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The Philippines is a country with a great variety of lotteries. These games’ draws occur throughout the week and give players multiple chances to win great prizes.

Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 LogoHowever, with multiple games to choose from, you may be wondering which you should play.

To help you make your choice, in this guide we will look at everything you need to know about one great game. We will also show exactly how you can play Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 online.

Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 History

Launched in May 1997, Mega Lotto 6/45 is similar today as it was when it started. The main changes that the game has seen are changes to the jackpot amount, the lower prize tiers, and the price of a ticket.

Like the other lotteries in the country, the game is run by the Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). This is a state-run organization that ensures that all lotteries take place fairly.

Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 Play SlipHow to Play Mega Lotto 6/45

Because the game uses a single-matrix system, playing is simple—even if you’ve never played before.

To start, you will need to select six numbers from a number pool that ranges from 1 to 45. You won’t have to worry about selecting any additional or bonus number.

Like almost all lotteries, there is the option for a Lucky Pick (or Quick Pick) play. This allows a computer to choose all your numbers for you using a random number generator.

A single ticket costs PHP 24 (around US $0.50).

System Play

One feature of Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 that is somewhat uncommon to other international lotteries is the many system play options on offer. To be more precise, the game has seven different system bet plays to choose from.

The first six of these system plays are straightforward and are called System 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Each of these allows you to pick the corresponding number of balls to play instead of the standard six. These balls are then placed into a variety of different combinations.

An example of this is if you select to play System 10. You will be required to select 10 numbers from the standard number pool. These will then be played in 210 different number combinations.

The final system play option is known as System 5-Roll. Here, you only need to select five numbers from the number pool. These numbers are then combined with every remaining number in the range. This results in 40 different number combinations to play.

These different systems play options drastically improve your chances of winning. However, the downside to these tickets is that they cost a substantial amount more than a standard ticket.

So, while you may stand a better chance of winning, you will need to pay a lot more to play.

How to Play Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 Online

If you aren’t in the Philippines—or you are but don’t feel like going out to a brick-and-mortar store—then it is easy to get a ticket online.

That is because the game is readily available on several online lottery sites. This includes the popular leaders in the industry theLotter and its subsidiary site LottoSmile.

Odds of Winning Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 8,145,060. These are pretty good when looking at the odds of other lotteries in the country. However, they are not that great when looking at some other international lotteries.

This is even more true when seeing that Japan Loto 6 and Oregon Megabucks have better odds (1 in 6,096,454 and 1 in 6,135,756, respectively) than this and have significantly larger jackpots.

Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 Payout Chart

The minimum jackpot for Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 is PHP 8.9 million (around US $176,150). This certainly isn’t anything to complain about. However, considering the odds, it could be higher.

The good news is that this lottery features a rollover feature each time the jackpot isn’t claimed. In addition to this, there is no rollover limit or cap. This means that the jackpot can reach some pretty impressive amounts.

In addition to the jackpot, there are three other prize tiers available. These tiers and the jackpot are detailed below:

Numbers Matched

Odds of Winning


6 of 6

1 in 8,145,060

Jackpot (min. PHP 8.9 million)

5 of 6

1 in 34,808

PHP 32,000

4 of 6

1 in 733

PHP 1,500

3 of 6

1 in 45

PHP 20

Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 Drawing Time

There are three chances to win each week. Draws take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9 PM PHST.

Draws are broadcast live on local television PTV. The results are also posted online shortly after the draw has been concluded.

All draws are suspended over major holidays in the country.

PCSO Lottery Ticket Agent with Customer at WindowBiggest Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 Jackpot

The biggest prize in the lottery’s history was claimed on May 26, 2021, and proved that the jackpot really can grow to some great amounts.

The single ticket holder claimed a staggering PHP 181.68 million (around US $3.6 million).

Payout Options

Winners only have one year to claim their winnings from the PCSO.

Prizes up to the amount of PHP 5,000 can be claimed from any official retailer of the lottery. Prizes above PHP 5,000 but below PHP 20,000 can be claimed at any of the PCSO regional offices.

If your win is larger than PHP 20,000, you will need to visit the lottery’s head office in Mandaluyong City to claim your money.

If you played through an online lotto site, you will need to check the claims process for your chosen site. This is because the claims process varies from one site to another.


All winnings over the amount of PHP 10,000 are subject to a hefty 20% tax in the Philippines. This tax will be deducted from your winnings before they are paid over to you.

If you are playing internationally, you will need to check what your local laws are regarding tax on lottery winnings. This is because you may be liable to pay additional tax when you bring your winnings into your home country as well.

Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 – Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 is certainly worth playing. The game offers cheap ticket prices, a jackpot that has proven to grow to substantial amounts, and a system play that lets you greatly improve your chances of winning.

In addition to this, the odds are nothing to complain about if the jackpot has grown past its minimum amount.

Therefore, we suggest you consider getting a ticket (or two) to this great draw. Which is, thankfully, very easy considering the game is available online via some great online lottery websites.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

  • How many Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 draws are held each week?

    The lottery holds three draws each week. These occur on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9 PM PHST.

    Draws are broadcast on television and results are posted online shortly after the draw is done. However, all draws are suspended on major holidays.

  • Can I play Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 online?

    Yes, Mega Lotto 6/45 is readily available to play online via sites like theLotter and LottoSmile. This makes getting your ticket for an upcoming draw incredibly easy and convenient.

  • What is the ticket price of Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45?

    A standard ticket costs PHP 24. If you opt to play using system play, this price increases rather dramatically and you may be paying more than you expected.

    If you are playing using an online lottery website, tickets may be slightly more expensive than in a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

  • What are the odds of winning the Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 jackpot?

    The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 8,145,060. These are pretty good considering how high the jackpot can go.
  • Do I have to pay tax on my Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 winnings?

    Yes. All winnings over the amount of PHP 10,000 are subject to a 20% tax in the Philippines. If you are playing internationally, you may also be liable to pay local tax on your winnings.
  • How does Philippines Mega Lotto 6/45 system play work?

    System play allows you to choose more numbers than the standard six. These numbers are then played in several different combinations to improve your chances of winning.

    It should be noted, however, that system play tickets cost significantly more than a standard ticket. So, there is a cost factor to consider when improving your odds using this method.  

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