Mega Millions PowerBall Free App Review

A good lottery results application has a very simple task to fulfil—to allow you to view the latest results from your favourite lottery at the touch of a button, hopefully with complete ease and minimal effort. Though there are many apps available on the Google Play Store that try to achieve this, in this Mega Millions Powerball Free Android app review, we will look at whether this particular app manages to complete this task and how worthy it is of a place on your mobile device.

Stand-Out Feature

Mega Millions Powerball Free ReviewMega Millions Powerball Free allows you to check the latest results of two of the most famous international lotteries—Mega Millions and US Powerball. To do this, the app states that it connects to the official Mega Millions website to download the results. This is great, if it weren’t for the fact that this information is combined with a notice stating that the developer of the app does not warrant the accuracy of any results displayed. The fact that the developer is not confident in their own programming to display the correct results is a major concern to us. This is something that is completely unacceptable of any application that would like to be considered one of the best lotto applications.

The home screen of the app is divided into three distinct parts. The first two parts show the latest results of the Mega Millions and US Powerball draws. Alongside the results is the date that the draw took place. Further than this, the home screen is empty other than the third section, which holds a horizontal menu—displayed as a banner at the bottom of the screen.

One additional thing that we must say is that we can understand why the developer prominently displays a disclaimer on the home screen. We say this because, during our tests, the app battled to load the results data. More than once the app displayed no results and we were forced to exit and re-enter the app in order to see them.

Additional Features

Like most apps, Mega Millions Powerball Free tries to enhance the main purpose of the app with additional features. Features that the developer saw fit to include are:

  • Results: This function is meant to show you the previous draw history of the two supported lotteries. Unfortunately, it does not. When trying to access the results during our test the app consistently failed to show more than the latest two draws’ results and often froze completely when trying to load even those.
  • Checking: This is a fun feature purely because it requires you to shake your device to activate it. Shaking your device on the Checking screen will cause the app to randomly select a number sequence that you can then use to play on your next lottery ticket.

Mega Millions Powerball Free Android ScreenshotIn addition, you can check any randomly generated number sequences against previous draws to see how many times generated numbers are drawn—which would be great if the app was able to load any of the previous draws. Suffering from the faulty results feature, the app battles to check the numbers against results that it cannot load. Aside from this momentous glitch, the randomization algorithm is decent and consistently gives number sequences that are sufficiently random.

 If you would like to check your own numbers, you can simple select them from the number grid that is displayed instead of shaking your device and generating random numbers.

  • Analysis: This is a truly pointless feature that we have battled to understand. The analysis tab sums the numbers of the most recent lottery results and gives you the total of all the numbers that were drawn. In another pointless exercise, the app then tells you whether this final total is an even or odd number.

Location & Lotteries Available

As stated above, the only supported lotteries are Mega Millions and US Powerball.

User Interface & Usability

We really wish that the interface and ability to use the app was a redeeming feature of what is shaping up to be one of the worst apps we have seen. Sadly, we cannot. The app interface is clunky and old-fashioned. Even though navigation is made easy by the single navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, the app is incredibly slow to move between feature screens. To add to the misery, the app tends to freeze and ultimately crash at random moments—even when tested on three different devices.

The app also does not support full-view mode—something that we expect from all apps currently available due to the popularity of infinity displays amongst device manufacturers.


Unbelievably, the developer has had the audacity to place ads in such a useless app. These take the form of banner ads that are present at the top of each app screen. There are also full-screen ads that appear at random intervals and will no doubt add to your frustration.

Conclusion – Mega Millions Powerball Free Review

Result applications can be a really handy thing to have—or they can be utterly and completely useless. We are sad to say that the latter is the category in which Mega Millions Powerball Free finds itself as a reigning king. We honestly are battling to see any point to an application that has pointless additional features and cannot even get its main feature to work correctly. Our advice? Stay far, far away from this app.

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