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Random number generators usually provide a very basic support for specific lotteries—preferring to provide generic number sequences that can be used for any lottery. On the other hand, some number generators tailor to pre-set lotteries and provide exactly what you need to play your favourite lottery. In this Lotto Lucky Android app review, we will see why this app falls into the latter category and if it is worth downloading.

Stand-Out Feature

Lotto Lucky ReviewThe primary function of Lotto Lucky is to provide you with lucky number sequences that are randomly generated and therefore could possibly increase your chance of winning in your selected lottery.

In order to generate random numbers using Lotto Lucky, you will first need to select your region and lottery that you would like to use the numbers in. This is done by first tapping on the small world icon that is displayed at the top right-hand side of your screen and selecting the region that your selected lottery falls under (supported regions are listed below).

After selecting your region, you will need to select which lottery pre-set you would like the generator to use to generate your random number sequences. This is done by tapping the menu icon—displayed as three vertical dots. As with the region selection, this is found in the top right-hand corner of your screen. When tapping this you will be shown a full list of lotteries that are available in that region and supported by the app. Simply tap on the lottery you would like to select, and it will be used by the app during your number generations.

After selecting the lottery, you will be redirected back to the home screen. Here you can tap on the New Number button that is visible at the bottom of your screen. This will make the app generate new number sequences (generally five to six lines of numbers at a time depending on which lottery is selected).

The algorithm used by the app is, unfortunately, not great. In our testing we encountered numerous instances where numbers were repeated in consecutive number generations. This is disappointing and leads to Lotto Lucky getting a relatively low position on our best lotto apps list, which is a shame because it’s clear the developers put in much time into this app and does have a lot of potential.

Additional Features

To add to the disappointment experienced by the lacklustre algorithm, Lotto Lucky has no additional features. While this may be acceptable in other small number generators, for an app that the developer has taken the time to program in pre-sets for the amount of lotteries that Lotto Lucky supports it seems like the fact that there are no additional features, such as generation history and the ability to share your generated number sequences, may just be an oversight on the part of the developer—but a huge oversight nonetheless.

Lotto Lucky Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

Lottery regions that are supported by Lotto Lucky are broken up into the following:

  • Global Lottery
  • Africa Lottery
  • Asia Lottery
  • Australia Lottery
  • Europe Lottery
  • Russia Lottery
  • North America
  • South America
  • United States

Each region offers an extensive list of lotteries that take place in their respective areas. In total, the app supports an outstanding 200+ international lotteries, including hugely popular lotteries such as US Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions.

User Interface & Usability

Lotto Lucky looks good and functions well. By default, the app supports full-view mode and has no problems with devices that use the popular infinity display.

The background of the app is modern and the contrasting colours that are used to display the generated numbers make them easy to read. Add to this that the app is simple and you would be hard pressed to find something to complain about regarding the user interface.


The only ads that are present are small banner ads that appear along the bottom of the screen. Like most banner ads, these are unobtrusive and do not get in the way of using the app. Thankfully, there are no full-screen banner ads that appear when using the app—no matter how many times you generate new number sequences.

Conclusion – Lotto Lucky Review

Lotto Lucky has the potential to be a really good application, but that will not happen until the developer addresses the randomization algorithm that seems to be missing the point when it comes to being random and the fact that there is not even a single additional feature. If these issues can be sorted out, the app would be worth a second look. As it stands, however, it deserves a hard pass for now.

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