Playwin Jaldi 5 - Lucky Pick App Review

The amount of random number generators that are tailor-made to a specific lottery is growing on the Google Play Store, and Playwin Jaldi 5 – Lucky Pick is one of these apps. In this Playwin Jaldi 5 – Lucky Pick Android app review, we will look at what this app can do and how it can make playing in the Jaldi 5 lotteries more convenient.

Playwin Jaldi 5 - Lucky Pick ReviewStand-Out Feature

As mentioned above, the main feature of Playwin Jaldi 5 – Lucky Pick (further called Playwin Jaldi 5) is to generate random numbers. This generator creates sequences of five random numbers which you can use to play in the Jaldi 5 lottery.

To generate your random number sequences, you will need to launch the app and simply tap on Pick 5 (which is located at the bottom left-hand side of your screen). This will generate five random numbers that will be prominently displayed on your screen. You can continue to tap Pick 5 to generate more number sequences (which will be displayed below your previous generation) and can generate an unlimited number of number sequences even though only nine can be displayed on your screen at the same time.

The amount of generated number sequences is tracked by a small counter that is located at the top right-hand side of your screen. If you would like to view previously generated sequences that are not visible on your screen (i.e. number sequences that are older than the nine most recent generations) you can simply scroll up or down through the list of generations.

To clear the generations from your screen, you have two options. You can tap on Clear Last (which will remove only the last number sequence that you generated) or on Clear All (which will remove all the generated number sequences that you have made). Closing and relaunching the application also works to clear all your generated number sequences.

Unfortunately, while generating random number sequences is incredibly easy to do, the randomization algorithm used by the application is a massive disappointment. During several tests, we had more than one number appear numerous times in a series of nine consecutive generations. For an app that’s sole purpose is to generate random number sequences, this is a one-way ticket to the bottom end of our best lottery apps list.

Playwin Jaldi 5 - Lucky Pick Android ScreenshotAdditional Features

As is common with random number generators, Playwin Jaldi 5 does not really offer any additional features. The only thing that may be considered as an added extra is the Info section of the app—available by tapping the I in the top right of your screen.

This info section gives you very basic information on the two supported lotteries (listed below) and displays a countdown timer for when the next lottery draws will be taking place. It also includes a link which will allows you to stream live video of the draws from Zee 24 Taas TV. This feature, however, does not occur within the app and instead opens an external link in your device browser when selected.

Location & Lotteries Available

True to its name, Playwin Jaldi 5 only supports two Indian lotteries: Jaldi 5 Lotto and Jaldi 5 Double Lotto. If you're interested in playing international lotteries legally in India, there are many great online lottery sites (some of which have excellent apps) that will let you do just that.

User Interface & Usability

For an app that does not really do much, we are impressed by the design and fluidity that the developer has managed to achieve. The app looks great and uses muted colours that have great text contrasts—making all the info in the app easy to read. All functions of the app are completed via a simple bar menu that is located at the bottom of your screen and lets you do exactly what you want to without any hiccups or problems.

For all the design elements that the developer succeeded in, they failed in one area that we feel is crucial to any modern app—the ability for the app to run in full-view mode automatically. Due to the increase in infinity screen displays from device manufacturers, this is something that all developers need to begin taking into consideration. That said, when forced to run in full-view mode the app still performs well.


There are no ads present when using the app—a nice contrast to most random number generators.

Conclusion – Playwin Jaldi 5 – Lucky Pick Review

Playwin Jaldi 5 – Lucky Pick is developed (as far as all evidence suggests) to be a simple random number generator for people wishing to play in the Jaldi 5 lottery, which is accessible via the Indian-government-run Playwin lottery site. Unfortunately, it fails due to its lacklustre randomization algorithm, which is honestly quite awful. If the developer can fix the generator algorithm (and attend to the full-view oversight), then this app would be a decent recommendation to anyone looking to make their lottery experience more convenient. Until then, there are much better random number generators available that would better worth your time.

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