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Many countries around the world have not just one, but multiple great lotteries. Included in these countries is the Philippines.

With a decent mix of lotteries, some players may question the addition of more. However, new games usually get people who may have given up on winning excited about a new chance to realise their dreams.

In this guide, we will look at a young but solid lottery and explain how you can play Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 online.

Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 LogoPhilippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 History

Originally approved in 2013, Ultra Lotto is the youngest lottery in the country and was officially launched in February 2015. The game quickly grew and is now the largest lotto game in the country.

As with all other lotteries in the Philippines, the game is organized and run by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

How to Play Ultra Lotto 6/58

The game is relatively easy to play thanks to the fact that it uses a single-matrix format. This means that there is no need to select any secondary (or additional) numbers.

Instead, all you need to do to play is select six numbers from the available number pool. As the name implies, this pool ranges from 1 to 58.

If you don’t want to select your own numbers, there is a Lucky Pick option. This allows a computerized random number generator to choose numbers on your behalf.

A standard ticket costs just PHP 24 (around US $0.50) when purchased within the country. This is a very cheap price for a lottery ticket.

System Play

Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 TicketLike Philippines Grand Lotto 6/55, this game offers the chance to play using system play. This lets you vastly improve your chances of winning. However, it costs a significant amount more to play using this style.

There are seven different system play options to choose from. Systems 7 to 12 are pretty simple and let you pick either 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 numbers rather than the standard six. These additional numbers are played in a variety of different combinations.

The final system, known as System 5-Roll, requires that you select just five numbers initially. These numbers are then combined with every number left in the number pool. These are then placed into many different combinations.

Regardless of which system play you select, the addition of multiple number combinations improves your chances of winning considerably.

How to Play Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 Online

As the most popular lottery in the country, it is no surprise that Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 is readily available online.

The most well-known online lotto site to offer tickets for this great game is theLotter and its sister site LottoSmile.

Odds of Winning Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58

The odds of winning Ultra Lotto 6/58 jackpot are the toughest of any lottery in the country. However, they are still not completely impossible: 1 in 40,475,358.

These are worse than popular lotteries like Canada Lotto Max and New Zealand Powerball. However, they are better than Hungary Otoslotto—even though the jackpot is substantially more than that on offer by Otoslotto.

Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 Payout Chart

There are four prize tiers on the payout chart. This means that there are only three other ways to win aside from the jackpot.

Luckily, the jackpot does have a minimum value that is set at PHP 49.5 million (around US $975,255). This is the largest minimum jackpot of any lottery in the country and is nothing to snarl at.

To make this better, the jackpot has a rollover feature that increases the top prize until it is won. There is no limit on how many times this can occur and no limit on how large the jackpot can grow to be.

All available prize tiers are detailed below:

Numbers Matched

Odds of Winning


6 of 6

1 in 40,475,358

Jackpot (min. PHP 49.5 million)

5 of 6

1 in 98,604

PHP 120,000

4 of 6

1 in 1,643

PHP 2,000

3 of 6

1 in 79

PHP 100 

Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 Drawing Time

Considering the popularity of the game, it only makes sense that this draw happens more than once a week. Thankfully, this is true and the game holds three draws each week.

Draws take place on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9 PM PHST. The draws are televised and the results are posted online shortly after the numbers are confirmed.

Like with all lotteries in the country, all draws are suspended over major public holidays.

Philippines Authorized Lotto Agent with People and Scooters OutsideBiggest Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 Winners

Thanks to the jackpot that rolls over continuously, the jackpot has proven to grow to some rather staggering amounts. The largest of these was in October 2018.

The massive PHP 1.18 billion (approximately US $23.25 million) was awarded to two lucky winners and is the largest prize ever awarded by any Filipino lottery.

Payout Options

Players have only one calendar year to claim their prizes, and all prizes are paid out in the form of a cash lump sum.

Prize up to PHP 5,000 can be claimed at an authorized lottery retailer. Prizes above PHP 5,000 but under PHP 20,000 will need to be claimed from any of the regional PCSO offices. Amounts over PHP 50,000 need to be claimed at the lottery’s head office in Mandaluyong City.

If you are playing through an online lottery website, claiming your prize will depend on the specific claims process for that site.


Any prize over the PHP 10,000 threshold is subject to 20% in tax. This is a rather large amount and may take a substantial chunk of your winnings.

If you are playing from a country outside of the Philippines, your winnings may be subject to the initial 20% tax as well as additional tax in your home country. This does, of course, depend on what—if any apply—your local tax laws are.

Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 – Is It Worth Playing?

Ultra Lotto 6/58 is definitely a lottery worth playing, which is evidenced in how popular the lottery has become in such a short time.

While the odds may not be anything to get too excited about, the jackpots are certainly worth it when you factor in the cheap price of a ticket.

The chance to improve your odds using system play also helps make this one lottery that you shouldn’t miss out on.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

  • How many draws are there each week for Philippines Ultra Lotto?

    There are three draws held each week. These occur on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9 PM PHST.

    Draws are shown on local television, and the results are posted online as soon as the draw concludes.

  • Can I play Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 online?

    Yes, tickets for Ultra Lotto 6/58 are available online through popular online lottery websites such as theLotter and LottoSmile.

  • How much does a ticket for Philippines Ultra Lotto cost?

    Standard tickets cost PHP 24 per line. If you choose to play using system play, the price will depend on which system you select and could be substantially more than the normal ticket price.

    If you are playing online, a standard ticket may cost more depending on the online lotto site that you are playing with.

  • What are the odds of winning the Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 jackpot?

    The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 40,475,358.
  • Do I have to pay tax on my Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58 winnings?

    All winnings over the amount of PHP 10,000 are subject to 20% tax in the Philippines.

    If you are playing online from a different country, you may be liable for the Filipino tax as well as a local tax. This depends on your home country’s laws regarding tax on lottery winnings.

  • What is the Philippines Ultra Lotto minimum jackpot?

    The minimum jackpot offered is PHP 49.5 million. This rolls over each time that the jackpot isn’t won and can grow to substantial amounts—just as it did in October 2018 when it hit PHP 1.18 billion.

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