Lottomart App Review

Lottomart App ReviewThe evolution of lottery apps over the last few years has been quite an amazing thing to see. They have evolved from poorly developed, clumsy applications to some of the best and smoothest apps available—so much so, in fact, that they sometimes replace the website that they are affiliated with. This is particularly true of Lottomart, and in this Lottomart Android app review we will look at what this app can do and how you can use it to play in your favourite lotteries.

Stand-Out Feature

Lottomart Mobile AppAs our review shows, the website recommends using their app. In fact, unlike all of the other online lottery sites we’ve ever tried, the site only runs on desktop and laptop browsers as an emulated version of the mobile app. There is a good reason for this—the app is absolutely packed with features. However, the most prominent feature of the Lottomart app is the ability to play in multiple lotteries from the comfort of your mobile device.

However, before reading any more about this great app, it is essential to mention that this app does not allow you to purchase tickets in the supported lotteries. Instead, when purchasing a lottery ticket through the app, you are actually placing a bet on what the outcome of the lottery will be. In other words, the app deals in lottery betting and does not physically purchase tickets from lottery operators on your behalf—as is typical of online lottery messenger services.

Playing through the app is incredibly simple. You will need to register a player account in order to play. To do this, the site will request necessary details such as your name, age, and location. Once you have provided all that and completed registration, you are all set to play.

All that is needed to place a bet on your favourite lottery is to follow six simple steps:

1. Select your lottery from the list of supported lotteries (which are all listed later in this review).
2. Choose whether you would like to pick your own numbers or if you would like to play a “quick pick” ticket.
3. Select how many lines you would like—available options are one, four, or ten.
4. Opt to boost your ticket or not (we will cover this great feature below).
5. Decide how many draws you would like to participate in.
6. Check out and purchase your ticket.

Lottomart Boost FeatureAdditional Features

The app has no lack of extra features. Each feature brings something great to the app, and we are genuinely impressed by them.

  • Boost: This great feature acts as a multiplier to your ticket lines. Selecting to boost your ticket will add more lines to your ticket without charging you the price of a full line. A single ticket can be boosted a maximum of eight times but is sometimes dependant on what lottery you are playing in. Sadly, boosted tickets receive fewer winnings in the event of matching numbers than unboosted tickets.
  • Games: For all the game lovers out there, the app offers a variety of online games that you can play. These are great because they keep you entertained and allow you the chance to win some money.
  • Scratchcards: The app hosts a great selection of online scratchers—some with amazing jackpots of up to £150,000!
  • Diamonds: As a reward for playing, you will receive diamonds. These virtual diamonds can be stored and used to pay for your lottery tickets once you have accumulated enough.

Location & Lotteries Available

Unfortunately, the only people who have access to the app are residents of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and Gibraltar. If you do happen to live in one of these areas, you will have access to the following lotteries through the app:

  • Quick Lotto Plus
  • Quick Lotto
  • Irish Lotto
  • Mini Lotto
  • Great British Lotto
  • Cash4Life
  • US Powerball
  • Super EnaLotto
  • EuroJackpot
  • Euro Millions
  • Mega Millions
  • Loto France

User Interface & Usability

The app is truly stunning! If you have ever visited the website, then you should have a good idea of what the app looks and behaves like: modern and incredibly responsive. All of the features on the app are also easily accessible, and navigating around the app using the hamburger menu is a breeze.


Ready for some great news? There are no ads in the Lottomart app. This is a refreshing change when compared to other lotto apps that are absolutely riddled with them.

Lottomart: Scam or Legit?

Most people are cautious when using a mobile application to handle transactions and purchase things. However, you can rest easy knowing that Lottomart (and its app) are fully licensed and that everything runs according to strict rules and regulations. All this is done to enhance your lottery experience while keeping you (and them) safe.

Conclusion – Lottomart App Review

The fact that a website would recommend that people leave their site and instead use their services via their mobile application says a lot. The fact that said application is fantastic says even more. Lottomart is easily one of the best lottery applications that we have ever come across, and we invite you—or no, challenge you—to download the app and prove us wrong. (Provided, of course that you are a resident of the supported countries.)

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