Certified True Randomizers App Review

Certified True Randomizers is one of the many random number generation applications that are available on the Google Play Store. Developed by Random.org, this app allows you to generate a wide variety of random chance items at the touch of a button. In this Certified True Randomizers Android app review, we will show what the app can do and how you as the user can benefit from the many features it has to offer.

Stand-Out Feature

The main feature available in the app is, as the name reveals, the ability to create randomly generated sets of numbers for your favourite lotteries. This feature is expanded greatly by using one of the many pre-set lotteries that are loaded onto the app.Certified True Randomizers Logo

When starting the app, you will be presented with the default home screen (the coin toss screen). After navigating to the lottery section using the navigation wheel at the bottom of the screen (more about this later), you will need to tap the settings icon at the top of the screen and select the country of your choice. There are currently a whopping 79 supported countries.

After you have chosen your selected country you will be directed back to the main lottery selection screen. From here you will be able to select the lottery of your choice from a drop-down list of lotteries available for your selected country. It is then as simple as hitting the Randomize button to display your randomly generated number sets.

The algorithm used to generate your number sets is well worth the download. It offers consistently different number sets with very few repetitions even considering the number of tests that we ran.

Additional Features

Because it is developed by Random.org (a website that specializes in offering randomization algorithms and results) we are not at all surprised that the app can be used as a randomization generator for many other things aside from lottery numbers. The additional features listed below are fun and useful enough for us to state that they could neatly place this app in our best lottery apps list. These other features include:

  • Coin Flipper: This feature simulates the flipping of a coin and will show you either heads or tails. The downside is that even though you may select what coin you would like to see being flipped, all the coins available are from ancient Roman or Greek civilizations. While this is really cool, it makes trying to figure out whether you are looking at a head or a tail a little confusing.
  • Dice Roller: This is exactly what it says. You select an amount of die that you would like to roll (six being the maximum). You then simply click Randomize and you will be shown the results of your dice roll.
  • Card Shuffler: This is an awesome feature that is fun to have and use even if it does not relate to lottery options in any way. With the card shuffler you will be shown a random card from a standard 52-card deck. The app displays the card in the main section of your screen, while previously drawn cards are shown in a bar at the top of the screen. It also tells you clearly how many cards are remaining to be drawn in your current deck.
  • Integer Generator: Simply put, you select your minimum and maximum number range and the app will display a random number from within that range as many times as you want a random number to be generated.
  • List Randomizer: While we are not sure why this would ever be used in practice, the list randomizer allows you to enter a list of items which it will then randomly sort for you and display in a random order.

Certified True Randomizers ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

As mentioned above, there are 79 supported countries available through the app. Each country has its own supported lotteries that are specific to that location and territory. This includes all the favourites such as US Powerball, Mega Millions, and Oz Lotto.

User Interface & Usability

UI is another story entirely for Certified True Randomizers. While not at all bad, the navigation wheel used for getting around the app should never have passed planning stages. Even though it is not completely terrible, the wheel is clunky and pointless. What would have been much simpler and easier to use is a simple tab system.

The design of the app is also nothing that could be considered modern. Instead, it makes use of many shades of grey and only adds in a splash of colour at the top of each screen in the title bar of the generator mode that you have selected. However, the app does at least run fluently, and the design and interface are not enough to dissuade us from using it.


Unbelievably, there are no ads in the app at all—something we appreciated greatly and found very refreshing.

Conclusion – Certified True Randomizers Review

We come across quite a few random number generators, and Certified True Randomizers is easily one that stands above most of them. With a great algorithm to randomize your results as well as many additional features which range from useful to quirky, this app is definitely worth downloading.

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