single screen. This results screen will display all the winning and second prize numbers, the date of the draw, the full name of the lottery draw, and the time at which the draw took place.

Additional Features

Unfortunately, there are few other features in the app aside from lotto results. This lack of any extras is a slight disappointment, as the developer could easily have included basic functions such as a standard random number generator or the ability to add your numbers to automatically check if you have won—a feature that many of the best lottery applications have.

The only thing that could be considered as an extra is the fact that you can also view past draw results. However, even this feature is very limited. Navigating to the recent draw history, you will be able to view the results for the last 16 draws that have taken place. If the draw that you want to see the results for happened more than 16 draws ago, you will have to search elsewhere to view the outcome.

Location & Lotteries Available

As the name suggests, the only lottery supported by the app is the Rajshree Lottery. However, the app does support all the different daily draws that this lottery holds. These include the Morning (11:55), Day (16:00), and Evening (20:00) draws. In addition to these daily draws, results are also available for the Rajshree Festival Bumper lottery draw, the Rajshree Monthly Bumper lottery draw, and the Rajshree Everest Bumper lottery draw.

Since this is an Indian lottery app, you will not find results for world-renowned lotteries such as US Powerball, EuroJackpot, or Canada Lotto 6/49. However, legally playing international lotteries from India is easier than you might think, and there are many other apps that will let you check such lotteries' results and even let you buy tickets to them directly.

Rajshree Lottery News Android ScreenshotUser Interface & Usability

The user interface of any application is the most important thing that a developer needs to get right aside from the actual purpose and features of the app—at least in our opinion. Rajshree Lottery News tries to do well but ultimately fails in this area.

The app interface is incredibly simple—to the point where we wonder whether this app was developed using an online app builder. There are no exceptional graphics or effects, and the overall feel of the app is severely underdeveloped.

However, the app does redeem itself by being incredibly easy to use. Simply clicking on the thing that you want (which is very visible, considering the limited menu and features of the app) will make it available almost immediately. The app is surprisingly responsive and does a good job of doing what it needs to do.

Another thing that the app has working in its favour is the fact that it is small. It installs at just over 10MB—which is really insignificant considering the size of internal storage space that mobile devices ship with nowadays.


The saying ‘nothing in life is free’ rings true for this app as well. There are full-screen ads that pop up each time that you try and view the results for a particular draw. Thankfully, these ads are easily dismissed, and they don’t pop up again unless you try and access the results for another draw.

There is no paid version of the app—meaning that there is no way to use the app without viewing the ads. This is okay, considering the app does make it easy to check the latest draw results.

Conclusion – Rajshree Lottery News Review

For Indian players playing in the Rajshree Lottery, this app is a great resource to have. It takes up almost no space on your device and, aside from the slightly disappointing design, works well to do what it was designed to do—deliver the latest draw results to your fingertips no matter where you may find yourself.

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