Powerball.ca Review 2024

We Do Not Recommend Buying Tickets from Powerball.ca

While Powerball.ca is certainly a great resource for information about the US Powerball lottery, it is NOT officially endorsed by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). More importantly, the third-party lottery site that Powerball.ca links to for purchasing tickets is one that we do not recommend. You can check our review of it here.

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Powerball.ca is an online lottery resource and lotto analysis tool that was created specifically for Canadians who are interested in playing US Powerball.

It was launched in October 2016 and was inspired by a record-breaking Powerball jackpot draw that took place in January 2016.

At that time, the website creators noticed that many Canadians were interested in the legalities of participating in the popular lotto game. This was particularly true for those who lived near the US border and could drive into the US to buy tickets.

In this article, we’ll explain how this website works, whether or not it is helpful, and answer the ultimate question: is Powerball.ca legitimate?

Powerball.ca LogoHow Does Powerball.ca Work?

Powerball.ca, which is available in Canada’s two official languages, French and English, is not a lottery messenger service or a lotto betting service. Therefore, visitors cannot buy lottery tickets directly through the site.

According to the website, it was created by a group of avid lottery players who simply wanted to help Canadians find information and learn how to play the American Powerball legally.

As such, the website claims it does not take commissions on any ticket purchases and does not actually sell anything. The website creators are simply trying to be helpful, not trying to make money.

Instead, the website offers information on the history of the game, how it works, how to play, and draw and prize information. It also includes helpful number analysis tools.

If visitors are interested in playing Powerball online, the website does link to a reputable online lottery service called LottoKings, which we reviewed in detail. LottoKings is a messenger service launched in 2010 that supports many popular international lottery games, including Powerball and Mega Millions.

If visitors choose to buy lottery tickets online through LottoKings, they will have to create an account on that website. It appears that once visitors follow the link to LottoKings, there is no further association with Powerball.ca.

Is Powerball.ca Legit or a Scam?

Legit Stamp of ApprovalPowerball.ca is legitimate and serves as a very helpful guide for Canadians who are interested in playing the Powerball lottery. As nothing is actually sold directly on the Powerball.ca website, there is no possible scam being run through the website.

It is possible that Powerball.ca is run by the same company that owns LottoKings. Another possibility is that the website creators may receive a small commission from LottoKings if visitors ultimately purchase lottery tickets through them.

Whatever the case, Powerball.ca does not go out of its way to excessively promote the other website, and only links to it in instances where buying lottery tickets online is mentioned.

User Experience

Powerball.ca is very straightforward and has a beautiful design with intuitive navigation. The website is full of small details that show that this is a website designed for Canadians. For example, its logo incorporates the maple leaf and a red and white colour scheme.

The home page also makes it very clear that this is a website about how to play Powerball from Canada, while also including the current jackpot and a countdown to the next draw. Visitors can also be directed to LottoKings from the home page through the bright green button that says “Sign Up Now!”

The navigation bar at the top of the screen includes links to other helpful pages on the site, including “Results,” “Tools,” “How to Play,” “Prizes,” “FAQs,” and “News” and also has a drop-down box where users can switch between French and English.

As Powerball.ca is simply an informational guide, there is no reason for it to have a dedicated app, though the website is mobile-friendly and easy to use on a smartphone browser.

Powerball.ca Mobile ScreenshotPowerball.ca Extras

While the website is primarily an informational resource, it does have some added features that make it even more helpful.

Information on the legalities and practicalities of Canadians playing Powerball are easy to find on just about every page, while the website also offers past draw results and lotto analysis tools that some players may find helpful for choosing their next numbers.

From the “Tools” page, visitors can find:

  • Common combos
  • Common numbers
  • Common trios
  • Results checker
  • Hot and cold numbers
  • Last drawn tool
  • Number generator tool
  • Number couple tool
  • Number investigator tool
  • Powerball number analysis tool

Customer Support

Powerball.ca is a very straightforward website that does not offer much in terms of technical products. However, if users have any questions about the website or Powerball, they can click through the FAQ page, which offers answers to 29 essential questions about the game and the site.

The website does mention that if visitors can’t find the answers they’re looking for in this section, then they can contact the website creators. However, we could not find a contact page or other customer support information.

Powerball.ca Conclusion

Though the origins of Powerball.ca are a little mysterious, the website is undoubtedly a great, risk-free resource for any Canadians who are looking to participate in the popular Powerball lotto game south of the border.

Nothing is for sale through the website, so visitors do not run the risk of accidentally spending money on a scam.

While we may not be able to tell for certain what the relationship is with LottoKings, we feel confident is saying that Powerball.ca is a safe and legitimate website for Canadian lotto enthusiasts.

However, the fact that users can't buy tickets directly through the site is a big miss for us. Being redirected to a third-party website is just not the same as having everything under one roof.

For that reason, we recommend a number of better lottery sites that offer more lotteries, features, and value.

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User Reviews (2)

Barry M.

I been wanting to play Powerball from Canada for a long time but didn't have a way to since I don't live anywhere near the border. Came across Powerball.ca and didn't know if it or the Lotto Kings site it links to were legit, but now that I read this review I feel a lot more confident about them and lotto sites in general. Thank you! I will defintiely be sharing your site with friends and family. Keep up the great work!

Charlize O.

I really like Powerball.ca as a source of information on the American Powerball Lottery. But LottoKings, which it links to, isn't necessarily my favourite lottery website.

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