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Free lottery websites have boomed in recent years, thanks mainly in part to their accessibility and ease of use. One such website, Free National Lotto, is a prime example of this. The site is owned by Lotto Media Limited, a company registered in England, and was first available in February 2018. In this review, we will delve into how the site operates and how you can win by playing.

FreeNationalLottery Logo SquareLotteries Available

You will not see any world-famous lotteries on this site. Instead, it runs four of its own draws (whose jackpots are nothing spectacular, to put it lightly). However, free money is better than no money, so we are not complaining. The four draws available are:

  • Daily Draw: The daily draw (as you may have guessed) occurs every single day and carries a prize of £5 (which is carried over until it is claimed). The draw is held at 12:00 UCT each day and results are posted on the site almost immediately. Since the only numbers used in the drawing pool are ones that have been entered into the draw by players, it increases the chances of winning. An example of how this works is if there are no players that have submitted the number 16. In this instance, the number 16 will not be able to be drawn.
  • 5-Ball Draw: The 5-ball draw occurs every Thursday and Sunday at 20:00 UCT. This draw has a prize of £10 that can also be carried over until it is claimed. Unlike the daily draw, all numbers in the site number range (0 – 40) are entered into the draw—decreasing the chances of a winner every time but increasing the chances of a higher jackpot due to it being carried over.
  • Survey Draw: To enter into this draw, players will need to complete a daily survey. The prize stands at £5, which does not carry over, and the draw happens daily at 09:00 UCT.
  • Bonus Draw: This draw requires 500 bonus balls (discussed later in this article) to enter. It also holds a prize amount of £5 and happens on a Monday and Friday each week at 20:00 UCT. This prize does not carry over if unclaimed.

How Does it Work?

As with almost all other free lotteries, you will need to register a player account before you can begin playing. This can be done by either submitting your email address along with a few essential details or by logging in using either your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Microsoft account. This process is excellent, considering that most players will have at least one of these accounts—making registration quick and easy.

During registration, you will be required to select five unique numbers. These numbers will need to be selected from the number range 0 – 40 and will be your unique numbers at the time that you register. However, they can be changed as often as you would like to after you have registered.

Once you have completed your registration, there is nothing left for you to do but wait until the draws take place to see if you are a winner. This is because the site will automatically enter your numbers into the draws as soon as you have completed your registration. 

Is Legit or a Scam?

FreeNationalLottery Homepage ScreenshotWhile we could tell you all about how the site is a registered company and therefore does have to do things a certain way, it is easier to state one fact: the website is entirely free to use and play. This means that even if it were a scam (which it is not), there would be no loss—except for maybe your time and a good deal of your patience—that could be sustained from using the site and playing the lotteries it offers.

User Experience

The website is modern and tidy. The graphics employed by the site are good and highly detailed. It is also responsive and moving around the site is snappy and can be done quickly using the hamburger menu. In addition to all this, the website is also mobile-friendly. This makes up for the lack of a dedicated mobile application.

As you may expect from a free website, there are ads on the website. These ads, however, are not intrusive and do serve a purpose. Because the site is free to play on, the revenue gained by advertising is what is used to pay all prizes on the site. Considering some other free lottery sites like RewardIt, PCH Lotto, and MoneyCroc will absolutely punish you with an insane number of ads, Free National Lotto is actually pretty respectful. Extras

There is only one extra on Free National Lotto—bonus balls. These ‘bonus balls’ work as loyalty points for the site and carry a value of 1p GPBper bonus ball. Players earn one bonus ball every day that they visit the site and two bonus balls each time that somebody that they refer to the website registers. Bonus balls can only be withdrawn alongside winnings or be redeemed for entry into the Bonus Draw.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There are no payment options available—after all, the site is free to play on.

Withdrawals are only made to PayPal accounts that are registered to the same email address that is registered to your player account. If you have registered a player account using an email address that is different from your registered PayPal email address, you will be required to update your email in your account settings on the website.

Free National Lottery Mobile SiteHow to Claim Your Winnings

Claiming winnings is incredibly simple, considering it can only be done if you are a winner. You will need to log into the site each day to see if you are a winner because prizes can only be claimed for 24 hours from the time of the draw before they are forfeited. If you are a winner, a ‘Collect Prize’ button will appear in your player account profile. Click this, follow the easy steps, and enjoy your free money.

Customer Support

The site features a FAQ section that is relatively comprehensive and will answer most of your questions quite thoroughly. If you are still unsure and want to speak to somebody, there is an online form that you can submit, a support email address (, and a snail mail address (50 Caernarvon Road, Norwich, Norfolk. NR2 3HX. UK).

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

There are no welcome bonuses or promotions.

Rules and Regulations

Free National Lotto is available to players from all around the world. The site only states that players need to be 18 years of age or older and that they need to be in a region where participating on the website is fully legal.

Free National Lotto Review Conclusion

As far as sites that give away free money go, is excellent. The site is modern and easy to use. It also has a good mix of different draws and an exciting bonus ball incentive scheme. This is one of the better free lottery websites that we have seen, and we cannot wait to see how it develops over the years.

That being said, the amount of time that players might need to invest to only get a chance to win prizes worth a measly £5 or £10 might be too much for serious lottery players to consider.

If you, like we, fall into this boat, then check out our reviews of the top lottery companies in the world. Most of them give you the chance to win truly astonishing jackpots that would change your life forever—not just allow you to buy a cup of coffee.

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Alicia S.

I won £5 in the daily draw a few days ago and got the money in my Paypal as promised, so so far so good. Hope I can win somewhat regular!

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