Jackpocket App Review

Jackpocket Lottery App LogoJackpocket is an all-in-one Android/iOS application that allows users quick and easy access to lottery results without any hassle. Mix in a few extra features that are all pretty nifty and you have an app that could actually be pretty awesome—if the developers adjusted a few things. In this Jackpocket Android/iOS app review, we will be looking at what the app has on offer and how well it performs.

Stand-Out Feature

The key feature of Jackpocket is it allows users to quickly find the results of their favourite lottery draws. Jackpocket makes this incredibly simple by giving users access to a wide range of lottery results based on their location.

When launching the app for the first time, users will be requested to either manually enter their location (from a list of states) or to allow the app to use their device’s location data to automatically detect where they are located. Using this information, the app will then display results for all lottery draws that are relevant to the location entered.

Rightly so, the app will also allow users to change their specified destination to another area in the event that the auto-location is incorrect or if they would like to see the results of a lottery that takes place in a state other than their home state.

Jackpocket ScreenshotAdditional Features

Jackpocket offers a very short list of additional features. That being said, the features on offer are pretty decent:

  • Find a Retailer: Using location data from a user’s device, Jackpocket will locate and display all lottery retailers in that area. This is a really handy feature if you want to find a place to purchase a lottery ticket when you are in an area that you’re unfamiliar with. Users also have the option to manually insert an area for the app to search. While this seems like a stand-out feature, during the testing of this app for this review the app was unable to find a retailer using either the location data from our test device or from an area that we manually inserted. However, if Jackpocket can get this feature working correctly, it would become a huge positive for the app.
  • Result History: Jackpocket offers a decent history on any selected lottery and allows users to scroll back to previous draws to see what their results were. It also shows a graph of the winning amount history, which is handy if users would like to see what a lottery’s previous prize amounts were.
  • Get Notified: As with the ‘Find a Retailer’ feature, this seems to be a feature that is still in development. Users are able to sign up to receive an update when in-app lottery ticket purchasing becomes available in their area. This clearly hints that the app developers are working to integrate an online lottery merchant with their app, which would definitely be a welcome addition to the app.

Location/Lotteries Available

Lotteries available through Jackpocket are dependent on the location entered when using the app. The current locations that are supported by the app include all of the American states as well as all of the provinces and territories of Canada.

Unsurprisingly, the app supports all the major lotteries regardless of location. These include the likes of Powerball, Mega Millions, Take5, and Cash4Life.

User Interface/Usability

The development team responsible for Jackpocket definitely got things right when it comes to their app development and design. The app is fluid and responsive and reacted well to full-display settings on three of our different test devices. It is also easy on the eyes with bright contrasting colours and clear fonts, making it one of the best lottery apps at least in terms of visual appeal and usability.

Navigation is controlled via tabs on the homepage that clearly show what they are and allow users to instantly find what they are looking for. Additionally, even on metered connections, the app loads results quickly and uses minimal data to retrieve the latest results.


Surprisingly, Jackpocket features no banner advertising or adverts between app screens. The only hint of anything that could even be considered remotely close to advertising is a small footer on the home screen which simply reads ‘Made with love in Brooklyn’.

Conclusion – Jackpocket Review

Jackpocket does not offer many features in the first place. Of the features that it does offer, most are either not very good (specifically the ‘Find a Retailer’ feature) or are still in development (‘Get Notified’). If the developers can get these two features up and running correctly, then this is an application with major potential.

As it stands, however, the app is still a decent thing to have on your Android or iOS device if you are looking for a simple app that is good at bringing you the latest lottery results without much fuss.

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