Lucky Lottery Numbers—How to Choose Your Winning Numbers

It is not uncommon for avid lottery players to have a particular set of numbers that they play every week. However, the way that they come up with these lucky numbers may vary greatly from player to player. We all know that the winning numbers are randomly selected, but some people can’t just leave the selection of their lines up to chance. In this article, we’ll take a look at the many different ways players can choose their lucky lottery numbers.

Lucky Lottery NumbersMost Popular Lucky Number Choices

Some of the most popular ways players choose their lucky numbers is by basing them on something personal. Selecting numbers that coincide with the birthdays of friends and family, wedding dates, or other significant days is very common.

There are other numbers of personal significance that people may choose as well. The number of kids or siblings a person has, the address of the house they grew up in, or simply a lifelong lucky number with which they’ve always felt a connection. Sometimes, there is no rhyme or reason to why a player feels a number is lucky, and that’s fine. Players can choose whichever numbers they like, for whatever reason.

Traditional Lucky Numbers

Lucky Number SevenAs personal as some numbers are, others are revered by many people. Traditionally, these collective lucky numbers have a lot to do with specific cultures. For instance, if you live somewhere in the world that’s considered westernized, then you’re probably familiar with lucky number 7. However, China and some other Asian countries actually consider the number 7 to be bad luck. Another traditional lucky number in Western societies is 3, as in “all good things come in three.” Meanwhile, some players may also purposefully avoid unlucky numbers, such as 13 in the west and 4 in the east.

One downside to choosing traditional lucky numbers is that other people may be choosing the same ones. That means that if you win the jackpot with your numbers, there may be an increased chance that you’ll be splitting the prize. However, sharing a top prize sounds a lot better than not winning at all!

Numerology for Lucky Lottery Numbers

Numerology is also a popular method of choosing numbers for the lottery. Numerology believes that certain numbers have spiritual significance in an individual’s life. Players might discover new lucky numbers by using this method, or realize that some days are luckier than others for them to play the lottery.

There are many different ways you can use numerology to de-code lucky numbers. A straightforward method that even beginners can try involves creating a table with numbers across the top and letters in a column below. Write the numbers 1 through 9 across the top of your table and write out the alphabet so that A corresponds to 1, B corresponds to 2, and so on. Once you make it to I, the ninth letter, start at 1 again so that J is 1, K is 2, and so on. Here's what this should look like:

Numerology Letters to Numbers

Using this system, you can convert significant words, such as your first name, last name, street name, or more, into numbers.


If you want to find lucky lottery numbers that coincide with your life without having to learn numerology, then your daily horoscope might be the perfect place to look. Along with giving you advice or predictions, many horoscopes include a set of lucky numbers. You might also find some horoscopes that forecast which day will be your luckiest, so you can play your numbers on that day.

Number Generators

Random Number GeneratorSome players might think that the luckiest numbers they could receive are the ones that are randomly generated for them. They can either do this when purchasing their ticket by selecting random picks (aka Quick Pick), or they can find a number generator or sophisticated lottery prediction software to do this for them.

You can find several number generators online, such as, which allows you to select which lottery you want to play and tells you your odds of winning with your randomly selected numbers. prides itself on the true randomness of its number generators, rather than the "pseudo-random" nature of most other sites and services' algorithms for generating numbers. The site even has an excellent Android app called Certified True Randomizers (simply titled "" for iOS devices) that allows you to access all of its most popular features wherever you are.

While many of the best lottery apps let players generate random numbers, the quality of their built-in generators can vary from useless to excellent, so make sure to read our reviews before downloading them.

Science-Based Number Selection

Many of the entries on this list so far have been based on personal significance or chance. That doesn’t cut it for some players, who try to take a more scientific approach to choosing their winning numbers. These methods may not bring players significantly closer to winning the jackpot, but they might help people feel like they’re more in control of the outcome.

One way to use data to choose your numbers is to look up the frequency of numbers drawn in past lottos. Many lottery organizations publish frequency charts that show which numbers are the most commonly selected. Similarly, people may make their selections based on “hot” and “cold” numbers. Hot numbers are ones that were recently drawn, while cold numbers are those that haven’t been drawn recently. The idea is that hot numbers aren’t as likely to appear again soon, while cold numbers might.

Another popular lottery system that uses mathematics to select numbers is called lottery wheeling. Lottery wheeling is based on a branch of mathematics called combinatorial design and involves selecting a subset of lucky numbers and buying tickets for every combination of those numbers. This system was made famous by Gail Howard, who not only won hundreds of lottery prizes herself but also published numerous books on the topic that reportedly helped over 100 people win various lottery jackpots.

Conclusion—Can You Win with Lucky Lottery Numbers?

While there are several different techniques for choosing your lucky lottery numbers, including prayers to help you win the lottery, the reality of the matter is that none of them will significantly increase your odds of winning the jackpot. Although this might seem like one of many lottery myths, each number, regardless of how it’s chosen, has an equal chance of being selected in the draw; similarly, it doesn’t make a difference whether you play the same lucky numbers every week or choose new ones.

The only fool-proof way to increase your odds of winning is by buying more tickets, and the most cost-effective way of doing that is through a lottery syndicate. Nevertheless, playing the lottery is meant to be entertaining, and coming up with different ways to figure out your lucky numbers is part of the fun!

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