Lottery Ticket Checker (Scanner) App Review

Apps that allow you to easily check if your lottery ticket is a winner are convenient and helpful—as long as they function correctly, of course. One app that has been made for this purpose is Lottery Ticket Checker (Scanner). In this Lottery Ticket Checker (Scanner) Android app review, we will look at how well the app functions and whether it is worth using to check your lottery tickets.

Stand-Out Feature

Lottery Ticket Checker (Scanner) ReviewLottery Ticket Checker’s main function is to check your lottery tickets against the draw results to see if you are a winner. This is done by using your device camera to scan your ticket into the app, which will then compare it automatically against the draw results.

To check your lottery ticket, you will need to select a supported lottery that matches your ticket from the home screen of the app. There are currently five supported lotteries (listed below). Once you have selected your lottery, you will be presented with a list of draw dates, their jackpot amount, and the results of that draw. You will need to select the draw that your ticket is valid for and then tap Scan Ticket.

Once you have selected to scan your ticket, the app will ask you to specify how many rows you would like to scan. This is limited to five rows of numbers per ticket. You will also be notified that you will need to scan the numbers of your ticket and not the barcode.

After selecting the number of rows that you would like to scan, the app will launch your device camera. The camera view will have a resizable focus box in which you will need to ensure that your numbers fall inside of for the app to be able to read them. The app will then attempt to decipher what numbers are on your ticket. Once it has successfully scanned the numbers (displayed in a transparent box in the top left-hand side of your screen), you will need to tap Capture, which is displayed as a camera icon.

This will bring up a screen that displays your scanned numbers and allows you to verify that they are correct or manually type and correct them if they were scanned incorrectly. Once your numbers are entered, the app will immediately check them against the draw results. If you have not won anything on the ticket, the app will remain on the scanned numbers screen. If, however, your ticket does have winnings that can be claimed, a pop-up box will appear informing you that you are a winner and to consult your local lottery provider.

The scanner performs well when scanning tickets and in several tests was able to easily discern what numbers it was being shown.

Additional Features

There are a few additional features that the developer added to Lottery Ticket Checker that are a great addition to the app. These features include:

  • Save/View Tickets: This feature allows you to save a ticket to the app by entering in the date that the draw will take place, selecting which lottery the ticket is valid for, and then using the scanner to input the numbers. These tickets will then automatically be checked against the draw results of the lottery and you are able to opt-in to receive automatic draw notifications by signing into an account using your email address or your Google account details.
  • Generate Numbers: Random number generators are a great addition to any lottery apps. The generator in Lottery Ticket Checker works well and is powered by a randomization algorithm that gave us unique number sequences each time that we generated numbers.
  • Manage a Lottery Pool: This feature allows you create and manage your own lottery pools. It is a replica of the same developer’s app Lottery Pools and functions in the same way. In fact, we don’t see the point in downloading the Lottery Pools standalone app considering that the lottery pool options available in Lottery Ticket Checker match those of the standalone app exactly.

Lottery Ticket Checker (Scanner) Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

Currently, the supported lotteries in Lottery Ticket Scanner are as follows:

  • Mega Millions
  • US Powerball
  • Lotto America
  • Cash4Life
  • Lucky for Life

User Interface & Usability

The interface of Lottery Ticket Scanner is easy to use and navigate. Everything that you need to achieve within the app is clearly marked and easily understandable. The design, however, is slightly dated and does not make use of modern styles like many other apps do. If the developer could work with a designer to freshen things up a bit, it would go a long way.

The app does run automatically in full-view mode and works seamlessly when navigating between different areas. This is a good mark for the developer, and we are happy to see that they took full-view, which we always enjoy using, into consideration.


You will experience full-screen ads when navigating between features in the app. These can be closed immediately or removed completely by paying a once-off fee of around US $3.

Conclusion – Lottery Ticket Checker (Scanner) Review

Lottery Ticket Checker makes checking your lottery tickets to see if you are a winner an easy and pleasant process. With a scanner that works well at reading your tickets and some great extras thrown in, this app is something that any lottery player will benefit from installing.

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